Division Street – Power Templates

In Division street, characters will be transformed into a stronger beings that have access to kind of alien magic. In order to make sure characters confirm to the same standards when creating powers, a Power template is necessary.

Cosmic Knight magic – A new source of energy was born from an alien’s influence on the population growing on the planet Earth. The humans natural Ki energy combined with the power of the galaxy to create a new source of energy called Star energy. Not everyone has the capability to produce star energy. Player characters are most likely to be Cosmic Knights or scouts, so they produce this energy.

  • Deplete – Warriors using any kind of cosmic magic requires the expenditure of a user’s star energy.
  • Emotional – Star energy is malleable by the emotional state of the user. In game terms, you must have emotional stimulus to use the ability, like someone being in danger or your health is less than 1/5 its full value.
  • Unique: Must Shout Attack Name and Gesture – Cosmic Knight spells have verbal and somatic components and many of the more powerful spells require the use of them to be successful.



Division Street – Calderon Valley

Calderon valley

Welcome to Calderon valley Japan. The city rests on a mountain range in Honshu Japan. The surrounding area is heavily forested with various kinds of trees. The main city area has a lot of cherry trees that have been planted by man. The city prides itself with the education of its children and because of that, it has a lot of schools. The city has 2 basic schools, 2 junior high schools, and 3 high schools. Other than schools, the city boosts a lot of hang out spots around the city. A new concept that the city has created is the cradle. These are large community centers that house various activities and each has a style their own. There are about 5 cradles in the city, with one at the very top center of the city and four smaller ones, two on the left side and two on the right side.


Common Locations – these locations are the spots where I anticipate a lot of play will occur. This list will grow over time as I gain additional input from the players.


Home Player 1

Home Player 2

Player high school- Madoriyama

Home room – Ms. Hanako

School club room -since one of the players is a member of the student council, the council room serves as their base of operations once things get going.

Azure park – primarily a children’s park, Azure park has a mile walking course as well as benches located in the four quarter mile markers. There are two designated entrances. One facing main street and the other near the school. Located on a flat plane south west of the water cradle.

Domino arcade- arcade has not been as popular lately however the newest fighting game Battle-men 7 has just released which may get the kids coming back.

Hideki shrine- a run down shrine ran by Ryo Hideki. Located between the sky and earth cradles. This is often called the lonely shrine as it is the only one located near the city.


High schools in the area

  • Madoriyama – player character’s school located above the water cradle
  • Ryoma high school – school with a reputation for delinquent students. Located near the earth cradle.
  • Tezuka high – very athletic school. Reputation for raising the best track and baseball students. Located on the other side of the sky cradle.


Middle schools

  • Natsume middle school – school where a Player’s sister currently studies at. Located near the plant cradle.
  • Sakamoto middle school


Basic schools

  • Tomoeda elementary
  • Shohoku elementary



Cradles – Cradles are places that hang out of a mountain by a series of support beams. In a cradle, there are guide rails that lead from the street to a cradle. Cradles are surrounded by a chain link fence that keeps youth from falling off the outer edges. Within the chain-link fence is a cafe-like area with many tables and chairs for people to sit. Depending on the cradle, other features are determined. The upper levels are generally populated by the closest businesses employers. It is said that delinquents often battle for ‘control’ over a cradle.


Sun – top most cradle built in the highest point of the mountain range. The sun cradle often houses very high ranking corporate events.


Sky – sky and water share the same height but are below the sun cradle.  The sky cradle is situated near many corporate offices. The buildings rise rather tall in the sky. Many of them have rather reflective windows. There is also a reflective pond in the center  and when the weather is just right- you can see the sky in both the pond and the buildings.  Sky is the cradle on the left in regards of orientation vs the water cradle.


Water – sky and water share the same height but are below the sun cradle. The water cradle often has performers play music here as well as people displaying art. In fact, the city’s art museum is located at the base of the cradle. Water is the cradle on the right in regards of orientation vs the sky cradle.


Plant -Plant and Earth extend to from the base of the mountain ocean or the beach depending. Plant is full of life. There is a community garden here so lots of people rent space here. In addition, its base is closest to the public pier so people also fish off the pier. Plant is the cradle on the right in regards of orientation vs the Earth cradle.


