Ryuutama – Natural Fantasy RPG

Ryuutama is a game about travel and exploration. At its heart, it places the emphasis on the journey, whether that journey is to a neighboring town to find the one style of flower your love interest loves- or journeying to the next city as you learned the duke will be in attendance to his father’s funeral and you wish to make it so he does not have to be without his father long. Ryuutama has 4 styles of stories they emphasis and each of them are tied to a special GM-PC that can affect the story by ‘helping’ the players. Green stories are the default travel stories. Blue dragons are stories that focus on love and friendship. Red dragons focus on tales of war and battle. Finally Black dragon stories focus on tragedy, loss and deep sadness.

What I would do is focus on a green dragon story of travel. In my world, the planet’s seasons are each controlled by dragons and dragons live and die by the tales travelers tell. The PC’s in my story are the special chosen travelers that carry a special style of travel-logue. The players will travel to many towns, but must stop in specific areas. If the players do not get to each location by the end of the year, the following year will be subject to a year long winter…So I guess you could say my story has both Green and Black dragon elements, however it is primarily Green.
I will be placing the campaign notes, world data, travel data on this blog for future reference.

World Data
World of the Green Dragon

The Fairies of Shiki



The 12 wondrous sites

The fairy circles of Lilac Town


The Large Seas


Player Characters





Guest Player Characters





The Grimore of Winter’s Dreams

The Deep purple book of dread

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3




Lillac Town


Brave Generation

Alfonso Trujillo

Aika Soga

Missae Kurokawa

Jonathan Graves


Non Player Characters



Craft project


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