Inheritance of Mana – Campaign world history

In the world of the Inheritance of mana, history is defined in three broad epochs. Antiquity or mythologies- which takes place millennia ago until the last 1000 years. The eclipse age which the largest battles between the three forces took place and finally there is the current era.

During the age of antiquity the world was created and crafted by the great creator deity. He equally divided up most of his strength between two lesser gods – the sword god Govellias and the shield goddess Auraluin. He did this because he needed to create powerful guardians to prevent his newly formed world from being devoured by another entity called the great blot or the teeming darkness.
Soon after the creation of the lesser gods, the creator disappeared deep under the earth to rest for millennia. It was said that this was not the first sphere he created…but it was the last.

Thus the world was left to Govellias and Auraluin and they did not waste much time alone… The lesser gods created various things together. They crafted spirits, the fey lords, dragons and even crafted a reincarnation cycle that funnels the souls of the expired mortals through the brilliant world, a metaphysical plane of existence, with the end goal of using learned knowledge from these souls in order to better combat the great blot.

While an amazing feat itself, the two gods also created four elementals that had untold amounts of power. The great kai elementals were crafted using the soul arts of Auraluin however it was created using a special technique used only on these four. Govellias and Auraluin crafted souls that are inherently part of the second metaphysical plane of existence the brilliant world- thus causing mighty elementals that can draw almost limitless powers from the brilliant world. Because of this, they almost rival the power of the two lesser gods themselves…

At one point during the age of antiquity, the great blot attempted to devour the planet itself as a whole. Govellias decided to sacrifice himself, leaving a good portion of his strength with Auraluin as a contingency if in the unlikely event that somehow his body be used as a vessel by the darkness. He launched himself up at the great blot, tearing a large chunk of it off – which landed in the vast ocean. This event was greatly sad, however it also lead to peace. This attack caused the darkness to halt for a very long time, giving the elementals and dragons time to experiment with the piece that fell to the ocean.

They found that it, while immune to the effects of time, the great blot was a creature composed of pure chaos. In addition, they found that its body has in imperfection in its healing element and thus it recovers any lost strength at an exponentially slow rate. This was not the only positives to come from this however. This long peace allowed the other lesser races to live in peace for a time as well as gave rise to a new type of technology called magica technology, which would become crucial in the development of a great spiritual weapon.

After 1000 years, the fey lords were able to develop a grand weapon that could be used to sear off parts of the great blot. Auraluin aided in its construction along with the dragons of old. Their hope would be to never lose another god to the great devourer. This weapon is large, so large that an entire city was created around it. Due to this, both the weapon itself as well as the city around it are both referred to as the called the City of Light. The city weapon is powered by focused elemental energy. However it also has the ability to drain the souls of participants to be used as a fuel source. This secondary usage is very dangerous and can lead to instant death for those participants. Because of its nature though, attacks using the soul are significantly more powerful than attacks that use elemental energy.

After another few hundred years of peace, the world would be introduced to another grand threat. Govellias had returned, however it appears that he had become corrupted. It was revealed that he had survived, living within the great blot itself. He was able to draw power from the being itself allowing him to corrupt other beings to his will. He was no ally of the great blot however. He now wished to destroy both Auraluin and the great blot and rule over the small world alone… and thus a three way war began.

Govellias begun working to undermine the greatest weapon the heroes of light had created. He knew that since Auraluin still had a great deal of his original power, he would lose a head on confrontation. He used his new powers to avoid detection and set to work in altering the weapon. At this time, the great blot returned, a most unfortunate timing for him. He was not yet finished altering the weapon but his tinkering worked enough. When the weapon was fired, it dealt a great wound to the darkness however it also wounded him, forcing him to retreat from the land for a time. Scholars argue that the end of antiquity should be from the time Govellias returned however it is now commonly declared that end of the age occurred when the city of light misfired.

The eclipse age is an age where the three forces battled constantly and where each of the leaders of the three forces would wound each other so deeply that they would disappear. Govillias retreated after making the weapon misfire and hatched a plan to gain greater powers. He discovered he was able to absorb energies from the dark blot and remembered that his prior attack on it splintered a great deal of flesh from the being. Govellias travelled to the floating chunk, corrupting its many defenders there. He also used his many troops to scour the land and gather all pieces of the dark blot that fell during the last attack. He would mask this second scheme by having many forces attack at various places, making the forces of light unable to discern his scheme for quite some time. Govillias was able to gain a massive amount of dark power from this.