Earth – Plant and Earth extend to from the base of the mountain to the beach.  Closest to the Ryoma high so it is ‘under their control’. Despite delinquent activity, Earth is one of the first cradle’s tourists often see and so it is full of touristy attractions. Earth is the cradle on the left in regards of orientation vs the Plant cradle.

Division Street – Character Creation

Characters for this rpg are created using big eyes small mouth 3rd edition.

They are created using the following rules:

Characters are created using 200 points, meaning the heroic tier. Characters in this tier level are normal humans or near humans. They may get some special abilities but rarely exceed the power of a typical action movie hero.

Max attribute level is 4

Min max combat values 4/8

Min max health 40/100

Min max damage multiplier 3/6

Min Body Mind Soul – 3 (can be 2 with a defect).


· Body- physical aspects of your character such as overall health, strength, endurance, quickness.

· Mind- mental abilities such as intellect, wit, quick learning. Does not correlate with breadth of training and depth of experience.

· Soul- luck, willpower, determination, spirit. High value represents the many anime heroes whose main trait is their strength of character such as Yugi Muuto.

Initial character creation Attributes.

· Attack combat mastery

· Aura of inspiration

· Combat technique

· Defense combat mastery

· Divine relationship

· Energy bonus

· Heightened awareness

· Heightened senses

· Item

· Massive damage

· Melee attack

· Melee defense

· Organizational ties

· Ranged attack

· Ranged defense

· Skills

· Tough

· Wealth


Skills – skills have a natural cap of 6 however a Genius at a skill would have beyond.

· Level 1 and 2 indicate significant training or practice.

· Level 3 and 4 indicate considerable experience with the particular skill.

· Level 5 and 6 are true experts in the skill.



You can only have a max of 8 defects. I trust you not to take enough to make your character useless or uninterested in the scenario.



Weapon has a number of potentially broken combinations. If you have a cool concept, please let me know about it before hand. I want to be lax but this is one category I need to know more about.


Special attributes

There are special attributes you will gain access to later. These must have an attribute restriction attached, limiting their usage in order to stay in genre. Most common will be the deplete option.


Shock Value

My game will include shock value as a rule. Basically during the game if you take damage beyond your shock value you have to make either an average or challenging roll. If you fail, you are stunned and lose a turn. If on a ledge you may fall off. If you fail the check by a greater margin than half your soul stat you fall unconscious for a number of rounds equal to 8 – Body (minimum of 1 round)

If you fail your shock check and its an non stun based attack, you will begin bleeding. You lose 1 health point per turn. Out of combat you lose 1 per minute. A roll of medical: emergency response will slow the bleeding to 1 health point per 10 minutes. If you are somehow healed by an attribute you stop losing health. Health loss by this method can only be healed this way or if treated at a hospital.


An event will change you, making you into something a little…more.

The following attributes may now be selected in addition to the ones above

Additional Attributes

· Armor

· Block power

· Damage conversion

· Enhanced stat

· Environmental influence

· Features

· Illusion

· Jumping  * gm discuss (want to cut down on flying)

· Plant control * limit 1 character

· Pocket dimension

· Power flux

· Projection

· Resistance

· Shield

· Sixth sense

· Special defense *gm discuss

· Special movement

· Super speed

· Super strength

· Telekinesis * gm discuss (want to cut down on flying)

· Weapon *gm discuss

Inheritance of Mana: Of Great Beasts

Of great beasts- an except from Jun Tabak, X-kai guild member and great beast enthusiast

What are great beasts and where did they come from? I have thought about this at great lengths. It is part of the reason I joined the guild as their primary purpose is to defend others from them. During my tenure with X-kai, I have had the opportunity to share my notes with other guilds. The information below is a result of my findings.

Some areas of the world are overly saturated with mana and creatures that lived in that area for many centuries became affected. Great beasts are the resulting mutations to the fauna of such regions. The scholarly community have deemed them a naturally occurring phenomenon. Because of these creatures manavolving, they often can become a problem for other beings that share the same space as them.

Giga fauna

Most of the creatures fall into a category called giga fauna and in general, a great beast refers to creatures of this type. The creatures in this category can grow up to 20 feet tall depending on the species. Generally they are one with the type of mana they manavolved from and exhibit traits from the element of their habitat. Many times they are quite smart, learning from past mistakes and often finding new ways to be pesky. It is up to guilds such as x-kai to hunt these beasts if they become too much of a problem. A beast hunted this way is respected by the laws set in place by the oracle guild and each part of the beast is used for something, never wasted.

