D&D showcase 4

Teflon Reed- The boy wonder of wizardry


One thing I enjoy about building characters that would be echoed throughout other games and systems is 1 of two things- 1 I want to either challenge myself in a different role or 2 I wish to take something familiar and twist it to make it my own. Reed I think falls into the second camp. D&D 4.0 was the first d&d I was aware of that didn’t penalize you for playing a race non traditionally. In the past, the older games gave you stat bonus and penalties making it tough. Other older editions still completely restricted  some paths completely either by Level caps or by outlawing it.

Reed was my attempt at making a character without such restrictions in D&D. Here I thought of how interesting it would be to have someone as unassuming as a young halfling boy with a tremendous talent for the arcane.  Halflings are always about big things in small packages so this was my version of that.



In D&D 4.0, halflings tended to be taller and leaner than other editions.  Reed is somewhat tall for his age, being only 15 when the campaign started.  Reed has brown eyes and brown hair. He is smart and wise beyond his years- being a boy genius. This actually lead to some home life trouble and because of this, he had a penchant of lying about his age. Reed does not like to be touched and in the past used mage hand to slap people away that touch him.

When the game began, he was a trickster, causing all kinds of mischief. He would often give people he didn’t like a hard time or pull small pranks. In the later game, he tended to still speak his mind, but became more matured through hardships.  Though he still sometimes lies about his age.



Reed was born in the shadowy city of Amn in the Forgotten Realms setting. Here, he was born to many brothers and sisters. His parents owned a shop where they expected the young to work and if they have the talent- enlist in the armed forces. Reed was never able to match the physical talent of his brothers like Lydan. He did however manifest the talent of magic. Something so natural yet so raw and primal. Such a force fascinated him. He practiced all he could away from the prying eyes of his parents. Eventually, he ran away and was taken in by a wizard family. This family enrolled him into the wizarding school they worked in. Here, Reed learned many many things, and excelled so much so that even some High elves needed his tutelage. Eventually he left because he felt he could learn more on the road… well that and his problem with personal space caused him to mage hand slap a girl who touched his forehead. Reed needed to lay low for awhile so he traveled far way, earning his keep with wagoners by lighting the roads or cooking until he reached the city of Loudwater…where our story began.

Reed would go on to face many many threats. Along with his comrades- Lia the Elvan ranger, D.Omega the Water Genazi Paladin and Loyal the Bugbear Ranger, they would face the lady of shadows, sniper gnomes, trials of Moradin the Dwarven God, neurotic gnome inventors, all the way to extra dimensional arms dealing empires. While the threats were always large, the four, whom would become known as the four arms, would always rise to the challenge.



Wizards in D&D are versatile and Reed is no exception to this rule. Outside of combat, Reed would master spells that allowed him to fall great distances, transform his appearance into that of others, protect him and his allies with a magic circle of power…all the way to travel of great distances – if those places are linked via magic circle.


On the field of battle, Reed is more of a team player. By himself, he had few ways to protect himself. Usually relying on short bursts of magic to get away from danger such as a spell that made him fleet of foot. Or later he would use dimension door to transport himself far away from threats. Reed was talented in conjuration – using a few powerful spells such as mordenkainen’s sword or summoning an invisible canine by his side. He would eventually develop a knack of opening dimensional energy, making it possible for him to move his friends and foes around, giving his friends advantageous positioning. He would also combine spells into fearsome combinations, such as summoning a cloud of poison, then making he and his allies near immune to poison, making his foes suffer.

His signature spell however is a spell that causes tiny shards of force to fly forward and embed themselves in his targets. They would also remain in the air, so that if the enemy is still in the area they get a smaller minor sting. This ability even saved his life once, when he was the last of the four arms involved in a fight against an undead dragon. His allies had all fallen, but dealing the beast grave wounds. It was just down to Reed vs this beast… and Reed was just a tick faster. Using the last of his arcane power, he showered the beast with all the power he had left…and the beast fell!




