Looney Pyramids- custom game- Battle of the Elementals

With my copy of pyramid arcade coming in the near future, I thought it would be fun trying my hand at designing my own game using the awesome pyramids.  My biggest hope is that it is something that isn’t a copy of something else and that it is fun enough to play often. My main inspirations for this game are games like final fantasy tactics and especially dungeon dice monsters. I also referenced some of my RPG lore in regards to the ‘brilliant world’.



Battle of the Elementals

Requirements- 2 trios of one color per player.  One different color small per player that is a different color than the other colors chosen- representing their master. The zark city deck. (so you will have two colors each- one for our pyramids, one for your master)

The goal of the game is to cap the other player’s master. Masters cannot cap other masters. Only the other pieces may do so. Masters are also immune from attacks.

This is a battle game where the other pieces do battle with each other using the very elements they draw from the brilliant world – a separate plane of elemental energy. The elementals draw this power from the very land they stand on gaining sometimes great sometimes lesser powers from the land.  Cards from the zark city deck will form battle ground in which the players will do battle. Each card is referred to as a space. Each card’s numbers, and color matter in reference to battle.


At the beginning of the game, you draw 5 cards from the Zark city deck. This will be your hand. You then place 4 cards in a square formation between you and your opponent to form the center of the board. Last, take turns drawing a card for each piece you own. Place one piece atop each card drawn. You should be ready to now begin.


Set up example:



Game play

Each player takes turns activating one piece, performing each action that the piece can take one time in any order before passing to the next player. You may not be able to perform some actions with some pieces. In addition, you may not be able to perform an action sometimes. That’s ok.

During your turn, you perform many of the actions as described. At the end of your turn, you draw your hand back to 5 cards.

Actions-Cast, Move, Attack (battle), Cap, Rejuvenate, Expunge.

Cast- you may play a card from your hand. You must play the card next to any of your pieces currently in play. You may only play a card one time during your turn.

Moving- each piece may move a number of spaces (cards) depending on its size.

Smalls- 3

Mids – 2

Large 1

Attacking- Pieces attack by targeting enemy pieces however each piece is limited in range depending on its size. You may target an enemy piece a number of spaces away equal to its pips. If a piece is within range, battle begins. See battle below for more rules on battle. Note that you cannot target a piece if there is an empty space on the board..

Smalls- 1

Mids- 2

Large – 3

Capping-Any piece may perform this action when adjacent to another piece. Your piece captures the piece it is next to. The piece that captures the other piece becomes the size of the piece that it has captured. The advantage of doing this is- if you attack an enemy piece it is returned to the other player’s play area off play and it may be returned by rejuvenation action. If you cap a piece, they are still technically on the board so they cannot be selected by the rejuvenation action.  The only draw back is that a piece can only cap one other piece.

Rejuvenate- You may find that you are running low on pieces. If you are, you may turn your master so it is on its side. If you do this, you may bring back a piece that belongs to you to the starting side of the board.

Expunge- Masters may ‘expunge’ or clear evil spirits possessing one of your pieces. You can do this action if you are two spaces or less away from the captured piece. The capturing piece is removed from the board.


Cards have number and suits. Jack is worth 10, queen is 11, king is 12, ace is 13. If a card is on its back, it counts as 1 for the purposes of battle and has no color. The numbers are used to determine the outcome of a battle.

When you do battle, you compare the number of the card your piece is currently on vs the number your opponent’s card is on. If your number is higher, you defeat the enemy piece, removing it from the board. If your number is lower, you are defeated instead. If you have the same value, both pieces are removed.  But the numbers can change depending on what color you and your opponent are currently standing on.

Each card has one of the following colors. Below, each color will show what element it belongs too.

Yellow- lightning

Dark Blue- water

Green- earth

Light blue- air

Red- fire

Lightning is good against earth

Earth is good against water

Water is good against fire

Fire is good against wind

Wind is good against lightning

Clear is not good against any element therefore all are good against it.

If your card is good against your enemy’s card, you double the value your card is on when calculating battle.

If you have a card that is weaker than your opponents and you are still able to defeat them even with their advantage against you, you earn a boon. You may flip one card back to its original orientation as well as flip your master so that it is facing face up.

Misc notes

Pieces may not occupy the same space as another piece unless they have performed the cap action.

As an advanced rule, you can only cap a piece you have an elemental advantage over. Try the game without this rule first.