Omega fauna- aka Omega beasts

During the age of mythologies, a fey lord called Arloneon had decided to experiment with many of the great beasts. He infused mana into them using a very complex ritual, causing already powerful great beasts to become a force of nature onto themselves. Arloneon had meant to raise an army of these beasts to face the forces of Govillias, however our he underestimated the cunning of our enemy. Govillias easily scrambled the minds of these beasts and they all ran amuck, destroying the great Elvan city of Rubymoon. Arloneon himself, shamed by this event went into exile never to return. As for these beasts, they spread to the far corners of Beryl, causing problems for the peoples of the world.

We define omega fauna as beasts that are greater than 20 feet tall. Omega fauna often have human level intellect and due to the events of the past have been corrupted. They have since broken free of corruption however they hold a deep seated hatred for humanoid creatures due to their creation and often strike large areas without warning. Often times, even my guild is not enough and must partner with other guilds such as the knight guild in order to put one down. Unfortunately because they are tied intrinsically to mana, they can open rifts to the brilliant world in order to feed their powers, making them quite frankly insanely difficult to face. If you ever need help fighting one, it helps to get it away from any elements that share an affinity with it. Good luck.

Inheritance of Mana: Excerpts on the metaphysical world

The metaphysical world

An excerpt by Head researcher Vodka.

There exists three “stacks” of reality  and each stack makes up the metaphysical world. The stacks themselves are vast in size and scope. They are finite but they are so vast that a mortal could not see the full reach of them. The stacks are aligned like books, with one book larger than the next which is larger than the last. The rear realty stack is called the deep void, the deep or simply “nowhere”. The deep is a lightless, soundless void that even I do not know the purpose or full depth of.  The middle stack is known as the brilliant world or “elsewhere”. The brilliant world is an existence that comprises of various bands of energy of all frequencies. Most importantly, mana energy that has been expended falls back into this world where it is funneled back into our world. It is also this place where the bleed exists. I will touch on that in a bit.

The plane of existence  we dwell on is referred to as either; the world of balance, the light world or “somewhere”.  The light world is the last and smallest stack. It is thought that the blot that the great creator fought and that we still fight to this day came from the endless void of one, but that is conjecture.

What I want to discuss more in depth was reincarnation, the bleed and the phenomenon known as inheritance. After the creator went to his slumber, Auraluin and Govillias finished the creation of the metaphysical concept called the bleed. The bleed is a place where souls that pass on from their physical body gather.  Within the bleed, lies the soul flow. The bleed helps to protect those souls from being disturbed by the sheer massive forces of the other cosmic energies in the brilliant world.  The bleed exists so that souls are not destroyed on their way to the soul flow. The soul flow is a mystic concept where souls are funneled and prepared to rejoin those within the light world.  It is like a massive waiting room where the soul is processed, forgetting everything about its previous existence. Particularly evil souls are exhumed out of the bleed and into the brilliant world where they are slowly destroyed over the course of a millennia. The processing is handled by the master of the adjudicators, known simply as Ormanon. Ormanon’s duty is to sift through the memory of the soul in search for any useful data in fighting the blot. If nothing is found it will send the soul on. If data is found, it will have a lesser adjudicator notate that information where it is sent back to the city of light’s archives.

One more fact about the bleed and the soul flow. There exists something called the soul thread network. The network consists of a bunch of soul threads. The soul thread is a link from this world to the soul flow.  The soul thread network exists deep within the soul flow and when a person dies, their soul is brought to the bleed first through the link then eventually to the soul flow. That moment when a creature expires, their thread in the light world breaks and their soul traverses their path through the brilliant world and directly into the bleed. And conversely, when a soul has been prepared by Ormanons matrixes, a new thread is linked and the soul traverses from the bleed, through the brilliant world,  to the light world.

For years, this has gone on, undisturbed by the passage of time. Due to the events of the eclipse age, the very soul flow was disturbed. The soul thread network was said to have warped and the soul flow itself was subject to a massive influx of souls. This event caused wayward souls to mix into the soul network rather than naturally funneled into the soul flow’s matrixes.  As a result,  new souls being brought into the world exhibit traits from old souls. Scholars debate to this day what this means as one would think the original soul would just retain their full personalities and just inhabit a new body. The person whom gains inheritance seems to know of whom they inherited from but is said to be a completely different person.