Reed is one of my most favorite characters that I have ever made. I placed a lot of myself into this character in one way or another. Before the games were put on indefinite hiatus, he had traveled to the magical world of Eberron, where the advanced technology made him want to stay in this plane of existence. Even though he was placed here by accident, he found a way to briefly counteract a magical sickness that was accidentally given to him during a previous encounter. Perhaps this new place in all its wonder would prove to be a land of salvation for him. Or would he be forced to go home and work for his parents?


Grimore of winter’s dreams: Entry 2

Date: April 2nd

Good morning Ryujin!

We all woke up very refreshed this morning. As we were breaking down camp, Aoi saw some cloud dragons gathering. However, we made it past the last hill and into the flat plains before the rain let loose. Luckily, I brought my raincoat! Ume decided to press on in the rain. The cloud dragons were very mischievous though and both Leland and Aoi were not doing well. Ume spotted a farm though. Thankfully the owner Fujiwara was friendly and let us in without question. We sat dripping around the fire as he kindly made us all porridge. He allowed us to stay the night.

Ryuutama Guest PC – Leland Darby

Leland- family motto – to get the best prices

Class: Merchant
Party Role:
Type: Technical
Image color: Blue

Appearance: Close cropped blonde hair, brown eyes. Age 16

Favored Weapon: Bow

Personal Item: My first incorrectly done ledger book.

Hometown: Flourton

Reason for Travel: I enjoy cider and good tavern talk, so why not see the world’s cider and conversations.

Misc Notes

Pro Flourton- lends money to others and sponsors many families in the area.

“Community is LIFE.”

Life is precious.

Father – pitchman

Mother – businesswoman extraordinaire. Perhaps they retired to Flourton?

Family rivals- the Garnet family- shrewd family and tends to undercut Leland’s family.

Ryuutama – World Notes of the Green Dragon

This is the world we will create for this game. If I ever run another game of Ryuutama I will publish another page on that world. For now,  this page will be the location of the world we are creating together.This page will be updated once more people contribute to this from the group that is playing.


World of: Shiki

In the world of: Shiki

The planet is shaped rather uniquely. It appears as a flat world, with one large continent surrounded by  water. The water stretches out for 1000’s of miles before hitting an edge.  There still exists an atmosphere and a horizon as normal, thus giving viewers from the world similar view to our own. On the edge of this world, water rolls off the back of the edge and lands on the other side of the world due to gravity.  Water flows on the other side of this world the same way and so the edges of the world are wracked by gigantic storms  as well as a perpetual waterfall like effect.  There also exists large channels of water that can sometimes flow through the world itself (I know scientific minds are screaming right now but this is a game based on fantasy). The waters that flow through here  become heavily filtered by the time they reach the other side, often creating small lakes or even small rivers through this process.

As with many things in this world, dragons exist and control phenomenon that we have here on earth. There is one large dragon- the solar dragon that flies over the planet each day, granting sunlight. He is eternal, benevolent and tireless. Many just call him the sun dragon as his name is hard to pronounce even to the greatest scholars. He sired 4 younger dragons, each of them responsible for each season with the winter dragon being the oldest. The winter dragon is also the most powerful of his sons and he is not kind. The fall dragon is next in birth order. She is often kind yet she has a sort of sadness about her despite her beauty. Next is the Summer dragon. He is often very energetic, and proud as he inherited the power of heat energy from his father. Finally, the youngest – the Spring Dragon. She is the youngest of the seasonal dragons and she is the most beautiful of the dragons.  From these dragons come the dragons of weather and dragons of the lands.

Our land has four different countries that each represent the four seasons.

The country of Spring: Rhododen

Capital city: Dron

This country specializes in natural perfumes and botanical oils.

It’s crops reflect the produce that have their harvest during the spring. For example: most head vegetables like lettuce, cabbage Greens such as spinach and kale. Peas and other delicate vegetables like asparagus. Root vegetables like radishes, potatoes and turnips.

When visiting Rhododen you will notice a sweet floral scent coming from most fields and even those that don’t have allergies will experience a reaction to the heavy pollen content in the air. A botanical pollution if you will. Most goods flaunt the bright colors made from the natural dyes crafted from the abundant flowers. Even during the winter this country manages to flaunt the cheery youthfulness that comes with spring.


