Orden…Reborn. D&D 4.0 Pt.2 Sidestory 1

Before I took hiatus from GM’ing D&D we had a natural stopping point to our campaign. During that time I wanted to try a few other games before returning. I also wanted to take that time and gather my notes thoughts and give each player – specific lead-ins to the next chapter, which I called part 2. Since the chances of this happening are about zero now, I figured I would release the few I had written…


This would be Rob’s part…

D&D 4.0 Part 2

Where the mountain meets the river, the air itself grows calm. The night air itself still with a mysterious magical force. A mote of energy appears in the air above the stream. Blue at first in color, then golden it pulses with this unidentified energy. It travels from the stream, through the grass and towards the mountain range.

The mote of energy, no longer alone gathers along a rock in the mountains. Several motes of energy fly towards this rock, revealing a hidden passage. Deep inside the passage is a pathway that at first is a tight fit, but opens to a larger chamber. Inside the chamber, there are several large statues of men and women, each with perfect physical features. Their eyes once dull begin to slowly pulse with power. The statues align in a perfect circle and each statue holds the adjacent statue’s hand. Below their forms a raised pedestal lies. The pedestal itself shaped like a large obelisk with a pure crystalline sphere in the middle lies in wait.

The motes gather along the statue’s eyes, flowing up the statue’s carved surfaces. Each statue, now covered in these spheres of energy, begin to shine brightly. The motes gather into the eyes of the statues at a quickened pace. The energy inside of the room becomes super charged, with electricity now forming in the space between all of the statues. The motes, now all gathered into each of the eyes of the statues, begin to harden into a strange substance. The substance pulses then flows out from the eyes.

The substance now travels in midair ignoring the properties of physics and defying reality itself. The substance now gathers into the middle of the air near the ceiling of the chamber. It drops slowly and covers the crystal. The crystal begins to hum with energy as it begins to slowly shrink down in size. Its previous form, now mutating and begins to form the features of a man. Eventually a man is formed from the crystal. His features are of brilliant purple skin with light, glowing patterns.

With a small amount of energy left, the statues then gather ambient magical force. The energy collects along the statues hands and from each hand, the energy shoots forth into the man. The man throws his head back and gasps for its first breath of air.

The statues begin to gleam brightly. A voice sounds from all directions within the chamber. “Welcome back, son of the life spring. You are Deva and you are eternal. Let your next life bring forth the change necessary to stem these dark times.”

The man falls quiet, and curdles into the fetal position on the pedestal and rests.

After some time a woman dressed in ceremonial robes enters the chamber. She is adorned with a purple robe that glows orange with mystic energy. Holding some cloths and a mystic staff, she walks to the form lying in the center of the platform. “Awake my son. This place may be our birth chamber but it is not fit to live in. There is much to discuss in our city. A place for you is surely there.”

The form lethargically begins to stir. Awaken and somewhat rested he stands to greet the woman.  The woman gasps upon seeing the form of the man. He appears like normal Deva yet something is off. His head, a few small bony protrusions extend out from his temples. Each protrusion is about an inch long and takes on a curved horn like appearance.

“By Bahamut’s grace! Tell me, what do you last remember?”

The man speaks: “I recall a lot of smoke and ash.  I recall the regal presence of the sun. I also recall a strong dwarven woman. I recall hearing her begin to sob while holding… she was holding me…”

The woman hands the man some robes. “Come, we will discuss what path you shall take in this life. I fear you a pariah for your birthed…Features. Still you must find your aptitude, our race is not one for laziness. Do you recall your name child?”

The man begins to concentrate. “I believe I am called… Orden.”

“Then follow me Orden, son of Sun! I, Maridia will show you your new destiny!” We shall travel to Ray city, the true home of the Deva in our land.”




Ray City

The city called Ray is a place that lies near a river bank, sheltered in a mountain range in the crown region. Ray city was formed long ago by a Deva called Nenthan. Nenthan sought out where he was born and felt compelled to protect it from danger. He formed the city as this site is one of the few places in all the land that consistently birthed Deva.  Many other Deva questioned him as they felt no need to have their own city. Other races accepted them and they felt their home was along them. Nenthan’s city would become a shining beacon of justice and peace.

