Orden…Reborn. D&D 4.0 Pt.2 Sidestory 1

Before I took hiatus from GM’ing D&D we had a natural stopping point to our campaign. During that time I wanted to try a few other games before returning. I also wanted to take that time and gather my notes thoughts and give each player – specific lead-ins to the next chapter, which I called part 2. Since the chances of this happening are about zero now, I figured I would release the few I had written…


This would be Rob’s part…

D&D 4.0 Part 2

Where the mountain meets the river, the air itself grows calm. The night air itself still with a mysterious magical force. A mote of energy appears in the air above the stream. Blue at first in color, then golden it pulses with this unidentified energy. It travels from the stream, through the grass and towards the mountain range.

The mote of energy, no longer alone gathers along a rock in the mountains. Several motes of energy fly towards this rock, revealing a hidden passage. Deep inside the passage is a pathway that at first is a tight fit, but opens to a larger chamber. Inside the chamber, there are several large statues of men and women, each with perfect physical features. Their eyes once dull begin to slowly pulse with power. The statues align in a perfect circle and each statue holds the adjacent statue’s hand. Below their forms a raised pedestal lies. The pedestal itself shaped like a large obelisk with a pure crystalline sphere in the middle lies in wait.

The motes gather along the statue’s eyes, flowing up the statue’s carved surfaces. Each statue, now covered in these spheres of energy, begin to shine brightly. The motes gather into the eyes of the statues at a quickened pace. The energy inside of the room becomes super charged, with electricity now forming in the space between all of the statues. The motes, now all gathered into each of the eyes of the statues, begin to harden into a strange substance. The substance pulses then flows out from the eyes.

The substance now travels in midair ignoring the properties of physics and defying reality itself. The substance now gathers into the middle of the air near the ceiling of the chamber. It drops slowly and covers the crystal. The crystal begins to hum with energy as it begins to slowly shrink down in size. Its previous form, now mutating and begins to form the features of a man. Eventually a man is formed from the crystal. His features are of brilliant purple skin with light, glowing patterns.

With a small amount of energy left, the statues then gather ambient magical force. The energy collects along the statues hands and from each hand, the energy shoots forth into the man. The man throws his head back and gasps for its first breath of air.

The statues begin to gleam brightly. A voice sounds from all directions within the chamber. “Welcome back, son of the life spring. You are Deva and you are eternal. Let your next life bring forth the change necessary to stem these dark times.”

The man falls quiet, and curdles into the fetal position on the pedestal and rests.

After some time a woman dressed in ceremonial robes enters the chamber. She is adorned with a purple robe that glows orange with mystic energy. Holding some cloths and a mystic staff, she walks to the form lying in the center of the platform. “Awake my son. This place may be our birth chamber but it is not fit to live in. There is much to discuss in our city. A place for you is surely there.”

The form lethargically begins to stir. Awaken and somewhat rested he stands to greet the woman.  The woman gasps upon seeing the form of the man. He appears like normal Deva yet something is off. His head, a few small bony protrusions extend out from his temples. Each protrusion is about an inch long and takes on a curved horn like appearance.

“By Bahamut’s grace! Tell me, what do you last remember?”

The man speaks: “I recall a lot of smoke and ash.  I recall the regal presence of the sun. I also recall a strong dwarven woman. I recall hearing her begin to sob while holding… she was holding me…”

The woman hands the man some robes. “Come, we will discuss what path you shall take in this life. I fear you a pariah for your birthed…Features. Still you must find your aptitude, our race is not one for laziness. Do you recall your name child?”

The man begins to concentrate. “I believe I am called… Orden.”

“Then follow me Orden, son of Sun! I, Maridia will show you your new destiny!” We shall travel to Ray city, the true home of the Deva in our land.”




Ray City

The city called Ray is a place that lies near a river bank, sheltered in a mountain range in the crown region. Ray city was formed long ago by a Deva called Nenthan. Nenthan sought out where he was born and felt compelled to protect it from danger. He formed the city as this site is one of the few places in all the land that consistently birthed Deva.  Many other Deva questioned him as they felt no need to have their own city. Other races accepted them and they felt their home was along them. Nenthan’s city would become a shining beacon of justice and peace.

This is the city to which Orden would call home. The chamber that Orden was reborn in is called the Shrine of Memories. The shrine was crafted by a mysterious person called the entity whom is responsible for all Deva in all realms. This particular shrine has a special tie to the astral sea and every six months a new crystal is born here. The crystal itself is priceless and its magical energy structure is rare. The gem itself cannot birth Deva but it acts as a key to a mysterious energy that the Nenthan wished to protect.

The Shrine has never been seen by people outside of the Deva and once born many Deva forget the shrine while relearning other things about themselves. The high counsels of the Deva are three people who know exactly where to find and more importantly activate the shrine’s doors.  It is a right as ancient as the shrine itself to appoint the wisest Deva to this sacred position and to guard the knowledge against anyone else.




Month 1

Upon ascertaining his strengths and weaknesses, Orden has become something of an anomaly. Having as much skill as he does as a newly reincarnated person has shocked everyone.  Maridia was very surprised and has shown some sort of personal pride in seeing Orden through his tests. One morning, Maridia appeared onto Orden’s chamber with news.

“Orden.” Maridia said. “The time has come to learn of your new path.”