Inheritance of Mana- History pt. 3

Note: this version is also rough and serves to get my ideas out. It will also be further updated.

The long library of lore. Deepheaven.
The students from before have returned for the next part of their history lesson. There is a slight buzz of interest in the air as they are excited to hear about the forces at work during the age of which they live in. The large set of double doors on the eastern side of the room opens as professor Vodka, head researcher at the Pokus Magic Guild enters the room.
“Hello class! Today, I have another story to tell you about. I want to tell you about the current events.” He waits for a moment, glancing at brown haired student before going on with his lecture. “I wont necessarily be talking about kingdoms and such as that is more professor Gin’s area. I will mainly concentrate on what the forces of light, darkness and madness have been doing in the past few hundred years and anything recently of note.”
“With Govillias, Auraluin and the darkness each suffering from either wounds sustained from battle or an extreme loss of energy, they each disappeared from sight for a time. Their forces each were affected differently by their respective master’s disappearance.”
“After Govillias’s disappearance during the final battles of the last age, we have seen his forces further splinter. Their dark lord missing, they now follow their own whims, either sticking with their kingdoms or breaking into small tribes. Many even converted to either rivals side, depending on which master they seek. If they can get past the corruption they can potentially ally with Auraluin.”
A student seated next to the fireplace raises his hand. “Professor?” “Yes?” The student speaks, ” How can we tell the difference between a friendly or foe from Govillias’s forces?” Vodka says “There are no visible clues that you can use to tell the difference of allegiance in many cases. Some though are so twisted by corruption that their very being is tainted. You can perceive this on a supernatural level and it usually manifests in an extreme fight or flight response. In those cases, you just have to trust your gut instincts.”
“I do have a little more on the forces of madness.” Vodka pauses to think. ” Right, I remember now. If those that wish to break free are particularly unfortunate, they may become thralls of the darkness. Some particularly nasty dark seers have converted willingly. Trading their body mass for raw corrupted elemental energy. These cancer clerics retain their free will but are twisted enough that their ambition is always dark in nature. Caspar Giddeon, once a member of the mystics guild converted to the dark path. Being a particularly round man and having more body mass than the rest of us, his trade gave him more energy to gain. He now wages war with the forces of light with his dark acolytes and clerics under the name of the fallen star guild.”
“I believe I have spent enough time on the forces of madness for now.” Vodka explain. I will now touch on the forces of darkness. “The teeming darkness now hovers above our planet, ever watchful. It appears much like another moon, but of a sinister sort. Its dark tendrils writhing whenever it is seen in the sky.”
One student raises his hand.
“Yes child?”
The student speaks. “Is it true that children and especially those with the gift of the mind are especially affected by the heart of darkness?”
“You are correct.” Vodka answers “There are times in which parents are encouraged to take their children to the underground shelters in order to ensure that the darkness does not cloud their minds. We have seen it possible on occasion that those with the gift of the mind are given scrambled visions and some of those can even be influenced by the darkness.”
“Often, during these nights, a tendril will fly down from the mass and stick into the ground in a location that already has pieces of the darkness on it. It then spawns more creatures that have their own dark agendas. Many times in the past few years, these creatures tend to have greater and greater power than the ones that appeared before. These last 10 years have seen a new form of creature that we called the agent of darkness. It has the ability to convert living beings into lesser forms of the darkness. It is a very horrifically tragic transformation that cuts their soul from the very soul flow itself!”
The dark haired student with piercings known as Seraph raises her hand.
“Hey Professor?” Vodka pauses “Yes ,child?”
” If these things are able to cut souls off from the soul flow, will that have an effect on the city of light?”
Vodka, having not quite heard this question before, pauses then thinks for a moment.
“The city of Light is the greatest spiritual weapon that Auraluin and Govillias built. As you know, it uses condensed spirit energy from the souls of those pulled from the soul flow. In theory, the weapon should have used only Auraluin’s energy but due to the last great conflict, The fey lords needed to aid Auraluin as her energy levels were quite low at the time.”
“So, in a way, we are like reserve ammo for the city of Light?” Asks Seraph.
“Well…” says a brown haired girl in the front row known as Harmona. “I know it can also take your spirit directly from the spirit threads and pull them into the weapon. From the accounts I have read, when the fey lords met with Auraluin, they were able to do this painlessly and those souls did return to the soul flow. The one thing I don’t quite understand is did they other fey give them permission or did they just die suddenly without any warning at all?”
Vodka says: ” To answer your original question, Seraph. If the darkness would consume enough of the peoples of this planet and the Goddess was not restored, the city of light would not be powerful enough to harm the darkness.”
Vodka then looks a bit grave. “To answer your question Harmona, I would wager that none save Auraluin and the fey lords knew and their lives ended suddenly.” On that note, the class appeared quite solemn.
Vodka clears his throat. “Well, where was I?”
“Wait professor!” A male student with dark hair stands up and places his hands on his desk, knocking over his cup of tea. “Professor, does that mean that someday something like that could happen to us? Like, if the darkness came back, could our spirit threads all be used up in an attack and we all…die?”
“Well, Kashi” Vodka answers “I suppose something like that could happen. We would all be sent back to the soul flow to be reborn later as a different person. It may be hard to think about but consider the alternative. If your soul were to be consumed by the darkness, your soul would be forever lost.”
Vodka Stops, ” Oh and Kashi?”
“Yes, professor?”
“Be sure to clean up your mess.” The rest of the class snickers as Vodka continues the rest of his lecture.
“I believe I will finish with the forces of light. Following a period of mourning, those aligned with Auraluin continued to create new wondrous creations with the help of the remaining spirits, elementals and others. For the next few hundred years, the peoples of the world created new towns and, cities and countries. Empires were created, many of which would create new and consumer friendly magic devices. Out of this, a guild was created that made magical devices that kept the streets light up at night, items that keep homes warm in the winter and many other goods. That guild would eventually become the Pokus magic guild. Soon, other guilds formed, ones for knights, ones for trades and ones for adventuring.”
“As far as the great elementals and their whereabouts are concerned. These days, they are out roaming the world. Flareos is out, fighting great beasts and training fighters for the next coming battles. Undine had been in talks with the human empire in the south. She is attempting to persuade them to return to their traditions as their new leadership has shunned the old ways. She was also charged with finding a way to speak with Auraluin, however she has not been successful in awhile. Titan has been seen working with the dwarves and remaining dragons in battling the teeming darkness. Sypha’s goal as far as we know, is to find the answer to the question of whether Govillias is still alive.”
“I believe our time is up for today. I would like to thank you for your patience. We will have you continue to meet up here in this room in the library for the next class. There we will talk about the recent phenomenon known as inheritance.”