Govillias’s next move was to summon the blot itself and attempt to absorb strength directly from the otherworldly being. He summoned it, and flew into the core of the beast- the very heart of darkness. It was here he discovered the folly of his plan as it seems he was not the only thing to learn something of their prior union. The darkness itself allowed itself to be called so that it could attempt to reintegrate with Govillias. It converged on him and destroyed Govillias’s body.

During this time, a rather large battle was occurring between Govillias’s forces and the blot. The fighting between Govillias’s forces and the darkness eventually spilled into the quiet lands and destroyed many a city. Angered by this, the war was now joined by the forces of light. A three part war between light, darkness and madness began. Beings of shadow descended upon the cities of the world. Great beasts imbued with chaos ravaged the land. Elemental spirits burned away the darkness and monsters. Each battle was a desperate one as when one side became victorious, another side would attack it. After a year, the darkness launched an attack that shattered mountains, boiled rivers and chilled the air. The attack leveled everything in a 100 mile radius.

The darkness focused vast amounts of power onto heavily populated centers. It did this as it appeared to have learned what made the city of light so powerful. It is a weapon that uses the focused spiritual energy of living beings in order to cause it harm. Realizing this, Auraluin and the fey lords decided to make a desperate attack using the now repaired city of light. The fey lords made the decision to sacrifice most of their kin in order to use their life force to destroy the dark blot once and for all. The weapon fired and hit the heart of darkness directly causing a gigantic, continual explosion that mixed light and darkness.

The darkness lost most of its mass as pieces rained from the sky. The forces of darkness retreated and soon the forces of light quelled Govillias’s monstrous forces.The victory was a pyrrhic one however as many of the people of light were unaware their very lives were used. People would watch as one by one, many people suddenly died where they sat or stood. The goddess Auraluin herself also disappeared, with many elementals saying even during the current age that they could barely feel her presence. A new age was declared with the ending of the great war with the booming eclipse.

During the current age, the leaders of the three forces may be gone but the fighting has continued. Govillias’s forces splintered further and further, fighting themselves and anyone else. Many now follow their own whims, either sticking with their kingdoms or breaking into small tribes. Some even converted to either rivals side, depending on which master they seek. If they can get past the corruption they can potentially ally with the forces of light.

The dark blot now appears as an large moon that orbits the world. It’s large round mass misses a center and can be seen during the daylight as well as in the evening. Even in its weakened state, it still launches attacks at the world, extending a massive tendril onto the surface where its dark children spawn and either infect or attack others. Those that infect others are called dark agents and convert peoples by cuts their very soul from the very soul flow itself and converting their souls into a new form of infectious energy.

Luckily for the forces of light, a sizeable piece of darkness is necessary for the tendrils to extend. The event of when this occurs is referred to as a dark beckoning. The occurrences of this event have lessened since people learned to destroy the darkness pieces however many pieces have dotted the land since the city of light’s last attack, making the task of locating them difficult. Making matters even worse are pieces of darkness that landed in the ocean, giving rise to many aquatic forms of darkness that lie in wait.

It is this age where the stories of the game will be told. Modern life is very different one than the one told in history books. It is a time where people can afford to build their own legacy and seek their own desire. There is still vast threats in the world…but there is also the sense of optimism as well.


OVA character Idea – Kazuma of the Absolute Victory


My wife wanted to try to run a game of Open Versatile Anime– OVA anime rpg by wise turtle publishing. She decided to create a setting where special students are scouted and formed into special teams in order to work with the government.  The setting allows for characters to have special abilities- often supernatural in nature. I decoded to go with super science style character with a bit of an edge to him.


Meet – Honda Kazuma heir to the Honda Conglomerate.


Kazuma Honda is a new cadet to the academy. The academy is always looking for fresh recruits and due to his family’s reputation his inclusion was all but assured. As mentioned, Kazuma is heir to the Honda Conglomerate, a mega corporation that leads in several fields- robotics, engineering, bioengineering, medicine as well as aeronautics. His father Gunpei trained him from a young age to follow their strict and grueling family motto of ‘Absolute Victory’ – victory at any cost. Due to this, he has had a rough upbringing and has a tendency to take many situations seriously and – due to having to achieve absolute victory- many times this means he has to over do his efforts.