The country of Summer: Ta-SED

Capital City:


The country of Fall:

Capital City:


The country of Winter:

Capital City:


Recently in our world: Years ago, many ships went out to sea to discover what was out there… They have returned!

In addition: One city state that was traditionally sealed off to visitors has finally opened its doors.

One thing that seems to plague the lands is the constant threat of the evil snow sorceress. Delilah of the winter country resides atop  Ice cap mountain, plotting evil. It is said she wishes to do nothing but plunge the world into eternal winter.

Another very serious threat to the world is the grimoire of winter’s dreams.

In our world exists a culture of journeying. Every woman and man is expected to undergo a journey during their lives.  During your travel, someone is appointed to care for the things you leave behind. For example, if you are a farmer, your relatives will watch after your farm and continue to work it while you are gone.

The reason for this is due to the seasonal dragons themselves. The seasonal dragons do not consume food like normal mortal creatures. They instead consume Travelogues, or tales of journeys from the people of the land. The spring, summer and fall dragons consume the normal travelogues, however the winter dragon is different. He will only consume stories from one special travelogue, tales given to him from a special book created by the fairies- The grimoire of winter’s dreams.

It is a book that is trusted to one group handpicked by the winter fairy Selinene herself. The travelers that hold this book are instructed to visit specific sites along their journey. This book will then be penned by the peoples that hold the book. If the book fails to be penned by the group then the entire land is subject to the wrath of the winter dragon himself for a full year as penance.

One thing that seems to keep the scholars guessing is: What lies beneath. Scholars know the world is flat, but what is it that lies on the other side of this world?



D&D showcase 3

Abiel Audito’re Alahad- Abiel the blasphemer

mini used for abiel
I created Abiel as a concept character. I don’t really have a good relationship with drow due to some of the symbolism associated with them. That said, I wanted to give a Drow a shot because my good friend was going to run a game set in the world of Eberron. This land is a d&d setting where things are not always what they seem and many conventions are turned on their head. Its a good thing he got to remain in Eberron…

Abiel is a young drow man. He is rather tall, with long flowing white hair. He carries himself with a nobel barring and he tends to speak in a direct manner. As a person, Abiel will not go out of his way to talk to you on the streets, however he does have manners and will respond when acknowledged. He is somewhat of a connoisseur in that he loves to try different culinary delights from the places he travels. He has also been taught the love of music by the people that took him in – the Alahad family. He has a habit of taking on personal behaviors of the people he trains with, such as spinning his weapons – a trait he got from a man named Corsair.

Abiel was born to a noble family as Abiel Delanns in the underdark. He has one other surviving sister- Paera Geraduin Delanns that is one of the greatest assassins of their age. Abiel was touched by the force of good in Eberron known as the silver flame itself at birth. He did not know of this until he manifested his ability it a bad time. He was still a child when this gift erupted. His family were treated as blasphemers against Lolth and were immediately dishonored with many sought their deaths. He is only alive thanks to his sister however he was still on death’s door when he escaped. He was found by the Alahad family whom took him in. He was raised as their own for 18 years. He then transferred to the church of the silver flame for 30 more years. It was during this time he learned how to control his gift and was forged into an avenger- a holy assassin that fights single targets hard and strikes with amazing accuracy. It was also during this time that his heart grew cold. He fought against many evils and while he believe he was doing the world good, the fact that he may not be so different than his older sister made him feel almost indifferent of the evils he quelled over time.
Abiel would eventually come to serve under a new pastor – a man named Father Othello Domingos. This was a major turning point in his life as Domingos helped him out of the darkness and also helped shape him into the man he is today. Abiel gained from Domingos a new found respect for life and how to enjoy the small things so that he could discover there was more to life than his grim occupation. He rediscovered the love of music he had from the Alahad family and gained an appreciation for fine cuisine during this time.