Using these instructions, you should be able to eventually capture your opponent’s master or your opponent will capture your master.. I will be expanding on these rules eventually but for now, I hope you have a good time.


Quarriors Alquemy set ideas

I have created an overview of the new dice that this imaginary set includes. I am still working with the stats directly, but as you can see the new creatures, magic and potions are very thematic – keeping with the shop keeper theme. I was going to use a new mechanic called buyer beware but I figure instead I will just tye it in theme instead of making a new symbol. You will see buyer beware show up as a double burst version of a die.

Growth tonic-Alquemy die. treats die as level 3 die for effects and gives a stat boost.

Snake oil-Alquemy die. Hood wink other players something for your own gain!

Lucky Rabbit Juice-Alquemy die. Rerolls Yo

Fire belching potion-Alquemy die. Gives weaker monsters an advantage

Ninja Chameleon oil-Alquemy die. replacement technique to help weaker monsters survive.

Magical ducktape-Alquemy die. silence is golden, ducktape is silver. Prevents an opponent from using a spell in their ready area or a potion until your next turn.

Polarity oil- Alquemy die. Switch a monster’s attack and defense.

Traveling Merchant- creature that gets stronger depending on the current player’s basic quid in used pile. Other forms can offer a truce to avoid it getting destroyed.

Spell trader – creature that buys and sells spells. Affects include moving either used or readied spell die around.

Magic store clerk- another creature that manipulates spell and potion die. Uses her store discount in your favor.

Pawn broker- creature that trades anything for glory or other effects.

Sheep- creature. you cannot buy this die. Instead you gain this die by spells or effects caused by things in this set.

Quid sickness – spell die. Player griefing spell.

Polymorph- spell die. cull a creature in your opponents used pile. Replace it with a sheep.

Quarriors fan expansion: Alquemy

Alchemy set Alquemy!

I am working on my own fan expansion to Quarriors. The set fluff is below with Mechanics to follow sometime.

Deep in the largest city in the land, a living legend was born. Quiggley, the greatest salesman in the land. He could sell light quid to the dark, meat to vegetarians and ice tea to frost howlers. . He started a giant empire of traders and merchants, mass producing alquemical potions-magic in a bottle that almost anyone could use. Buyer beware, some potions are strong and all potions are non-refundable. Welcome to the shop!

Alchemy dice are dice that work a lot like spells. They get one use and then are automatically culled after use. Because of their one time use nature, their effects tend to be strong or versatile but most of the die faces are symbols. The alchemy shop is a new play area that is added to this set. There are three alchemy cards to buy in the shop. Each alchemy potion may only be bought once. Once it is bought it is out of stock until the person who bought it uses the effect. The die is then returned to the shop to be resold. A player can drink only one potion per turn and only once per turn.

Buyer beware symbol-If this is rolled, then the potion has no effect. You also return the potion to the shop. We will leave it to your imagination as to how the potion backfired.

Super Dungeon Explore: Easy and Kid Mode

My first experience with the game was a good one but also one absolutely full of errors. Some of those errors, though could be used to make the game easier on the players and potentially easy enough to make kids have a better time. Here are the ideas i think would go into making an easy difficulty and a kids difficulty.

Easy Mode (choose any 2)

  • Ties go to the player on any dice roll.
  • You nolonger have to be attacking to earn heart and potions. You still have to get more stars than the opponent.
  • the dark consul may only spawn 4 skulls worth of monsters from 1 spawn point at the beginning of the round.

If you have a cunning consul, then it may still be a challenge, but the edge is still in favor of the heroes. Especially if they bring along a natural healer.

Kids Mode

  • Ties go to the player on any dice roll.
  • You gain heart and potions whenever you roll them.
  • The Consul may only activate 4 skulls worth of monsters for the round! in addition to being able to spawn from only one spawn point that round!

At this point, there is almost no way for the consul to win. Especially late game where the heroes gain more and more power.

I have almost finished another scenario. This one is something… a little random…

Super Dungeon Explore: Power of the Black Skulls

SDE scenario 3- Power of the black skulls
In this scenario, the dark consul has obtained a powerful new magic in the form of black skulls. The skulls of midnight  were crafted deep within the consul ‘s tower, in the zone of darkness by the black wizard Crowley. The skulls provide the dark consul with an edge and with them, will this spell doom for the heroes?

This scenario modifies the normal defeat the boss scenario of SDE.