This is the city to which Orden would call home. The chamber that Orden was reborn in is called the Shrine of Memories. The shrine was crafted by a mysterious person called the entity whom is responsible for all Deva in all realms. This particular shrine has a special tie to the astral sea and every six months a new crystal is born here. The crystal itself is priceless and its magical energy structure is rare. The gem itself cannot birth Deva but it acts as a key to a mysterious energy that the Nenthan wished to protect.

The Shrine has never been seen by people outside of the Deva and once born many Deva forget the shrine while relearning other things about themselves. The high counsels of the Deva are three people who know exactly where to find and more importantly activate the shrine’s doors.  It is a right as ancient as the shrine itself to appoint the wisest Deva to this sacred position and to guard the knowledge against anyone else.




Month 1

Upon ascertaining his strengths and weaknesses, Orden has become something of an anomaly. Having as much skill as he does as a newly reincarnated person has shocked everyone.  Maridia was very surprised and has shown some sort of personal pride in seeing Orden through his tests. One morning, Maridia appeared onto Orden’s chamber with news.

“Orden.” Maridia said. “The time has come to learn of your new path.”

“Wise Counsel Maridia, I am ready to receive my charge.” Said Orden.

Orden, lead by Maridia is taken to the court yard of Gleam Spark castle. The courtyard is large and well kept. A pond is in the center of the courtyard. In the middle of the pond is a circular land mass that has gazebo like structure in the middle. A stretch of land forms a bridge between the land mass and the edge of the courtyard. Maridia Leads Orden from the entrance of the courtyard to the land mass. Two other Deva fully adorned with white robes with golden trim are present.

“Consular Chozem, as you see I have brought Orden. It is time he knew our decision.”

“Very well Maridia. Orden, your tests are very peculiar and to be honest surprising. For one to have as much skill as you being newly reborn to us is staggering.”

Clearing his throat, the next man speaks: “Orden. Your martial skill is excellent. You have even shown quite promise in leading us spiritually. Perhaps your path… lies in both.”

Maridia then speaks “Orden. Chozem and Phandarum and I have come to a conclusion. You are to join the knights of glory! From this rank you will travel out and into the world and search for a man named Scroud. You will bring Scroud to justice for crimes against the realms. This is your charge.”

“I… do not know what to say. This is quite an honor!” says Orden.

“You will take a few months to train with the knights and learn from their ways. After this time, we will send for you and give you your first assignment.” Said Phandarum.

Orden has become accepted within the knights of glory. This order is one of the most prestigious amongst the Deva. They are a band of devout warriors known to practice techniques that are both powerful and mysterious.


–Rob’s character was lost at the end of the previous part. To compensate plus reward him for excellent role playing i had him select his own equipment as well as add a special boon.

You receive the boon Pelor’s Sun Blessing level 13. You may also reset Orden’s magical items. You receive items as if you were starting a new level 11 character.


D&D showcase 4

Teflon Reed- The boy wonder of wizardry


One thing I enjoy about building characters that would be echoed throughout other games and systems is 1 of two things- 1 I want to either challenge myself in a different role or 2 I wish to take something familiar and twist it to make it my own. Reed I think falls into the second camp. D&D 4.0 was the first d&d I was aware of that didn’t penalize you for playing a race non traditionally. In the past, the older games gave you stat bonus and penalties making it tough. Other older editions still completely restricted  some paths completely either by Level caps or by outlawing it.

Reed was my attempt at making a character without such restrictions in D&D. Here I thought of how interesting it would be to have someone as unassuming as a young halfling boy with a tremendous talent for the arcane.  Halflings are always about big things in small packages so this was my version of that.



In D&D 4.0, halflings tended to be taller and leaner than other editions.  Reed is somewhat tall for his age, being only 15 when the campaign started.  Reed has brown eyes and brown hair. He is smart and wise beyond his years- being a boy genius. This actually lead to some home life trouble and because of this, he had a penchant of lying about his age. Reed does not like to be touched and in the past used mage hand to slap people away that touch him.

When the game began, he was a trickster, causing all kinds of mischief. He would often give people he didn’t like a hard time or pull small pranks. In the later game, he tended to still speak his mind, but became more matured through hardships.  Though he still sometimes lies about his age.