Abiel is fast, nimble and moves with grace. He mixes acrobatic maneuvers into his attacks, often flipping and tumbling while striking his targets.
As an avenger, he will tend to focus his energy on a solo target, striking it again and again until it is defeated. If his enemy flees, he gives chase as he has sworn an oath to the silver flame itself that he must defeat his enemy. He does not take it well when a foe leaves his ‘duel of honor’.
When up close, he attacks with a blessed, slender blade that is much like a short sword in length but designed by the drow to be thrown as well.
Along with the long knife preferred by the drow, he also uses a weapon that is unique to the Xen’drik region known as the Xen’drik boomerang. He employs a few of them and uses them to harass his foe. This is a somewhat unique characteristic of Abiel is that he prefers to fight at a distance, a strange trait for an avenger to have. But his boomerangs have proven quite useful in battle.

A lot has happened to Abiel over the time we played. Most recently he traveled to another campaign world due to a magical incident that switched places with another of my player characters from another game (character profile not yet added to the site). Unfortunately he arrived in the world of Forgotten Realms where his kind is not tolerated among surface dwellers. He had to escape from prison with help with new allies and has been traveling the land in an attempt to find a way home.

I actually based his way of speech after Alucard from the Castlevania series.

Something interesting happened during play though. I got more and more magic items that share similarities with batman! Cool things like a grappling hook, and even a utility belt 🙂

This game is on hiatus.

Games I’d like to run in 2016

Good morning,

I have recently been somewhat retired from GMing games. The reason for this was due to me having a lot of personal stress from work. I passed the GM reigns of my Shadowrun game to a friend while I contemplated if I would move on to the next version of Dungeons and Dragons. This was quite some time ago and during this time I have been playing another friend’s game of D&D 5.0 while trying to come up with a game plan of sorts for myself.

During my absence from being a GM, I have acquired quite a few different rpgs. The reason for buying new games while I was not actively running them vary. For example I like to try to support developers that translate Japanese Trpgs. I also have friends in the industry that I like to support like Wise turtle games. In addition, some of the games I just find cool and I buy them in the hope that maybe one day I will feel like running a game again.

So, while I haven’t been running games I have been getting the urge to. I figure I would  compile a list of rpgs that I have that I would love to run during this year and maybe into next. This is a list of games that is not in any particular order so if one is higher on the list that does not matter. In addition, some of the games I have some personal history so I figured I would add those notes as well as what kind of game I was interested in running with them.

Before we go much further, I should address something. Anime. Why anime? Anime has been extremely important to me for essentially my entire life. I was raised on shows like Maya the bee, Ronin warriors, Japanese video games such as final fantasy, etc. Due to this it makes sense that many of my games are flavored with an anime style. I like to tell big stories and many times, I like my players to begin journey as heroes that were meant for more than a farmer’s life. My stories tend to be low on character death as I want a player’s death to be something meaningful. Not just a score of numbers that you can just replace with more numbers. Not just -‘eh we’ll just resurrect em, no big deal’. Of course this is on a case by case basis and I will be clear-player characters can and will die. I just want those deaths to mean something.

Anyway, that said- Here are my most wanted games to run in 2016:


First is an rpg that I have some personal ties to. I have been a member of the wise turtle forums since 2006 and have owned the OVA anime rpg series since. In my teens, an RPG named BESM was one of the most popular rpgs we ever ran. It was pretty popular in my group mainly because we ran a lot of one shots back in the day and keeping the same system while altering the setting was very doable with a generic anime system. When I moved to college, the 3rd edition of the system came out and while it addressed several of the issues I had with BESM – it suffered from bloat. OVA is a return to the old days of the original BESM where you could achieve many styles of games with the same rules set and the rules set was lite and easy to understand. I have been creating a setting for it on this very blog called Inheritance of Mana which is a setting I have been planning for quite some time. Unfortunately it has turned into a much more vast setting than I imagined it would be and so it has been sitting in the back burner.

What I wanted to accomplish with that setting was to have a game that we could drop in and out of. Stories would try to stay locked to one session or two. Major story arcs would be something I would do very infrequently. This design was to handle drop in and drop out players and to handle issues of me getting too stressed. The characters and world would persist and often characters would take on missions while other missions would either be handled by other NPCs or lost entirely. This could cause major repercussions depending on what type of mission is chosen and which is ignored.