Kazuma himself is a genius when it comes to machines of all kinds, including weapons. His true passion is the creative process – creating something tangible from ideas. One of the greatest things he created however is a way to reach into a pocket dimension and store things. Because of the science behind it, it’s not feasible for many to get ahold of this technology so – on top of his father’s top lawyer’s extensive patents this isn’t something the layman is aware of.


Kazuma is tall, slender with a brown eyes and brown hair. He excludes a ‘coolness’ yet somewhat cold and dejected demeanor. In conversation he is ‘nice’ enough, but his family’s upbringing does not allow him to get too close as – anyone could prove to be a rival at any time- unless they prove they are worthy.


Abilities – still a work in progress but with only so many points I made some concessions.

  • Attack – basic training 1
  • Inventor – 4
  • Knowledge – academics 1
  • Knowledge – Athletics 1
  • Knowledge – devices 2
  • Smart 3
  • Walking Arsenal: Mecha
  • Wealth 3



  • Arrogant 2
  • Code of conduct 3 – absolute victory
  • Fussy – 1 – order cleanliness
  • Infamous 2 – stories of the family’s motto get around and who can say if its been exaggerated or not (often not)
  • Over confident 2 – years of training and success tend to make someone pretty self assured
  • Stubborn 1


Inventor allows 2 modern marvels

Marvel 1- AR – Spectralizer Glove – 4

*targetign computer – combat expert 1

*Null space – dimensional pocket 3

>Perk – Accurate x2

>Flaw – Activation -10


Blade cycle/Blade AR Alpha Vehicle – LV 4 this device can transform from a bike to a wearable combat armored suit. Attacks include a laser sword in combat armor mode, micro missile launcher in vehicle mode. Targeting computers and jet thrusters to aid in combat and maneuverability respectively. if things get truly dire, there is even a life support mode. All this in the form factor of a briefcase Kazuma keeps near him.

Division Street – Power Templates

In Division street, characters will be transformed into a stronger beings that have access to kind of alien magic. In order to make sure characters confirm to the same standards when creating powers, a Power template is necessary.

Cosmic Knight magic – A new source of energy was born from an alien’s influence on the population growing on the planet Earth. The humans natural Ki energy combined with the power of the galaxy to create a new source of energy called Star energy. Not everyone has the capability to produce star energy. Player characters are most likely to be Cosmic Knights or scouts, so they produce this energy.

  • Deplete – Warriors using any kind of cosmic magic requires the expenditure of a user’s star energy.
  • Emotional – Star energy is malleable by the emotional state of the user. In game terms, you must have emotional stimulus to use the ability, like someone being in danger or your health is less than 1/5 its full value.
  • Unique: Must Shout Attack Name and Gesture – Cosmic Knight spells have verbal and somatic components and many of the more powerful spells require the use of them to be successful.


Inheritance of Mana: Current Era Life

In the game world, the peoples of the world have lived with the express purpose of need. Since the world began, the various races and species were born with the very real fear of annihilation by a visible force of chaos floating above them. Because of this, one would think that, in general, life would be primarily a militaristic society.  However, it became clear rather quickly that peoples are not all born warriors. Because of this, a society of guild life was created in order to supplement those that can fight.


There are various types of guilds however they normally fall into 4 types. Goods and services, transport, medical and combat. Guilds that focus on producing goods or providing services either focus on the creation of items such as basket weaving guilds or providing a social service such as the Gavelworn guild that reinforces societal laws. Transport guilds focus on just that- transporting peoples or goods from one place to another as quickly as possible. Medical guilds focus on everything that keeps peoples up and fighting or  keeping the peoples in good health. Examples being of guild members would be anything from dentists, chiropractors to doctors and nurses. Finally there is the combat guilds, which train people to fight threats as they come.


This system persisted years, from antiquity into the current era, however things changed dramatically over the last few hundred years.  Peoples generally still found ways to be self serving however it was much more difficult to do during times where everyone had to work their hardest and one missing good,  doctor, cargo caravan or regiment could mean the difference between life and death for a city.