New rules
Skulls of midnight- these essentially render all spawn points invulnerable. Place a number of counters equal to the players on the board after players deploy and before initiative. Each turn before initiative is rolled, the dark consul rolls a green die. If the number of stars rolled are greater than the number of skulls then the skulls activate and monster spawn points cannot be destroyed for this turn.

ex: in a 3 player game, the counsel player places 3 counters on the field. During his turn, he rolls a green die. He rolls a 4. During this turn, the black skulls activate and render the spawn points invincible.

If the black skulls do not activate, then any hero standing near a black skull automatically takes damage equal to the number of stars rolled. If the heart&potion is rolled, one hero near a black skull has found a way to tap into the energy for a turn and replenish a heart and potion.

As each skull is destroyed, the ambient energies released empower the remaining skulls making it harder to destroy spawn points. When the last skull is destroyed, all heroes automatically replenish 1 health and remove all status counters. Note: its impossible for the skulls to activate unless 3 or less remain. This is ok, as that means anyone near them may potentially take damage.

Other than this, the game plays as normal.

Black Skull
Heart points: 2 ARM: 1 white 1 red

Super Dungeon Explore: Hearthstone Football Scenario

Hearthstone football!

The goal, get the hearth stone to your goal a number of times equal to the number of heroes in play.

The map
For this game, use all 5 tiles to create a long field. Place each tile in a large line making sure each room can connect to each other and form a single line. in order to ensure fairness, remove lava tiles. Ensure that the tile in middle of the map (now called center tile) has enough room in the middle and has a left and right exit.

Heroes then pick with end of the map is their Goal. The Dark Counsol then is assigned the other.

Place the heroes in the doorway of the center tile closest to their goal.

Dark Counsol now places spawn points and monsters as covered in base rules. Loot cards are gained and treasure placed as normal.

Place the hearthstone in the middle of the room. Roll initiative!

Players will attempt to fight/block and pass the hearthstone from its starting location to the goal.

After player holding the stone crosses the goal, all heroes and monsters are picked up. Put the heroes on the enemies goal and the counsol on the heroes goal. The hearthstone is placed in the middle of the board. This will continue until one side delivers the stone 5 times to their goal.

Enemies begin play next to their starting goal and heroes begin play near theirs.
Key: ES- enemy, start HS – Hero Start, H- Hero, E- Enemy

ES->[   ][   ][E|  .  |H][   ][   ] <-HS

When the first goal is reached, the characters will be placed near their opponent’s goals. Each time someone scores, the board is reset in the configuration below.
ES->[H|   ][   ][  .  ][   ][   |E] <-HS

When 16 bit is achieved, spawn a half-boss in the center field.
When super is achieved, spawn the boss in center of the field. Be warned, if you lose your Boss you cannot get him back!

When characters are defeated, they return to play in the center field on the next round before initiative is rolled.

Hearth stone rules: The hearthstone is represented by a coin, counter, etc. In Hearthstone football, the hearthstone may be passed between heroes and monsters! Passing the hearthstone between allies costs 2 action points. To pass, the person holding the stone rolls their base un-modified attack. They may throw the hearthstone a number of spaces equal to the stars on the die. if none are rolled, the hero has to keep hold of the stone. If an enemy unit is witin line of sight, they may attempt to roll their attack to intercept the ball in mid flight! If a model takes more than 1 point of damage in a turn they must roll will. If they get 2 or more stars nothing happens, if not they drop the hearthstone in an adjecent space. If the hearthstone is on the ground, it costs 1 action to pick it up.  If a character is defeated while holding the hearthstone, the character that defeated the opponent gains the stone.

Hero’s hearthstone abilities
While holding the hearthstone, the character may perform as many of the following  actions as they can afford:
Imbue- Gain 1 white die in any stat until next activation. -costs 1 action point
Restock- Hearthstone holder may gain 1 potion and remove any 1 status effect- costs 2 action points
Healing- Augment Wave 1: All allies may gain 1 health – costs 2 action point
Resurrection- As Resurrection rules – costs 3 action points.

The boss and mini boss cannot carry the hearthstone.

Dark Counsol hearthstone abilities
While holding the hearthstone, the character may perform as many of the following  actions as they can afford:
Imbue- Gain 1 white die in any stat until next activation. -costs 1 action point
Restock- Dark Counsol gains 1 skull remove any 1 status effect- costs 2 action points
Dark Blessing- Wave 1 Dangerous: + 1 red die Will Fire- costs 2 action point
Dark Manipulation-Wave 3 Push 5 – costs 3 action points.