Orden…Reborn. D&D 4.0 Pt.2 Sidestory 1

Before I took hiatus from GM’ing D&D we had a natural stopping point to our campaign. During that time I wanted to try a few other games before returning. I also wanted to take that time and gather my notes thoughts and give each player – specific lead-ins to the next chapter, which I called part 2. Since the chances of this happening are about zero now, I figured I would release the few I had written…


This would be Rob’s part…

D&D 4.0 Part 2

Where the mountain meets the river, the air itself grows calm. The night air itself still with a mysterious magical force. A mote of energy appears in the air above the stream. Blue at first in color, then golden it pulses with this unidentified energy. It travels from the stream, through the grass and towards the mountain range.

The mote of energy, no longer alone gathers along a rock in the mountains. Several motes of energy fly towards this rock, revealing a hidden passage. Deep inside the passage is a pathway that at first is a tight fit, but opens to a larger chamber. Inside the chamber, there are several large statues of men and women, each with perfect physical features. Their eyes once dull begin to slowly pulse with power. The statues align in a perfect circle and each statue holds the adjacent statue’s hand. Below their forms a raised pedestal lies. The pedestal itself shaped like a large obelisk with a pure crystalline sphere in the middle lies in wait.

The motes gather along the statue’s eyes, flowing up the statue’s carved surfaces. Each statue, now covered in these spheres of energy, begin to shine brightly. The motes gather into the eyes of the statues at a quickened pace. The energy inside of the room becomes super charged, with electricity now forming in the space between all of the statues. The motes, now all gathered into each of the eyes of the statues, begin to harden into a strange substance. The substance pulses then flows out from the eyes.

The substance now travels in midair ignoring the properties of physics and defying reality itself. The substance now gathers into the middle of the air near the ceiling of the chamber. It drops slowly and covers the crystal. The crystal begins to hum with energy as it begins to slowly shrink down in size. Its previous form, now mutating and begins to form the features of a man. Eventually a man is formed from the crystal. His features are of brilliant purple skin with light, glowing patterns.

With a small amount of energy left, the statues then gather ambient magical force. The energy collects along the statues hands and from each hand, the energy shoots forth into the man. The man throws his head back and gasps for its first breath of air.

The statues begin to gleam brightly. A voice sounds from all directions within the chamber. “Welcome back, son of the life spring. You are Deva and you are eternal. Let your next life bring forth the change necessary to stem these dark times.”

The man falls quiet, and curdles into the fetal position on the pedestal and rests.

After some time a woman dressed in ceremonial robes enters the chamber. She is adorned with a purple robe that glows orange with mystic energy. Holding some cloths and a mystic staff, she walks to the form lying in the center of the platform. “Awake my son. This place may be our birth chamber but it is not fit to live in. There is much to discuss in our city. A place for you is surely there.”

The form lethargically begins to stir. Awaken and somewhat rested he stands to greet the woman.  The woman gasps upon seeing the form of the man. He appears like normal Deva yet something is off. His head, a few small bony protrusions extend out from his temples. Each protrusion is about an inch long and takes on a curved horn like appearance.

“By Bahamut’s grace! Tell me, what do you last remember?”

The man speaks: “I recall a lot of smoke and ash.  I recall the regal presence of the sun. I also recall a strong dwarven woman. I recall hearing her begin to sob while holding… she was holding me…”

The woman hands the man some robes. “Come, we will discuss what path you shall take in this life. I fear you a pariah for your birthed…Features. Still you must find your aptitude, our race is not one for laziness. Do you recall your name child?”

The man begins to concentrate. “I believe I am called… Orden.”

“Then follow me Orden, son of Sun! I, Maridia will show you your new destiny!” We shall travel to Ray city, the true home of the Deva in our land.”




Ray City

The city called Ray is a place that lies near a river bank, sheltered in a mountain range in the crown region. Ray city was formed long ago by a Deva called Nenthan. Nenthan sought out where he was born and felt compelled to protect it from danger. He formed the city as this site is one of the few places in all the land that consistently birthed Deva.  Many other Deva questioned him as they felt no need to have their own city. Other races accepted them and they felt their home was along them. Nenthan’s city would become a shining beacon of justice and peace.