My next game is one that if you know me i have been trying to run for years and years:


Anima Beyond Fantasy. Back when Exalted first came out, I was super impressed with its setting and hoped that one day I could take on an anime rpg with a big story, lots of places to explore etc. My brother was super into it and so I always wanted to get a game I could call my own like he did. One day I discovered the game was coming to America from the forums rpg.net and when I saw the cover I could not be more enthusiastic.  I eventually got the game and it was pretty dense. The translation from its native language was not always the best in parts and it did not even have an index! Plus at the time I was friends with a guy that was always super pushy about everything so he pushed me into a game that ended up being a complete disaster! It took me awhile to try again only this time I made a one shot to test the mechanics…only that did not go too well either. One of the test characters I created I did not create properly as I made all the characters within the week and missed one of the requirements for his abilities. Anyway, I have tried and failed many times on this but i view it is a project that I always wanted to finally get right.

My goals for this was to make a grand epic dark fantasy setting where the heroes rose up against impossible odds (and some of them are quite neigh impossible given the powers that be) . I hoped to involve them in a shadow war with peoples of great importance. Will I finally get to play this game this year? Only time will tell…

My next game is a mecha game!


I’ve always wanted to run a game where the players were pilots of giant robots caught up in intergalactic politics.Battle Century G seemed to be the game that fit that bill. OVA would be a decent candidate but having to constantly take scale advantage into account was one thing plus G had some interesting mecha customization and has some good rules for the setting. Our heroes would be fighting for the rights of the colonies – terraformed settlements that the government is lobbying decide their fate.  Our heroes would be performing precision strikes against military targets while a man or woman in the government argued for their cause.


Another game I most recently fell in love with is…


Fragged Empire has a very interesting concept. Humanity has died out and you play as the species created by the species that humans created to replace them. There are few races detailed in the core book but each of them are very interesting and lend to role playing well.

I do not have a huge history with Fragged Empire and in fact, I am sort of cheating with its inclusion as I do not yet own the book (gasp!). I have it ordered at my FLGS however it was pushed back a week so I don’t yet have it. Anyway, what drew me to the game is I have always wanted to run a game set in space. This game lends itself very well to the small crew sorts of stories of stragglers, smugglers or maybe merchants that are just trying to get by doing odd…jobs. I would be running it somewhat similar to rouges in space – where we are good people in general but willing to take jobs that could involve vaporizing someone. Fragged Empire lends itself well to sand box style campaigns so it would also lend itself well to the type of game I described for OVA. Drop in and out players could be handled easily due to the free time system as well as just being maybe on the ship while the others are doing stuff.


Another game I have been pretty interested in is yet another anime style game.



Ryuutama is a game that I learned about quite awhile ago. I tend to keep an eye out on games that are played in Japan. And I also tend to support most games that are translated as the work that goes into making sure the tone is right while translating the game into another language can be difficult. Sometimes it does not work out well – like the core book of Anima. Other times it can be very interesting to see a completely different style of game that could lead to new stories.When the game was announced on Kickstarter, I was not able to donate money to the cause, however they did allow a late backer program so I was able to pay into that when I could afford it.

Ryuutama is a game about travel and exploration. At its heart, it places the emphasis on the journey, whether that journey is to a neighboring town to find the one style of flower your love interest loves- or journeying to the next city as you learned the duke will be in attendance to his father’s funeral and you wish to make it so he does not have to be without his father long. Ryuutama has 4 styles of stories they emphasis and each of them are tied to a special GM-PC that can affect the story by ‘helping’ the players. Green stories are the default travel stories. Blue dragons are stories that focus on love and friendship. Red dragons focus on tales of war and battle. Finally Black dragon stories focus on tragedy, loss and deep sadness.

What I would do is focus on a green dragon story of travel. In my world, the planet’s seasons are each controlled by dragons and dragons live and die by the tales travelers tell. The PC’s in my story are the special chosen travelers that carry a special style of travel-logue. The players will travel to many towns, but must stop in specific areas. If the players do not get to each location by the end of the year, the following year will be subject to a year long winter…So I guess you could say my story has both Green and Black dragon elements, however it is primarily Green.