Reed was born in the shadowy city of Amn in the Forgotten Realms setting. Here, he was born to many brothers and sisters. His parents owned a shop where they expected the young to work and if they have the talent- enlist in the armed forces. Reed was never able to match the physical talent of his brothers like Lydan. He did however manifest the talent of magic. Something so natural yet so raw and primal. Such a force fascinated him. He practiced all he could away from the prying eyes of his parents. Eventually, he ran away and was taken in by a wizard family. This family enrolled him into the wizarding school they worked in. Here, Reed learned many many things, and excelled so much so that even some High elves needed his tutelage. Eventually he left because he felt he could learn more on the road… well that and his problem with personal space caused him to mage hand slap a girl who touched his forehead. Reed needed to lay low for awhile so he traveled far way, earning his keep with wagoners by lighting the roads or cooking until he reached the city of Loudwater…where our story began.

Reed would go on to face many many threats. Along with his comrades- Lia the Elvan ranger, D.Omega the Water Genazi Paladin and Loyal the Bugbear Ranger, they would face the lady of shadows, sniper gnomes, trials of Moradin the Dwarven God, neurotic gnome inventors, all the way to extra dimensional arms dealing empires. While the threats were always large, the four, whom would become known as the four arms, would always rise to the challenge.



Wizards in D&D are versatile and Reed is no exception to this rule. Outside of combat, Reed would master spells that allowed him to fall great distances, transform his appearance into that of others, protect him and his allies with a magic circle of power…all the way to travel of great distances – if those places are linked via magic circle.


On the field of battle, Reed is more of a team player. By himself, he had few ways to protect himself. Usually relying on short bursts of magic to get away from danger such as a spell that made him fleet of foot. Or later he would use dimension door to transport himself far away from threats. Reed was talented in conjuration – using a few powerful spells such as mordenkainen’s sword or summoning an invisible canine by his side. He would eventually develop a knack of opening dimensional energy, making it possible for him to move his friends and foes around, giving his friends advantageous positioning. He would also combine spells into fearsome combinations, such as summoning a cloud of poison, then making he and his allies near immune to poison, making his foes suffer.

His signature spell however is a spell that causes tiny shards of force to fly forward and embed themselves in his targets. They would also remain in the air, so that if the enemy is still in the area they get a smaller minor sting. This ability even saved his life once, when he was the last of the four arms involved in a fight against an undead dragon. His allies had all fallen, but dealing the beast grave wounds. It was just down to Reed vs this beast… and Reed was just a tick faster. Using the last of his arcane power, he showered the beast with all the power he had left…and the beast fell!




Reed is one of my most favorite characters that I have ever made. I placed a lot of myself into this character in one way or another. Before the games were put on indefinite hiatus, he had traveled to the magical world of Eberron, where the advanced technology made him want to stay in this plane of existence. Even though he was placed here by accident, he found a way to briefly counteract a magical sickness that was accidentally given to him during a previous encounter. Perhaps this new place in all its wonder would prove to be a land of salvation for him. Or would he be forced to go home and work for his parents?

D&D showcase 3

Abiel Audito’re Alahad- Abiel the blasphemer

mini used for abiel
I created Abiel as a concept character. I don’t really have a good relationship with drow due to some of the symbolism associated with them. That said, I wanted to give a Drow a shot because my good friend was going to run a game set in the world of Eberron. This land is a d&d setting where things are not always what they seem and many conventions are turned on their head. Its a good thing he got to remain in Eberron…

Abiel is a young drow man. He is rather tall, with long flowing white hair. He carries himself with a nobel barring and he tends to speak in a direct manner. As a person, Abiel will not go out of his way to talk to you on the streets, however he does have manners and will respond when acknowledged. He is somewhat of a connoisseur in that he loves to try different culinary delights from the places he travels. He has also been taught the love of music by the people that took him in – the Alahad family. He has a habit of taking on personal behaviors of the people he trains with, such as spinning his weapons – a trait he got from a man named Corsair.