This is the city to which Orden would call home. The chamber that Orden was reborn in is called the Shrine of Memories. The shrine was crafted by a mysterious person called the entity whom is responsible for all Deva in all realms. This particular shrine has a special tie to the astral sea and every six months a new crystal is born here. The crystal itself is priceless and its magical energy structure is rare. The gem itself cannot birth Deva but it acts as a key to a mysterious energy that the Nenthan wished to protect.

The Shrine has never been seen by people outside of the Deva and once born many Deva forget the shrine while relearning other things about themselves. The high counsels of the Deva are three people who know exactly where to find and more importantly activate the shrine’s doors.  It is a right as ancient as the shrine itself to appoint the wisest Deva to this sacred position and to guard the knowledge against anyone else.




Month 1

Upon ascertaining his strengths and weaknesses, Orden has become something of an anomaly. Having as much skill as he does as a newly reincarnated person has shocked everyone.  Maridia was very surprised and has shown some sort of personal pride in seeing Orden through his tests. One morning, Maridia appeared onto Orden’s chamber with news.

“Orden.” Maridia said. “The time has come to learn of your new path.”

“Wise Counsel Maridia, I am ready to receive my charge.” Said Orden.

Orden, lead by Maridia is taken to the court yard of Gleam Spark castle. The courtyard is large and well kept. A pond is in the center of the courtyard. In the middle of the pond is a circular land mass that has gazebo like structure in the middle. A stretch of land forms a bridge between the land mass and the edge of the courtyard. Maridia Leads Orden from the entrance of the courtyard to the land mass. Two other Deva fully adorned with white robes with golden trim are present.

“Consular Chozem, as you see I have brought Orden. It is time he knew our decision.”

“Very well Maridia. Orden, your tests are very peculiar and to be honest surprising. For one to have as much skill as you being newly reborn to us is staggering.”

Clearing his throat, the next man speaks: “Orden. Your martial skill is excellent. You have even shown quite promise in leading us spiritually. Perhaps your path… lies in both.”

Maridia then speaks “Orden. Chozem and Phandarum and I have come to a conclusion. You are to join the knights of glory! From this rank you will travel out and into the world and search for a man named Scroud. You will bring Scroud to justice for crimes against the realms. This is your charge.”

“I… do not know what to say. This is quite an honor!” says Orden.

“You will take a few months to train with the knights and learn from their ways. After this time, we will send for you and give you your first assignment.” Said Phandarum.

Orden has become accepted within the knights of glory. This order is one of the most prestigious amongst the Deva. They are a band of devout warriors known to practice techniques that are both powerful and mysterious.


–Rob’s character was lost at the end of the previous part. To compensate plus reward him for excellent role playing i had him select his own equipment as well as add a special boon.

You receive the boon Pelor’s Sun Blessing level 13. You may also reset Orden’s magical items. You receive items as if you were starting a new level 11 character.


D&D Living Character Guide of my campaign

This is a new living guide to the characters of my campaign world. As such it is a work in progress. There are about 70 NPCs in this guide that the players have interacted with.


Current members of the Light warriors

Eldeth- Born in Greenhill, Eldeth was seen as a very devout martial student. She was chosen by the exiled king to belong to a new group of heroes, despite her not knowing of this when she first set out in New Crimson. Exposed to chronomagery Dwarven Fighter played by Sabrena

Torinn-Torrin Left the great dragonborn city of Scorshan to go on a journey of self discovery. Once every few years, others from his village travel the world and deliver their finds to the leader of the dragonborn Patrin the wise. Exposed to chronomagery Dragonborn fighter played by Josh

Artemis Frettrindel- Eladrin general of the Moonglow army. Artemis is skilled with magic and good friends with Fintrovolu. Artemis is a gentleman whom enjoys the finer life and does not like getting his clothing dirty. Eladrin Wizard -Played by Matt.

Put on a bus-members that are not around for one reason or another
Kathandus Harper-. Kathandus has a nack for using her power for revenge but she has a good soul. She has recently been in the envoy of Stephen Martian. Human Paladin played by Nick. Not a mainstay.

