D&D showcase 4

Teflon Reed- The boy wonder of wizardry


One thing I enjoy about building characters that would be echoed throughout other games and systems is 1 of two things- 1 I want to either challenge myself in a different role or 2 I wish to take something familiar and twist it to make it my own. Reed I think falls into the second camp. D&D 4.0 was the first d&d I was aware of that didn’t penalize you for playing a race non traditionally. In the past, the older games gave you stat bonus and penalties making it tough. Other older editions still completely restricted  some paths completely either by Level caps or by outlawing it.

Reed was my attempt at making a character without such restrictions in D&D. Here I thought of how interesting it would be to have someone as unassuming as a young halfling boy with a tremendous talent for the arcane.  Halflings are always about big things in small packages so this was my version of that.



In D&D 4.0, halflings tended to be taller and leaner than other editions.  Reed is somewhat tall for his age, being only 15 when the campaign started.  Reed has brown eyes and brown hair. He is smart and wise beyond his years- being a boy genius. This actually lead to some home life trouble and because of this, he had a penchant of lying about his age. Reed does not like to be touched and in the past used mage hand to slap people away that touch him.

When the game began, he was a trickster, causing all kinds of mischief. He would often give people he didn’t like a hard time or pull small pranks. In the later game, he tended to still speak his mind, but became more matured through hardships.  Though he still sometimes lies about his age.



Reed was born in the shadowy city of Amn in the Forgotten Realms setting. Here, he was born to many brothers and sisters. His parents owned a shop where they expected the young to work and if they have the talent- enlist in the armed forces. Reed was never able to match the physical talent of his brothers like Lydan. He did however manifest the talent of magic. Something so natural yet so raw and primal. Such a force fascinated him. He practiced all he could away from the prying eyes of his parents. Eventually, he ran away and was taken in by a wizard family. This family enrolled him into the wizarding school they worked in. Here, Reed learned many many things, and excelled so much so that even some High elves needed his tutelage. Eventually he left because he felt he could learn more on the road… well that and his problem with personal space caused him to mage hand slap a girl who touched his forehead. Reed needed to lay low for awhile so he traveled far way, earning his keep with wagoners by lighting the roads or cooking until he reached the city of Loudwater…where our story began.

Reed would go on to face many many threats. Along with his comrades- Lia the Elvan ranger, D.Omega the Water Genazi Paladin and Loyal the Bugbear Ranger, they would face the lady of shadows, sniper gnomes, trials of Moradin the Dwarven God, neurotic gnome inventors, all the way to extra dimensional arms dealing empires. While the threats were always large, the four, whom would become known as the four arms, would always rise to the challenge.



Wizards in D&D are versatile and Reed is no exception to this rule. Outside of combat, Reed would master spells that allowed him to fall great distances, transform his appearance into that of others, protect him and his allies with a magic circle of power…all the way to travel of great distances – if those places are linked via magic circle.


On the field of battle, Reed is more of a team player. By himself, he had few ways to protect himself. Usually relying on short bursts of magic to get away from danger such as a spell that made him fleet of foot. Or later he would use dimension door to transport himself far away from threats. Reed was talented in conjuration – using a few powerful spells such as mordenkainen’s sword or summoning an invisible canine by his side. He would eventually develop a knack of opening dimensional energy, making it possible for him to move his friends and foes around, giving his friends advantageous positioning. He would also combine spells into fearsome combinations, such as summoning a cloud of poison, then making he and his allies near immune to poison, making his foes suffer.

His signature spell however is a spell that causes tiny shards of force to fly forward and embed themselves in his targets. They would also remain in the air, so that if the enemy is still in the area they get a smaller minor sting. This ability even saved his life once, when he was the last of the four arms involved in a fight against an undead dragon. His allies had all fallen, but dealing the beast grave wounds. It was just down to Reed vs this beast… and Reed was just a tick faster. Using the last of his arcane power, he showered the beast with all the power he had left…and the beast fell!