Finally…Another RPG I wish to run is-


Yes, I wish to run a game heavily inspired by the Fire Emblem Series. But I would be using a familiar friend to run this game. This game would be run using dungeons and dragons 4th edition. This book alone


gave me everything I need from a GM’s standpoint to run the game. The group for this will probably be small as not many of my friends are willing to play the 4th edition anymore but that is OK. DMG2 has several things in it that lend to this style of game.

The game will focus on fewer battles, but important ones. Players will have to defend their kingdom from an immense enemy force and their only hope is to appeal to the other countries in the region for help. While I could run this sort of game with OVA, I am honestly feeling a bit nostalgic for 4.0 and so this would be a way to deal with that.


OK. That was a lot to take in. Here are some random facts about the games listed:

6 games in total.

5 games are anime games.

4 games are set in fantasy worlds.

2 games are sci-fi

2 games I have owned for 5 or more years.

4 games I have owned for less than two years closer to one year.

2 games are rules lite

1 game is rules medium

3 games are rules intensive

4 would be settings I create

2 games use d6’s only

1 game I did 1/2 a review for

1 game I have never mentioned on this site before.

D&D character showcase 2

This is the first actual character I made for the brief dark sun campaign. I was thinking about a lot of different concepts and I kept thinking of the wastes, sand and deserts. After a bit, i came upon the idea of what if you could play a cow boy in D&D? I figured it would be fun to try the idea out. I didnt want to be in charge of a lot of animals so instead of a rancher, i decided what about a gun slinger? From there, I had an idea. D&D may not have guns, but they do have slings! So I made a cowboy inspired ‘slinger named Leon.

Leon – the mist
Appearance/Personality- Leon is a man of above average height. He is relatively thin for his height. He has sun tanned skin, deep black hair and eyes. He has a 5 o’clock shadow and wears sandy colored robe. Leon speaks with kind of a southern draal. As a person, Leon is more likely to greet you and be nice up front. He does have a side to him that he reveals only to his enemies. Leon does not take prisoners so anyone that threatens himself, or anything he cares about will typically meet their fate.Leon also has sticky fingers, and enjoys testing his ability to nic something without notice.



Leon was born and raised in the streets of the city of Tyr. During sandstorms he would often go out as long as he could so he could try to locate anyone’s goods to take for himself. He was in and out of trouble often until one day he was caught and one of his friends took his place in being captured. The friend lost a finger for this, which was considered lucky by the city’s standards. Even so, that made Leon train harder so that next time, he would never be caught. As he began training, his aim also improved and he chose to practice with a sing as he could easily disguise it as an armband. He also focused on discovering ways to stay hidden from people that are actively chasing him. He became very good at hiding and staying quiet and became the best out of his group at it.
Eventually, his band of friends shrank one by one as they either were lost to famine (such as silt-cough), taken out by rival thieves or other ways. In order to stay occupied between jobs, he turned his attention to the ladies. Leon was once quite the ladies man, however recently he began dating the Juggler Jossi, who seemed to be the one he was looking for all along. His time with Jossi softened his heart and he began stealing less and less and began wondering if he could better use his talents for something positive. He was then introduced to the veiled alliance where he met new friends, such as the enigmatic Sheeraak, Sammel as well as Tia-ra and Ambrose.


Leon is lean and swift. He is also extremely agile and soft of foot. Leon is very nimble, acrobatic, making jumps and tumbles with ease. He is decent at finding his way around a new place, but he really excels at staying quiet and taking things without people noticing. In order to do well at that he is decent at keeping situational awareness so he does not pop up unless necessary. His time as a youth in enduring sandstorms helped him learn how to better survive in harsh conditions.
In battle, he often fights at a distance. His main way of fighting foes, is to hit them with sling bullets from afar and vanish before his opponents reach his hiding place, only to hit them from a different place. He is not a slouch close up either, as he can fight with a short sword but he prefers to fight at range.


Unfortunately this game has been put on indefinite hiatus. I had some plans for Leon that include- finding out where his remaining friends have gone to. Completing the journey of self discovery softening his heart enough to care more about the world around him (fully transitioning to a good alignment from his more selfish one that he is in currently). Someday, he wanted to be in charge of a new group of thieves in the city that are more Robin-hood like.