Cain- Powerful forces vie for control of the soul of Cain. Cain was a student of the arts who was tempted by the power of the Warlock. He formed a pact with a powerful entity named Immolen, who now may be plotting against him. He is said to be from a very difficult place to live. Exposed to chronomagery. Currently captured by the forces of darkness. Tiefling warlock played by Matt

Quelenna- Originally sent to New Crimson by her queen Valenae. She hailed from the resplendent city of Moonglow. The city of Moonglow is located in a hidden valley near the city of Raylight. Rumor has it that the city is located in the Fey wild itself… after the events of the Moonglow siege and the reclamation of Greenhill Quelenna stayed in Havenwood to help with plans on getting the Eladrin back to Moonglow. Exposed to chronomagery Eladrin rouge played by Barbie

Orden- “Master, what do you mean a Deva who is not a Deva?” These words were uttered by the man known as Orden. Orden is a Deva with a form like that of a Tiefling. Penitence must be paid to account for times of the sins of the past. Through his training as a priest of Pelor, he is ever faithful that through piety his next incarnation will not be cursed. Cleric of Pelor. Deceased? played by Rob.


    Crimson- beginning of the game – travel to Maroon and the Timesealed Crypt of Maroon.

Stephen Martian- The exiled king. Stephen Martian was framed by his counsel of close advisors and he lost control of his kingdom in the Badlands. Surprisingly word of this has not traveled to many lands. He formed an alliance with the lands of Vermillion and under the name of Ottoman Breun, he began a quest to rid the world of poverty and injustice. He has many connections with various peoples in Veil. He also worked in secret with his brother in Haven state whom sent his trusted vassal Ogden to help aid Stephen.

Stiltskin Stonebread- old dwarven man that traveled with Eldeth to the city of New Crimson on the first episode.

Clarissa- Eladrin barkeep known for her special drink. Clarissa was kicked out of Puremoon 39 years ago. Clarissa was once a former magic user in the service of the Duranduls family. She served a few years and was locked in a research facility and was used as a research subject. She managed to escape. She has not been seen since the heroes investigated the Durandul family crypt.

Alice Stonecarver- Young woman who now works with Stephen Martian. Alice was saved by the party when they traveled to Maroon. Alice has trained for two years to become a great warrior in her own right. She is very good at disguises and infiltration.

Felgood Kromain- halfelf innkeep. Once a prize fighter but retired to run an inn in New Crimson. When new Crimson was destroyed, he traveled with the group to Maroon.

Bart Stonebread- Dwarf entrepreneur. Sells just about everything. He is said to be unucky and bad luck follows him. He came to New Crimson just days before it was destroyed by Bullettes.

Lindell- Halfling trader. He sold weaponry and his twin sold everything else. His twin Red died during the Bullette attacks in New Crimson. Traveled with the group to Maroon.

Wanda- young woman that the party saved from monsters outside of Maroon. She was looking for help as her father was quite ill in the mind.

    Badlands-Scorshan and the Tchisseda(pronounced Kissed tah) events

Heskan and Indrala are twins who share a reddish scale color. They both are the strong silent type and prefer to be kept alone. Indrala is the older sibling but refused the captian’s postion. Both have mastered multi-breath techniques and are key leaders of the Flamebrow clan.

Harbek- Harbek is a dwarf from the stone hammer tribe. He broad chested, with flowing golden hair and mean cold dark eyes. He stayed with the dragonblood instead of traveling north through the desert of Dread like his brothern. He is tough, and surley, loves displays of strength and intimidation.

Dandarah- He is a dragonborn age 14 and is still in his awkward growing state. He has copper scales. He wishes to be just like Torinn. He has manifested his electric dragonbreath recently and likes to show it off.

Nanrash- elder dragonborn and protector of Patrin the wise.

Pattaha- Large golden scale dragonborn. Part of the new scale militia.

Kindrala- Older dragonborn. Tiny reading specticales and runs a shop called the eternal balm.

Dandarah- Young dragonborn trying to impress Torin. Copper scales and recently learned his dragon breath.

Old Patrin the wise- Elder Leader of the Dragonborn city Scorshan

Terra- beautiful young half elf woman that has been helping the sick since she arrived. Often works with Kindrala on medicine.

Skarcan- Dragonborn with reddish brown scales. Admires strength.

Atermarious – Young red dragon. Atemarious is loyal to Patrin the wise and treats him as his father. Recently, he was captured by Scroud while trying to test Torinn and company.

Kira- Tiefling rouge. Kira was an orphan who traveled the lands of Vermillion. She has had a rough life and made a living with thievery. She found a map to a moving treasure and thought she might finally find a true treasure. Became good friends with Quelenna.