Abiel was born to a noble family as Abiel Delanns in the underdark. He has one other surviving sister- Paera Geraduin Delanns that is one of the greatest assassins of their age. Abiel was touched by the force of good in Eberron known as the silver flame itself at birth. He did not know of this until he manifested his ability it a bad time. He was still a child when this gift erupted. His family were treated as blasphemers against Lolth and were immediately dishonored with many sought their deaths. He is only alive thanks to his sister however he was still on death’s door when he escaped. He was found by the Alahad family whom took him in. He was raised as their own for 18 years. He then transferred to the church of the silver flame for 30 more years. It was during this time he learned how to control his gift and was forged into an avenger- a holy assassin that fights single targets hard and strikes with amazing accuracy. It was also during this time that his heart grew cold. He fought against many evils and while he believe he was doing the world good, the fact that he may not be so different than his older sister made him feel almost indifferent of the evils he quelled over time.
Abiel would eventually come to serve under a new pastor – a man named Father Othello Domingos. This was a major turning point in his life as Domingos helped him out of the darkness and also helped shape him into the man he is today. Abiel gained from Domingos a new found respect for life and how to enjoy the small things so that he could discover there was more to life than his grim occupation. He rediscovered the love of music he had from the Alahad family and gained an appreciation for fine cuisine during this time.

Abiel is fast, nimble and moves with grace. He mixes acrobatic maneuvers into his attacks, often flipping and tumbling while striking his targets.
As an avenger, he will tend to focus his energy on a solo target, striking it again and again until it is defeated. If his enemy flees, he gives chase as he has sworn an oath to the silver flame itself that he must defeat his enemy. He does not take it well when a foe leaves his ‘duel of honor’.
When up close, he attacks with a blessed, slender blade that is much like a short sword in length but designed by the drow to be thrown as well.
Along with the long knife preferred by the drow, he also uses a weapon that is unique to the Xen’drik region known as the Xen’drik boomerang. He employs a few of them and uses them to harass his foe. This is a somewhat unique characteristic of Abiel is that he prefers to fight at a distance, a strange trait for an avenger to have. But his boomerangs have proven quite useful in battle.

A lot has happened to Abiel over the time we played. Most recently he traveled to another campaign world due to a magical incident that switched places with another of my player characters from another game (character profile not yet added to the site). Unfortunately he arrived in the world of Forgotten Realms where his kind is not tolerated among surface dwellers. He had to escape from prison with help with new allies and has been traveling the land in an attempt to find a way home.

I actually based his way of speech after Alucard from the Castlevania series.

Something interesting happened during play though. I got more and more magic items that share similarities with batman! Cool things like a grappling hook, and even a utility belt 🙂

This game is on hiatus.

D&D character showcase 2

This is the first actual character I made for the brief dark sun campaign. I was thinking about a lot of different concepts and I kept thinking of the wastes, sand and deserts. After a bit, i came upon the idea of what if you could play a cow boy in D&D? I figured it would be fun to try the idea out. I didnt want to be in charge of a lot of animals so instead of a rancher, i decided what about a gun slinger? From there, I had an idea. D&D may not have guns, but they do have slings! So I made a cowboy inspired ‘slinger named Leon.

Leon – the mist
Appearance/Personality- Leon is a man of above average height. He is relatively thin for his height. He has sun tanned skin, deep black hair and eyes. He has a 5 o’clock shadow and wears sandy colored robe. Leon speaks with kind of a southern draal. As a person, Leon is more likely to greet you and be nice up front. He does have a side to him that he reveals only to his enemies. Leon does not take prisoners so anyone that threatens himself, or anything he cares about will typically meet their fate.Leon also has sticky fingers, and enjoys testing his ability to nic something without notice.



Leon was born and raised in the streets of the city of Tyr. During sandstorms he would often go out as long as he could so he could try to locate anyone’s goods to take for himself. He was in and out of trouble often until one day he was caught and one of his friends took his place in being captured. The friend lost a finger for this, which was considered lucky by the city’s standards. Even so, that made Leon train harder so that next time, he would never be caught. As he began training, his aim also improved and he chose to practice with a sing as he could easily disguise it as an armband. He also focused on discovering ways to stay hidden from people that are actively chasing him. He became very good at hiding and staying quiet and became the best out of his group at it.
Eventually, his band of friends shrank one by one as they either were lost to famine (such as silt-cough), taken out by rival thieves or other ways. In order to stay occupied between jobs, he turned his attention to the ladies. Leon was once quite the ladies man, however recently he began dating the Juggler Jossi, who seemed to be the one he was looking for all along. His time with Jossi softened his heart and he began stealing less and less and began wondering if he could better use his talents for something positive. He was then introduced to the veiled alliance where he met new friends, such as the enigmatic Sheeraak, Sammel as well as Tia-ra and Ambrose.