Reed is one of my most favorite characters that I have ever made. I placed a lot of myself into this character in one way or another. Before the games were put on indefinite hiatus, he had traveled to the magical world of Eberron, where the advanced technology made him want to stay in this plane of existence. Even though he was placed here by accident, he found a way to briefly counteract a magical sickness that was accidentally given to him during a previous encounter. Perhaps this new place in all its wonder would prove to be a land of salvation for him. Or would he be forced to go home and work for his parents?


D&D showcase 3

Abiel Audito’re Alahad- Abiel the blasphemer

mini used for abiel
I created Abiel as a concept character. I don’t really have a good relationship with drow due to some of the symbolism associated with them. That said, I wanted to give a Drow a shot because my good friend was going to run a game set in the world of Eberron. This land is a d&d setting where things are not always what they seem and many conventions are turned on their head. Its a good thing he got to remain in Eberron…

Abiel is a young drow man. He is rather tall, with long flowing white hair. He carries himself with a nobel barring and he tends to speak in a direct manner. As a person, Abiel will not go out of his way to talk to you on the streets, however he does have manners and will respond when acknowledged. He is somewhat of a connoisseur in that he loves to try different culinary delights from the places he travels. He has also been taught the love of music by the people that took him in – the Alahad family. He has a habit of taking on personal behaviors of the people he trains with, such as spinning his weapons – a trait he got from a man named Corsair.

Abiel was born to a noble family as Abiel Delanns in the underdark. He has one other surviving sister- Paera Geraduin Delanns that is one of the greatest assassins of their age. Abiel was touched by the force of good in Eberron known as the silver flame itself at birth. He did not know of this until he manifested his ability it a bad time. He was still a child when this gift erupted. His family were treated as blasphemers against Lolth and were immediately dishonored with many sought their deaths. He is only alive thanks to his sister however he was still on death’s door when he escaped. He was found by the Alahad family whom took him in. He was raised as their own for 18 years. He then transferred to the church of the silver flame for 30 more years. It was during this time he learned how to control his gift and was forged into an avenger- a holy assassin that fights single targets hard and strikes with amazing accuracy. It was also during this time that his heart grew cold. He fought against many evils and while he believe he was doing the world good, the fact that he may not be so different than his older sister made him feel almost indifferent of the evils he quelled over time.
Abiel would eventually come to serve under a new pastor – a man named Father Othello Domingos. This was a major turning point in his life as Domingos helped him out of the darkness and also helped shape him into the man he is today. Abiel gained from Domingos a new found respect for life and how to enjoy the small things so that he could discover there was more to life than his grim occupation. He rediscovered the love of music he had from the Alahad family and gained an appreciation for fine cuisine during this time.

Abiel is fast, nimble and moves with grace. He mixes acrobatic maneuvers into his attacks, often flipping and tumbling while striking his targets.
As an avenger, he will tend to focus his energy on a solo target, striking it again and again until it is defeated. If his enemy flees, he gives chase as he has sworn an oath to the silver flame itself that he must defeat his enemy. He does not take it well when a foe leaves his ‘duel of honor’.
When up close, he attacks with a blessed, slender blade that is much like a short sword in length but designed by the drow to be thrown as well.
Along with the long knife preferred by the drow, he also uses a weapon that is unique to the Xen’drik region known as the Xen’drik boomerang. He employs a few of them and uses them to harass his foe. This is a somewhat unique characteristic of Abiel is that he prefers to fight at a distance, a strange trait for an avenger to have. But his boomerangs have proven quite useful in battle.

A lot has happened to Abiel over the time we played. Most recently he traveled to another campaign world due to a magical incident that switched places with another of my player characters from another game (character profile not yet added to the site). Unfortunately he arrived in the world of Forgotten Realms where his kind is not tolerated among surface dwellers. He had to escape from prison with help with new allies and has been traveling the land in an attempt to find a way home.

I actually based his way of speech after Alucard from the Castlevania series.

Something interesting happened during play though. I got more and more magic items that share similarities with batman! Cool things like a grappling hook, and even a utility belt 🙂

This game is on hiatus.