During antiquity there was a long peace, during that time many had begun to lax in training, or duties. The peace lasted for so long that many had begun to question whether the combat guilds still held relevance . At one point many were disbanded and joined other guilds, especially since with the advent of magica technology, many sought to go into these kind of labor in order to avoid boredom. Eventually the conflict returned and many people lost their lives due to the reduced number of people offering protection.


Because of this, the peoples kept up on training and the combat guilds have not laxed as much since. However when the eclipse age ended, one species decided to introduce something that was a game changer – many would argue for the worse. Coin based commerce.


Before this era, most people were provided for by the entire community out of a communal need. The Dwarves introduced a monetary system in their lands, which caught on with merchant guilds. Suddenly many of the higher ups in the guilds that controlled goods decided they wanted to monetize things and so they began charging for trade goods and eventually money. Other guilds soon followed because they needed coins to pay for goods, protection, etc.


Such a move would have been seen as horrible by the shield goddess for she was against individual accomplishments as she felt it all distracted from the sense that the peoples are united in goal and purpose. In just 300 years, a system that was created to the benefit of all was reduced to a more self serving system. This is particularly important to understand about this setting. For the first time in life, many species were without one of the lessor gods and because of this – especially during the first few years when this fact set in – many are living life for themselves. From this environment rose the adventurer guilds – a fifth kind of guild that the PC’s are members of. This does not mean the PC’s are selfish, but the type of guild arose due to the fundamental change in how day to day life operated.

Inheritance of Mana: People and Guilds and Terms at a glance

Collected below are a collection of important NPC’s active guilds and general terms. I figured I would provide these as a glossary in order to have these in an easy to reference place.


Important Persons and NPCs

The great creator– his name was never learned by Auraluin and thus never passed down. Many simply call him either the all father or the creator.
Auraluin– the great shields goddess, force of light and purity.
Govillias– the lord swords. One of light, has since grew mad.
The great blot– the teeming darkness. The devil’s ink. The devourer. Regardless of its many names, it is the creature in the sky that threatens to consume reality.
Terra – she is the Kai or great elemental of the earth. She is kind, intelligent and patient but dejected. Earning her trust is hard but regaining it is near impossible.
Flareos – he is the Kai or great elemental of fire. He is lazy and fun to be around however when angered, he has a deep temper. He cares a lot about others.
Sypha – she is the Kai or great elemental of wind. She is fun loving and loves to travel and lend aid to others.
Undine – she is the Kai or great elemental of water. She is very selfish and fickle. She can be quite mean to others.
Professor Perilous Vodka – Head researcher of the Pokus guild of magic in Deephaven
Professor May Bourbon– Professor, guild of the Pokus guild of magic in Deephaven
Riveriaeliel– One of two elf lords remaining.
Caspar Jemenai – master of the fallen star guild
Rowan Arkhus- Pokus guild founder (back in eclipse age. Deceased)
Gema– Knights guild champion/grand knight.
Tom Joad– open air explorer’s guild leader. Also guild magistrate.
Nikki Vegas– open air guild member.

Jun Tabak – member of the monster hunting guild X-kai



Bladestar – Secret group of black hearted wizards that have been known to  manipulate the spirit threads of people, tricking them into doing things against their will. Allied with the forces of madness.
Blightenfell – A dark guild devoted to the resurrection of Govillias. Allied with fallen star guild, it is said that among its top ranks, the dread cancer clerics perform disturbing magic in secret. They often fight with Bladestar.
Fallen Star guild– devoted to ruling the lands of Gust glade hallows from the shadows. Allied with the Blightenfell guild.
Gavelworn– justice guild, used for the adjudication of laws
Knights guild– guild that is called upon to face the forces of madness and darkness
Mystics – The mystic’s guild are a special cabal of mana users that commune with the adjudicators. The dark guild known as the bladestar guild was formed by a Reetah – former member of this guild.
Mythmail – prestigious smiting guild
Pokus– The illustrious guild of magic researchers. One of the most famous guilds in Beryl dedicated to the teachings of magic as well as the study of the mystic arts.
Tempest – Mercenary guild. It has a code of honor but many members are known to have alcohol problems.
Tradewind Academy – a scholarly guild from the Gosshen region. Rivaled only with Pokus in prestige among magic and research academies.
Towers– An order of mana monks that use special ki healing techniques to heal those afflicted with curses and disorders.
X-kai– This is a guild of hunters that specialize in fighting great beasts.