Leon is lean and swift. He is also extremely agile and soft of foot. Leon is very nimble, acrobatic, making jumps and tumbles with ease. He is decent at finding his way around a new place, but he really excels at staying quiet and taking things without people noticing. In order to do well at that he is decent at keeping situational awareness so he does not pop up unless necessary. His time as a youth in enduring sandstorms helped him learn how to better survive in harsh conditions.
In battle, he often fights at a distance. His main way of fighting foes, is to hit them with sling bullets from afar and vanish before his opponents reach his hiding place, only to hit them from a different place. He is not a slouch close up either, as he can fight with a short sword but he prefers to fight at range.


Unfortunately this game has been put on indefinite hiatus. I had some plans for Leon that include- finding out where his remaining friends have gone to. Completing the journey of self discovery softening his heart enough to care more about the world around him (fully transitioning to a good alignment from his more selfish one that he is in currently). Someday, he wanted to be in charge of a new group of thieves in the city that are more Robin-hood like.

D&D character showcase 1

I haven’t posted in here for awhile, but I think it would be fun to revisit some of my old characters from one of my favorite roleplaying games. My first character showcase is the Cursed Sorceress Aghanai Tahngarth. She was one of the last characters I played on this system.

Aghanai – the Cursed


Aghanai is an young adult human female with burning red hair. Her right eye is a deep brown, while her other eye is concealed beneath a bandanna. As a person, she is cool and calm. She strives to represent the controlled flame outside of battle and has a tendency to carefully consider her options before acting. In battle, her calm cool demeanor instead is more ruthless and calculating, immolating her foes with precision.


Aghanai was born and raised to the Bennalish traders that roamed the wastes. They eventually settled down to an area close to the city of Tyr. Aghanai herself had a normal childhood but she began manifesting cursed arcane powers. Her family kept it quiet as best as they could but her neighbors eventually ran her out of the group. She learned enough to barely survive on her own, but she was found soon by a cult of magi. They gave her shelter and taught her how to utilize her talents. She was in training to become a master of elements, but her master Skileous betrayed the cult and sacrificed most of them to fuel his own powers. Aghanai was among the few that survived, however her survival did not mean her safety. She was experimented upon, causing her to be given the eye of a demon. Incidentally, this operation and the surrounding trauma caused her to develop a mental block of sorts, making her only able to channel fire magic.

Before too long, their dark experiments caused Aghanai to lash out in anger and she found a way through her captors to the big desert city. After a few years, she eventually met a woman named Glass and formed a friendship. Together with Glass, they would join a group of rebels that saught to do good within the large city called the Veiled alliance.

Aghanai is very hardy in addition to being very beautiful.
She is talented in talking her way out of trouble and can tell a convincing lie if pressed. She is also good at finding her way around the city.
In battle, she is quite skilled in channeling fire magic as it is the only form of magic she has left. She battles with a form of knife that explodes into flames upon embedding into her target. Her baleful gift however is that of the eye of a demon. Her left eye constantly bleeds when exposed to open air. It also shows her dangerous and dark visions during times of rest. It does however want its host to live as long as possible so it has granted Aghanai a small gift of harming attackers.



Unfortunately this game has been put on indefinite hiatus. I had some plans for Aghanai- including her learning that she was a distant relative to another party member named Ambrose. She would through play perhaps find a way to cope with her past, eventually unlocking her potential. In addition, her demon’s eye would allow her to gain gaze attacks. An angle i also wanted to explore was that the eye and her magic would allow her to delve into cursed magics the setting!

I have posted the dice I bought specifically for her below:

In addition, this is the top of her character sheet as well as an image of the demon’s eye.





I hope anyone that read this enjoyed it. I am going to post another character at another time.