Gregory Callaway- Gregory works as an artifact dealer with his friend Jarvis. Both created and sold their inventions for a long time. They had a small shop in Kenzer. They were approached by a cleric named Pattricia, a cleric of Pelor. Pattricia had found a map to the hidden Tiefling city of Tchisseda. They left together and were scattered by the storm shield of the floating city. He teamed up with our heroes while they searched Tchisseda. Later, they found that Scroud had corrupted Pattricia and made her fight the heroes as well as poison Atermarious. After the battle, as the corruption was wearing off, Cain silenced Pattricia forever. Gregory has since come to terms with the fact that he is the only survivor of the accident but has not been seen since the final battle of Tchisseda.

Spike- Spike is the name of a tiefling wizard of great magical might. Spike belongs to a splinter faction of the hands of the shroud. The splinter faction is dedicated to reviving the name of the once prestigious house but they want to remove many of the negative connotations (as many as they can though they are still tieflings). He reached out to Cain to appeal to his curiosity and his sense of racial pride. Perhaps they can both work together to further their own ends.

Grom- Orc warchief. He was taken from the badlands and forced to work for Scroud in Tchisseda. Has good feelings towards the party. Once imprissoned by the Eladrin for being an orc, he helped save them when the siege occurred.

    Moonglow- Moonglow seige arch. 8 am tea time, 2 pm teatime and 10pm optional tea time.

King Arannis of Moonglow- Known as the warrior king. King arannis is a master of sword and magic. He was blessed with a beautiful wife and three children.

Queen Valenae-Queen of Moonglow. Is the mother of three children. Valenae belonged to one of the most nobel houses of nobility in Moonglow.

Princess Quelenna- see entry above

Princess Althea- Sister to Quelenna. Althea is frusterated as the current unspoken law in Moonglow royalty says she cannot be wed until her older sister is married. Althea has fallen a nobel but cannot marry him. Quelenna is not in a hurry to find a mate and things got more complicated when her sister’s run-in with chronomagery regressed her older sister to being younger than her!

Prince Erevan- Takes after his father as a fine warrior and just in cause in features. Erevan has fallen in love with the night sister Jehandrelon but cannot wed her due to the stigma behind the night sisters. He is often sneaking out of the castle to see her.

Fintrovolu- nicknamed “Finny” by Cain, Finny is an older highly skilled prosecutor in Moonglow. He is great friends with Artemis and helped teach the children of Valennae. Fintrovolu was injured during the short Moonglow Siege.

Fahrenheit- Fahrenheit is a damphir. He originally came from the badlands. He was the prince of the badlands but like Stephen was forced out of office. Fahrenheit himself is a fun loving man who never liked the restrictions of the noble class. He flirts with Quelenna though because both are of nobility but due to his situation she believes him nothing but an untrustworthy commoner.

Grandmother Jelenneth- Grandmaster of the night sisters. Silver hair worn in an ornate bun she wears square framed glasses. She is friends with queen Valenae but a bit bitter. She was a romantic rival with valenae for the hand of Arannis, current king of Moonglow.

Dayd’adain- Dayd’adain (pronounced Day dee a din) is the top student of the night sisters and possible the greatest magical mind of Moonglow. Dayd’adain though is constantly bored because she is a prodigy. She has pale golden hair worn long with a pierced left ear. She wears a series of skull designs for her earrings.

Marathil- Shortest night sister and youngest. Best friend of the late Quelenna (the night sister who lost her life).

Quelenna- Deceased night sister whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jehandrelon-(Pronounced Ja han draw lon) A modest, young and beautiful eladrin woman. She is a night sister blessed(cursed?) with the ability to see visions of a person’s past (and future) by merely touching the hand of another person. She is in love with Princess Quelenna’s brother Erevan.

Rutharin- Darkhaired night sister and sister to Clarissa of Puremoon.

Sulay-e- Gold haired studious night sister. Very quiet very skilled but not as skilled as her personal rival Jehandrelon.

Wuilubarion- (pronounced wii lou bar ion) – New Judge of Moonglow

Asha- Deva high constable

Appla- Gnome baker from moonglow famous for her shop the ‘short and sweet’.

Camille Keylethe- Eladrin Wizard. She was banished from Moonglow for copying magic scrolls

Soothsayer Palius- Eladrin soothsayer who is strong in the ways of magic, but not in supplies. He is capable of casting powerful rituals.