Adjudicators– spectral beings that reside within the soul flow that have the special job of scanning a soul’s for knowledge specific to the dark blot.

Attunement – Attunement refers to an entity’s natural predisposition to one of the five types of mana. Beings can have varying amounts of mana compatibility. Those with low amounts are usually in labor jobs – see mana laborer. Those with higher amounts often are involved in the community in other ways.

Age of antiquity– any event that took place anywhere between untold millennia ago until the eclipse age (1000 years before current era)

Age of Eclipse  – the period of time 1000 years before the current era.

The age of the quiet – also called the age of great sadness by many spirits, this is the current era where the forces of madness, light and chaos still fight each other yet without leaders.

The bleed– The bleed is a place within the brilliant world where souls that pass on from their physical body gather to reincarnate through the soul flow.

The Brilliant world– a plane of energy. See “Elsewhere”.

The city of light– the city of light is a large structure that exists within the Emerald Region. It was crafted using various amounts of magically charged sheets (see Magicka technology). Its purpose was to create a spiritual weapon powerful enough to harm the great blot. It has other features, such as being able to fire energy produced from a newly expired soul in desperate times.

Dark beckoning– process in which a large piece on the planet’s surface calls to the dark blot. The dark blot will then extend a tendril from its body and connect with the piece, crafting agents of darkness.

Dragon – a being that is attuned with an immense amount of mana. They typically have the appearance of great reptilian beasts however they can come in different shapes. In the current era, it is rare to see what we in real life consider a dragon and as such it is more used to describe someone very very powerful in the ways of mana. If one does see what someone in real life would call a dragon, its typically referred to using reduplication i.e. ‘Dude I just saw a Dragon, Dragon! I am serious!’

Elsewhere – one of the three pillars or ‘stacks’ of reality. It is also referred to as the brilliant world. It is an existence that comprises of various bands of energy of all frequencies. Most importantly, mana energy is created and restored here. It is also home of the bleed and the soul flow.

Giga fauna – animals that were exposed to unnatural amounts of mana. Those that survive undergo a mutation referred to as manavolution and the result is a mutant version that can reach up to 20 ft tall.

Inheritance– it’s a phenomenon where, during a being’s creation, a secondary soul is fused to the primary being’s soul. This can cause the primary being the ability to interact with the lost soul of a being. This can cause unforeseen consequences.

Infinite spell– A spell that takes a part of the being’s soul in order to cast. An infinite spell takes this soul piece and uses it as a catalyst along with either the natural mana in the atmosphere or mana from the brilliant world to cast the spell indefinitely.

Karat – a gram of collected mana flakes.

Lesser Gods – Major elementals, Dragons, Govillias, Auraluin and the Elf lords are typical examples of lesser gods.

Mana – a metaphysical fragment of this world’s reality. There are five types of mana; earth, air, fire, water and arcana. Anything that produces mana belongs to a type (prefaced by said type such as fire mana) and usually produces mana of that type.

Mana flake – if large amounts of the same kind of mana collects in the same area, it condenses into a mana flake. If touched by a living creature, it is absorbed into the preson’s body. Mana flakes can be gathered and harnessed- which forms the basis of magicka technology.

Mana Laborer– a person that is attuned to a small amount of mana. They are able to use mana at a simple rate, allowing them to use magicka techonlogy for labor type jobs.

Magicka Technology – technology created by refining mana flakes into sheets of metal that are attuned to mana. Depending on the type of mana used, different kinds of properties are exhibited by the results. Using this and other scientific methods, many items from fire arms to travel are possible using magicka technolgy. Magicka technology made possible the creation of the city of light.

Manavolve– a phenomenon where beasts that live in an area saturated with mana will- over time- change, gaining the ability to manifest the mana energy either onto itself or its environment.

Mana life cycle– Mana is born in the brilliant world. It filters its way up to the world of light. It permeates the brilliant world and everything in it. Mana spent from a being or used in the light world is passed back into the brilliant world.