DND Deja vu V Deja vu

Gwendolen Morris was walking down the trail near her home town on a cold, winter morning. She took her time to admire the sights and sounds of her cherished place. Large snowflakes fell silently in the cold air, seemingly in slow motion. A snowflake landed softly on her long blonde hair, only to disappear just as quickly as it arrived, leaving a tiny wet spot on the red ribbon she wove in through her hair. Off in the distance, she could hear some birds that fear not the cold weather chatter away.

She often walked this trail to clear her mind of her troubles. This trail also has a hidden path that not many know about. It is a path that has lead her to many game. Today, she would be visiting this secret path in search of larger game. As she reached the familiar markings, she slowed her pace. She would take the secret path south instead of following the route back to the village. It is about 45 minutes walk to get there, but the more time out in the forest, the better. Utilizing the techniques she learned as a hunter, she was moved though the trees unnoticed by many of the wildlife. Impressive, considering the ammunition of her weapon of choice tends to make notice.

Soon she appeared several yards away from a potential target. A large form, standing on its four legs stood near several trees. It’s large head rose from the snow as it lifted up and sniffed the air. Gwendolen crouched and reached behind her. She retrieved Moonsing from its back holster slowly as she watched the beast carefully. Slower still, she loaded a single bolt into its chamber…

It was at that moment, a small bubble appeared about 7 feet above the snow. The large beast looked up sharply, sniffed loudly and sprinted away as a faint blue line pulled down below the bubble. The line, now creating a static like sound, reached the ground. Gwendolen stood in awe, not sure what to next. The line began to pull apart, revealing what appeared to be some sort of rift. A few objects fell out of the rift, covered in some sort of dark soot. The line then traced itself back up to the bubble and disappeared without a trace.

The smaller form stood up first. Shaking the dust from his hair, he appeared to be a halfling. He was dressed in a winter weather outfit, yet had no proper footwear on his rather large hairy feet not like the Halflings from her hometown. Then the other form stood up. This figure appeared to be a blonde woman wearing a very similar uniform that Gwendolen was wearing. Odder still, she wore her hair in a very similar style to Gwendolen’s, even with ribbon woven through her hair, though this would be a green ribbon. The similarities were starting to become quite startling. However it was not until the little one spoke that Gwendolen became quite confused.

The smaller figure stretched then loudly said to the other form -“Say Gwen, this looks just like your home away from home eh?”.

‘Gwen’ then said- “Yeah, this appears to be my little hunting path. However we should get moving. Your little stunt could cause the wildlife here to forsake this place. Then where would I go?'”

Gwendolen couldn’t believe it. The one called ‘Gwen’ is just like her! Down to every detail! Gwendolen also noticed that she even had the same verbal inflection that only the women of this area have! But she couldn’t be from this village. Gwendolen knew about every hunter in this area. She softly placed the bolt back in her bag and attempted to sneak away. It was at that moment where the other woman noticed her.

They both stared at each other in disbelief. The wind itself picked up somewhat, blowing drifting snow here or there but their gaze was unbroken. The little halfling, wanting to break the awkward silence spoke: “Hey now, Gwen. I didn’t know you had a sister…A twin sister at that!”

Gwen then said slowly “I don’t… in fact, the only other thing that this could be…”

Gwendolen spoke – “I don’t know what manner of sorcery this could be but I wish you no harm.”

The halfling, gazing about then grabbed Gwen by the shirt sleeve : “Gwen! What is that above you!”

Both Gwendolen and Gwen looked above their heads and noticed that there were arcane bubbles both now above them. Slowly, they formed two sigils one that formed a 4 and the other a 5, the 5 above Gwen’s head with the prior above Gwendolen’s. Gwen then reached out quickly and grabbed a crossbow from behind her. Suddenly Gwendolen noticed that even ‘Gwen’s Crossbow looked just like Moonsing which is impossible! Moonsing is a one of a kind crossbow crafted by Spruce the famous elvan craftsman as prize for winning the harvest festival. Gwendolen’s jaw dropped at the sight.

Gwen then said “I don’t know what game you’re playing at, but I reason you are a doppleganger. I will give you one more chance. Leave now!”


**the remaining and ensuing battle was not well received by others so I chose to remove it.