Aramill- Eladrin Spiritual leader of Moonglow. Cleric of Corellon Larethian

Seber- Deva Grave keeper in Moonglow.

Gaelain- Town Crier. Deceased during the events of the seige.

    Haven state- Moonglow trail of tears to Greenhill reclamation

Woodsong- Chieftain of the elves of Havenwood. High level Druid.

Birch- leader of the remaining standing army of Havenwood. Their forces split so they may aid the Vermillion plain of the Gnoll Occupation.

The weaver- eldest among the elves of Havenwood.

Acorn- Weaver’s young helper. He is bullied by the other kids of Havenwood but shows great promise.

Lee Stoneslate- Mayor of Farmhome. Once lost his title but regained it when the party and the Magpies helped remove Percy from power.

Amandra- Human leader of the Magpies mercenary group. She is said to have a cruel fighting style.

Bolthier – storm Genasi warrior. Brother of Squall. Bolthier speaks in a refined nobel accent. Member of the Magpies.

Squall-storm Genasi warrior. Brother of Bolthier. Squall has an odd accent. Member of the Magpies.

Simon Peddleworthy- Mage member of the magpies. Balding human male. A gentleman.

Bonemeal- Gnome Barbarian. Member of the Magpies. Rescued from his life of torment by Amandra.

Elden- Brother of Eldeth. Member of the Greenhill army.

Thoradin- Father of Eldeth.

Gorbale Rockworthy-one of the three great dwarf Senators of Greenhill. The senate building can be shielded by a magical field that only their passwords may unlock.

Duddery Stonemantle-one of the three great dwarf Senators of Greenhill. The shield was created to help in case of disaster.

Tarvic Ironlung-one of the three great dwarf Senators of Greenhill. decesaed-Each of them have one piece of the password.

    Villians- new and reoccurring villians

Scroud- Scroud is an evil mastermind who has single handledly ruined countless lives in his world. Scroud was rumored to be a wight but was since revealed to be a Liche. His first meeting with the party, he was caught off guard and was defeated and his wand stolen. To get back at the party, he kidnapped Atermarious, destroyed the prestigious Eladrin kingdom of Moonglow and captured Cain. Rumor has it that he found a new sponsor in his quest for power.

Decay-Decay is an eladrin warrior who betrayed the city of Moonglow. His family were killed on tearbleed hill and he has not forgotten. He signed up willingly for Scroud’s cause and Viktus helped him become a Wright.

Viktus- vicktus is the head of Scroud’s research and development. Vicktus is obsessed with his need to experiment with magic of all kinds. His experimentation lead to many advancements in medicane before he was approached by Scroud in years past. Vicktus has experimented on his own body and soul and his form and race is similar to a Vortex wraith.

Kalesh Bloodspear- Tiefling wizard that is quite loyal to Scroud. He has a personal vendetta against Cain but has never let on why.

Julian Locklie- Bard Human. Being forced to work for scroud against his will. His fate is quite disturbing.

Percival Steelhelm- Percy is a minor nobel of the Steelhelm family from Rainenthal in Havenstate. When he heard that the old fort that belonged to the king of Haven’s brother had been taken over, he traveled to the Vermillion Plains in order to personally lend aid. In the end, adventurers had not only rescued him but also been given the credit of clearing the fort. He stued on this for quite some time and used his status as a nobel to set up wanted posters of the group as they made his life challenging during the rescue. Percy always loved the city of Farmhome and had difficulty getting its citizens to accept him instead of Lee.

King Kroan Spinecarver- Drugar king whom worked with Scroud to capture Greenhill. Viktus created a special mind poison that helped them win the battle of Greenhill.

Ogden Diggn- Once a retainer of King Martian of Haven.He once was acting ruler of Haven State for a time- removed power from Lee Stoneslate and gave it to Percival. He was abusing his power and when the ruling brothers finally returned, he was sentenced to death. He disappeared before his sentence was carried out.

Zoldeye- Beholder that was defeated in the Citadel of the sun during the final battles of the Sorcerer wars.

The Brute- magical abomination created by Viktus that appears immortal. It also seems to have the ability to evolve, changing itself before each encounter with the theroes. It has not been seen since the final battle of Tchisseda in which the heroes were magically transported to the city of Moonglow due to Quelenna’s magical imprint.