Negavoid – it is a pocket dimension used to store anything in suspended animation. Rumor has it, it merely places the object in Nowhere however this has yet to be proven.

Nowhere– one of the three pillars or ‘stacks’ of reality. This is also called the deep void or oblivion. It is a lightless, soundless void of unlimited size and scope.

Omega fauna – giga fauna further enhanced by ancient elvan rituals. These are a calamity however many of them lay dormant or live in remote parts of the light world.

Persona– a being’s persona is their physical body or shell. This term usually applies to beings that are normally elemental or spiritual in nature that are able to manifest a physical body. Stronger beings are able to create multiple persona however they will usually manifest a singular one. Spiritual beings that have their physical body destroyed will usually be forced into the brilliant world however…with proper planning one could excise the being to nowhere- the endless void.

Psyenergy – a special kind of Arcana mana only produced by a rare amount of people attuned to Arcana mana. Only those few and the great blot produce this kind of energy.

Spirit sign– The spirit sign is a metaphysical sigil that represents the true name of a being. The spirit sign is bound by the spirit threads in the bleed during a being’s creation and birth.

Spirit thread– a piece of ethereal matter that connects the spirit or soul of a being to its spirit sign.

Somewhere – one of the three pillars or ‘stacks’ of reality. This is the material world. Many people call it the light world or the world of balance.

Soul flow –  is a mystic concept where souls are funneled and prepared to rejoin those within the light world.  It is like a massive waiting room where the soul is processed, forgetting everything about its previous existence.

Soul thread network -The network consists of a bunch of soul threads. The soul thread is a link from the light world through the bleed within the brilliant world to the soul flow.

Zenny – currency used to pay for goods and services throughout the lands of Beryl

Division Street – Calderon Valley

Calderon valley

Welcome to Calderon valley Japan. The city rests on a mountain range in Honshu Japan. The surrounding area is heavily forested with various kinds of trees. The main city area has a lot of cherry trees that have been planted by man. The city prides itself with the education of its children and because of that, it has a lot of schools. The city has 2 basic schools, 2 junior high schools, and 3 high schools. Other than schools, the city boosts a lot of hang out spots around the city. A new concept that the city has created is the cradle. These are large community centers that house various activities and each has a style their own. There are about 5 cradles in the city, with one at the very top center of the city and four smaller ones, two on the left side and two on the right side.


Common Locations – these locations are the spots where I anticipate a lot of play will occur. This list will grow over time as I gain additional input from the players.


Home Player 1

Home Player 2

Player high school- Madoriyama

Home room – Ms. Hanako

School club room -since one of the players is a member of the student council, the council room serves as their base of operations once things get going.

Azure park – primarily a children’s park, Azure park has a mile walking course as well as benches located in the four quarter mile markers. There are two designated entrances. One facing main street and the other near the school. Located on a flat plane south west of the water cradle.

Domino arcade- arcade has not been as popular lately however the newest fighting game Battle-men 7 has just released which may get the kids coming back.

Hideki shrine- a run down shrine ran by Ryo Hideki. Located between the sky and earth cradles. This is often called the lonely shrine as it is the only one located near the city.


High schools in the area

  • Madoriyama – player character’s school located above the water cradle
  • Ryoma high school – school with a reputation for delinquent students. Located near the earth cradle.
  • Tezuka high – very athletic school. Reputation for raising the best track and baseball students. Located on the other side of the sky cradle.


Middle schools

  • Natsume middle school – school where a Player’s sister currently studies at. Located near the plant cradle.
  • Sakamoto middle school


Basic schools

  • Tomoeda elementary
  • Shohoku elementary



Cradles – Cradles are places that hang out of a mountain by a series of support beams. In a cradle, there are guide rails that lead from the street to a cradle. Cradles are surrounded by a chain link fence that keeps youth from falling off the outer edges. Within the chain-link fence is a cafe-like area with many tables and chairs for people to sit. Depending on the cradle, other features are determined. The upper levels are generally populated by the closest businesses employers. It is said that delinquents often battle for ‘control’ over a cradle.


Sun – top most cradle built in the highest point of the mountain range. The sun cradle often houses very high ranking corporate events.