“Wise Counsel Maridia, I am ready to receive my charge.” Said Orden.

Orden, lead by Maridia is taken to the court yard of Gleam Spark castle. The courtyard is large and well kept. A pond is in the center of the courtyard. In the middle of the pond is a circular land mass that has gazebo like structure in the middle. A stretch of land forms a bridge between the land mass and the edge of the courtyard. Maridia Leads Orden from the entrance of the courtyard to the land mass. Two other Deva fully adorned with white robes with golden trim are present.

“Consular Chozem, as you see I have brought Orden. It is time he knew our decision.”

“Very well Maridia. Orden, your tests are very peculiar and to be honest surprising. For one to have as much skill as you being newly reborn to us is staggering.”

Clearing his throat, the next man speaks: “Orden. Your martial skill is excellent. You have even shown quite promise in leading us spiritually. Perhaps your path… lies in both.”

Maridia then speaks “Orden. Chozem and Phandarum and I have come to a conclusion. You are to join the knights of glory! From this rank you will travel out and into the world and search for a man named Scroud. You will bring Scroud to justice for crimes against the realms. This is your charge.”

“I… do not know what to say. This is quite an honor!” says Orden.

“You will take a few months to train with the knights and learn from their ways. After this time, we will send for you and give you your first assignment.” Said Phandarum.

Orden has become accepted within the knights of glory. This order is one of the most prestigious amongst the Deva. They are a band of devout warriors known to practice techniques that are both powerful and mysterious.


–Rob’s character was lost at the end of the previous part. To compensate plus reward him for excellent role playing i had him select his own equipment as well as add a special boon.

You receive the boon Pelor’s Sun Blessing level 13. You may also reset Orden’s magical items. You receive items as if you were starting a new level 11 character.


DD – Side story 1

*I created this story a few months back. I have no idea why it took me so long to post it here.

It was a cold rain that poured over the dark port city. The evening air, filled with smog reduced the visibility of the area greatly while adding a bad sent to the air. A somewhat tall figure, fully armored in full plate armor walked a steady pace through the city. The figure moved slowly, with full purpose through densely crowded and smoggy  city. The locals gave way, allowing this figure to pass on through to the muddy tavern.

The lanterns in front of the tavern were covered well enough to keep them from going out from the rain, yet the smog in the area kept the light muted. Inside, there were lots of ruffians, pirates, and thugs. Many of the tavern’s patrons, kept the place loud and boisterous with drink and gambling games. The relatively muted light kept many of the games of chance being ones of opportunity. The smell of the smog could only complement the smell of the bar as it seemed the natural scent of sweat and old alcohol made the room rather pungent. It did not seem to affect the patrons and bottle fairies however. In fact, many of them carried on until the door opened and the armored figure opened the door. For a brief moment, the place was dead silent. The figure reasoned they were suspicious of her person, perhaps they considered her a threat?  Or maybe a town guard? Regardless, her hand placed on her short blade kept the closest people from advancing and after that brief moment, the ruckus began again. The female knight made her way to the bar.

The bartender was a brutish man. Very tall, barrel chested with several tattoos along his arm and chest. He sucked air through the gap in his teeth and spoke: “Tower knights? I don’t server your kind here!”

The knight then removed her helmet.

“Its you!” The bartender said.

“Yes, its me Bertrand. This place and by extension you, look worse and worse each time I come here.”

“Bah!” Bertrand huffs.

“What are you doing here anyway, Amandra? ”

Amandra smiles, and retrieves a rolled up piece of parchment from her pouch.

“I’m here to ask you a favor. I am working for a Mr. Calloway and we are looking for a particular person…have you heard of him?”

She unrolls the parchment, revealing the face of a man with devilish horns. The man looks rather solemn in this portrait. The parchment rather reveals the person in question is a wanted man, listing a rather good sum.

Bertrand grunts.

“Now you know my terms Amandra. If you get any sort of money for bounty I get -”

Amandra cuts in- “Yes, yes, you get a 20%

“No, No, 30%” Bertrand says.

“Ok, ok.” Amandra says. “well, can you help me out or not?”

“Aye I can lass.” Bertrand says.  He starts scratching his scraggly hair for a moment, passes a few more drinks for some of the others, then says” “I’ll meet you out back.”

Amandra places her helm back on and heads back outside.

The side alley has some cover of the elements, making this a popular spot for the destitute to go to avoid the rain. The knight walks through the alley, walking past several of the downtrodden while moving to the spot of the meeting. The smog seems to have gathered in these places a bit more densely, making the scent almost unbearable. Behind the tavern, Bertrand arrives looking rather nervously. He seemed a bit startled when Amandra happened upon him.

“Well, what do you know about this man?” Amandra asked.

“Word is, your man is working for the enemy team. Some say they saw him traveling with a sickly looking fellow a few moons ago. I think they said they were headed towards the badlands.”

Amandra sighs. The badlands have seen much better days. Especially after calamity.

“Here. I’ll give you some of the reward now for your help.”

Amandra stuffs a small satchel of coins in his hands.

“Thank you for your patronage.” Bertrand says as he stuffs the satchel down his trousers.

“A word of advice lass. You ain’t the only person searching for that bugger.”

The two then part ways. The knight disappearing into the smog.