Families of Note

Heartshield Clan- One of the three Badlands Dragonborn clans. Their colors are Green and Gold. The Heartshield clan represents the power of courage. Torinn the great lead multiple wars against the Tieflings in the past.

Flamebrow Clan- One of the three Badlands Dragonborn clans. The Flamebrow clan specializes in warfare and the military. Keeping the peace is the most important. Their colors are Red and Bronze.

Peaceblade Clan- One of the three Badlands Dragonborn clans. The Peaceblades are the keepers of wisdom. Their main colors are deep purples and rich blues.

Duranduls- Prestigious human magic family. They are a branch family of the Cargous family.

Martian family- A family closely tied to history. Primarily from the Crown region.

Bemusal familiy- A family of great nobility from the Haven State.

IronCrown- family of Dwarves who have great leadership skills. From the Badlands.

Cargous- Royal Family of the *edited. Crimson region. Before the Martians, the Cargous were the greatest human rulers.

Blue forest Night Sisters- The night sisters are a sisterhood of Warlocks from Moonglow.

Steelborne clan- Dwarven clan from Greenhill. Almost world famous blacksmiths. Very talented in arms.

Stonebread clan-Dwarven clan from Greenhill. Merchant family and ancient allies of the Steelborne clane. Steelborne clan creates wares and the Stonebread clan sells them.

D&D 5th edition- house rules and races.

Sadly it appears my group has decided to walk away from 4th edition. I am going to be moving away too but will be posting my house rules in one spot. I intend to update this page as changes are made. For now, I am going to place my first draft of many races and feats.

Races- changes from 5th edition.
DND 5th edition uses Forgotten realms as its baseline. Because of this, the races are flavored towards forgotten realms more than a general story. I am going to address my campaigns specifics below.

Deva- These house rules are used to represent Deva until official rules are available. Race qualities and description are in phb2 of d&d 4.0. Racial bonuses- +1 wisdom +2 intelligence. Astral Origin- Deva count as astral beings. They begin with Celestial language in addition to common.Memory of a thousand lifetimes racial ability- previous lives insight provide you with the ability to gain advantage on any attack roll, skill check, saving throw or ability check. You can only use this ability one time per long rest.

Dragon born- 4th edition back story.

Drow- Drow in my game are not the same Drow as in the realms. There are a large fraction however that seem quite different and do have a reputation of warring with others such as the Gold Shield Dwarves.
In general, Drow are subterrain still and have cruel combat styles but tend to keep to themselves leaving the world above to the others.

Dwarves- follow 4.0 guidelines. Green Hill dwarves do not have the stereotypical accent associated with dwarves however the gold shield dwarves do. Still follow square shaped architecture.

Human- no real changes except cultural name changes. One thing to note is humans are directly
responsible for every large scale confrontations for the last 1000 years.

Genasi- As described in forgotten realms players guide dnd 4.0. Racial ability score bonuses- +1 str +1 intelligence. Racial bonuses depend on the subrace of Genasi chosen. Elemental origin- primordial as language in addition to common. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for spells gained.
Earthsoul-resist acid. begins with resistance cantrip. Can cast stoneskin once per long rest at 5th level.
Firesoul-Resist fire. begin with produce flame cantrip. Can cast fireball once per long rest at 5th level.
Stormsoul- resist lightning. begin with light cantrip. Can cast lightning bolt once per long rest at 5th level.
Watersoul-resist frost. Can cast create/destory water one time per short rest/long rest. At 5th level can cast misty step once per long rest.
Windsoul-resist thunder. begin with mage hand cantrip. at 5th level get gust of wind once per long rest.

Halflings- race shrunk in 5th ed. They did not shrink in my campaign.

Shardmind- follows physical qualities from phb3 dnd 4.0. Racial stats- +2 Int +1 wis. Languages- speaks telepathically but knows common and deep speech. Living construct- you do not need to eat sleep drink or breathe. Crystialline mind- Resist psychic and advantage on saves against charm effects. Shard swarm- can cast magic missile once per long rest. When cast this way, the shardmind teleports 15 feet away after casting. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for magic missile.

Wilden- follows physical qualities from phb3 dnd 4.0. Racial stats- +2 wis +1 con +1 dex. languages common and elvan. Darkvision up to 60 ft. Hardy form- can cast resistance cantrip without material components. Aspects- chose one aspect per long rest.
Aspect of the ancients-you can cast expeditious retreat once per short rest.
Aspect of the destroyer- You gain the thorn whip cantrip during the time you are in this aspect.
Aspect of the hunter- you can cast huters mark once per short rest.