Sky – sky and water share the same height but are below the sun cradle.  The sky cradle is situated near many corporate offices. The buildings rise rather tall in the sky. Many of them have rather reflective windows. There is also a reflective pond in the center  and when the weather is just right- you can see the sky in both the pond and the buildings.  Sky is the cradle on the left in regards of orientation vs the water cradle.


Water – sky and water share the same height but are below the sun cradle. The water cradle often has performers play music here as well as people displaying art. In fact, the city’s art museum is located at the base of the cradle. Water is the cradle on the right in regards of orientation vs the sky cradle.


Plant -Plant and Earth extend to from the base of the mountain ocean or the beach depending. Plant is full of life. There is a community garden here so lots of people rent space here. In addition, its base is closest to the public pier so people also fish off the pier. Plant is the cradle on the right in regards of orientation vs the Earth cradle.


Earth – Plant and Earth extend to from the base of the mountain to the beach.  Closest to the Ryoma high so it is ‘under their control’. Despite delinquent activity, Earth is one of the first cradle’s tourists often see and so it is full of touristy attractions. Earth is the cradle on the left in regards of orientation vs the Plant cradle.

Division Street – Character Creation

Characters for this rpg are created using big eyes small mouth 3rd edition.

They are created using the following rules:

Characters are created using 200 points, meaning the heroic tier. Characters in this tier level are normal humans or near humans. They may get some special abilities but rarely exceed the power of a typical action movie hero.

Max attribute level is 4

Min max combat values 4/8

Min max health 40/100

Min max damage multiplier 3/6

Min Body Mind Soul – 3 (can be 2 with a defect).


· Body- physical aspects of your character such as overall health, strength, endurance, quickness.

· Mind- mental abilities such as intellect, wit, quick learning. Does not correlate with breadth of training and depth of experience.

· Soul- luck, willpower, determination, spirit. High value represents the many anime heroes whose main trait is their strength of character such as Yugi Muuto.

Initial character creation Attributes.

· Attack combat mastery

· Aura of inspiration

· Combat technique

· Defense combat mastery

· Divine relationship

· Energy bonus

· Heightened awareness

· Heightened senses

· Item

· Massive damage

· Melee attack

· Melee defense

· Organizational ties

· Ranged attack

· Ranged defense

· Skills

· Tough

· Wealth


Skills – skills have a natural cap of 6 however a Genius at a skill would have beyond.

· Level 1 and 2 indicate significant training or practice.

· Level 3 and 4 indicate considerable experience with the particular skill.

· Level 5 and 6 are true experts in the skill.



You can only have a max of 8 defects. I trust you not to take enough to make your character useless or uninterested in the scenario.



Weapon has a number of potentially broken combinations. If you have a cool concept, please let me know about it before hand. I want to be lax but this is one category I need to know more about.


Special attributes

There are special attributes you will gain access to later. These must have an attribute restriction attached, limiting their usage in order to stay in genre. Most common will be the deplete option.


Shock Value

My game will include shock value as a rule. Basically during the game if you take damage beyond your shock value you have to make either an average or challenging roll. If you fail, you are stunned and lose a turn. If on a ledge you may fall off. If you fail the check by a greater margin than half your soul stat you fall unconscious for a number of rounds equal to 8 – Body (minimum of 1 round)

If you fail your shock check and its an non stun based attack, you will begin bleeding. You lose 1 health point per turn. Out of combat you lose 1 per minute. A roll of medical: emergency response will slow the bleeding to 1 health point per 10 minutes. If you are somehow healed by an attribute you stop losing health. Health loss by this method can only be healed this way or if treated at a hospital.


An event will change you, making you into something a little…more.

The following attributes may now be selected in addition to the ones above

Additional Attributes

· Armor

· Block power

· Damage conversion

· Enhanced stat

· Environmental influence

· Features

· Illusion

· Jumping  * gm discuss (want to cut down on flying)

· Plant control * limit 1 character

· Pocket dimension

· Power flux

· Projection

· Resistance

· Shield

· Sixth sense

· Special defense *gm discuss

· Special movement

· Super speed

· Super strength

· Telekinesis * gm discuss (want to cut down on flying)

· Weapon *gm discuss