BESM Campaign: Inheritance of mana- playable race: Lamina

New Race: Lamina- total point cost 47

Laminas were created by the dragons during the age of mythology. Laminas are a race of female serpent people. The upper body of a Lamina is that of a human woman. Their lower half is similar to that of a snake. Their skin tones range from brown to a pale skin. Their eye color can be any color as with their hair. Some Laminas may have snake like iris and may have further enhanced sense of sight. Some Lamina have scales on parts of their skin and a Lamina will shed her skin every once and awhile. They have an enhanced sense of smell and taste. Their tongues are strange in that they can stretch out to over half a meter in length. Laminas posses extraordinarily large amounts of physical strength, and their tails have large crushing power as well. Laminas tend to be susceptible to cold environments and weather and tend to avoid areas that have colder climates.
As far as personality goes, Laminas tend to be very passionate. They tend to fall in love quickly and when they fall in love, they fall hard. As such, Lamina are fiercely loyal and will go through great lengths to protect their loved ones. Lamina are physically compatible with humans despite their lower halves. If such a union were to occur, males are born humans while females are born Lamina.
Game stats
Size: Medium
Stats -20 pts total
+ 2 Body. 20 pts
Attributes -45 pts total
+1 features- long tounge. (Appearance features of 0 cost include: scales on body and appearance. Lamina’s tend to quite pretty.) 1pt
+2 heightened senses- smell, taste. 4pts
+3 Special Defense- poison (2), disease. 6pts
+5 Speial movement-Slithering, wallcrawling, balance. 10pts
+3 Super strength. 24 pts
Defects -18 pts total
-3 Bane- Cold. Lamina’s are very susceptible to cold. Attacks that are ice in nature deal extra damage to Lamina characters.
-6 Physical impairment- Laminas have the lower body of a snake. This can cause some problems with transportation.
-3 Unappealing- Laminas are very pretty, however many find the lower body of a snake very unappealing. Laminas snake half also will shed periodically.
-6 Vulnerability- Laminia- Their bodies tend to shut down if they experience cold for too long.