Racial Feats- Feats reserved for specific species only.
Extra Manifestation- WIP Genasi racial feat- can manifest an additional elemental soul.

Storyline feats – these feats cannot be selected and are gained in game for specific characters.
Chronomagery-Those affected by specific stimulai may manifest the ability to tap into time magic itself.
Lesser Arcanis Chronomagery- in combat, once per 8 hour day, you may tap into chronomagery to gain an additional move action per turn. Out of combat, if used tasks you are performing alone can be done faster than normal.

Greater Arcanis Chronomagery- in combat, once per 8 hour day, you may tap into chronomagery to perform an additional action. Out of combat, if used tasks you are performing alone can be done faster than normal.

Chrono Majesty- ?

Chosen of Moradin- Boon for helping to save Greenhill and stop an interdeminsional anomoly from destroying the plane. You gain the tough feat for free. You also get advantage with social interactions with Dwarves.


If you receive a magic item that upgrades an ability score and use it for awhile, you will find yourself psychologically addicted to the new ability score. If you lose the item after having it equipped for a time, you may suffer depression and withdrawal from perceived performance loss.

Gauntlets- All heavy armor come with them for free. You have to state if your gauntlet is open or closed.
If the gauntlet is closed around the weapon, all attempts to disarm you are at disadvantage. As a draw back, you cannot throw the weapon you have locked and if you wish to switch to a different weapon, you must use an action to do so. If your gauntlet is open, you can be disarmed as normal but you may also draw and stow as normal.

Each sphere of magic now has an upper eschalon of magical talent. The final top tier of each magic school manifests only in a special select few known as Majesty. Look forward to new Majesty feats for rules on how this affects the world.

**thoughts on low level play. Hypothetical situations.

I am doing some thinking about changing the cardboard hero aspect of D&D 5.0 and one thing that came to me this morning is just increasing the HP of the characters for ONLY levels 1-3 and leaving things as normal afterward. I think it would make it so I wouldn’t have to keep track of a subsystem, it would make combat still somewhat dangerous yet not have to run away from a dungeon every encounter.

Consider the following hypothetical situation. Three plausible level 2 character stats are shown below using what we have been doing currently. (these are not actual stats, rather test figures.)

Cleric has Con of 14 (+2)

Cleric HP 15

Cleric has d8 hit dice

Rouge has

Con of 8 (-1)

HP of 11

Rouge has d8 hit dice

Fighter has

Con of 14

HP of 20

Fighter has d10 hit dice

I have considered 3 ways, each similar to one another but changing a variable or two.

Fix 1- Add Con score to HP instead of rolling for 3rd level HP.

Fix 2- Max all HP rolls, adding constitution modifier for first 3 levels. Recalculate HP as if player rolled natural max on each of the 3 levels.

Fix 3- con mod for level 1. add max die roll plus con mod for levels 2 and 3.

Under fix 1

Cleric would have 29 HP at level 3.

Rouge would have 19 HP

Fighter would have 34 HP

Under fix 2

Cleric would have- (8+2)*3=30 HP

Rouge would have – (8-1)*3=-21 HP

Fighter would have (10+2)*3=36 HP

Under fix 3

Cleric would have (14+10+10)=34 HP

Rouge would have (8+7+7)=22 HP

Fighter would have (14+12+12)=38 HP

I am leaning towards option 2. The reason why is that it is actually within possibility, though rare, someone could actually roll their max for both levels 2 and 3 and the numbers are not much bigger than option 1. Option 3 is also attractive as there is that much more safety net to encourage more adventuring however if there was a barbarian…

Barbarian at 2 using current method

Con 16 (+3)

HP 21

Hit dice 12

Barbarian would have (16+15+15)=46 hit points.

Which is INSANE! But actually pretty cool in its own rights. Of course, we don’t have a barbarian so its not like something we have to worry about…but I figured it would be fun to use the edge case.

On the smaller scale of things…

Wizard at 2

Con 10

HP 9

Hit dice d6

Fix1- wizard would have 19 hp

Fix 2- wizard would have (6)*3=18

Fix 3- wizard would have (10+6+6)=22