Anima beyond fantasy character: Garnet the dark librarian

Garnet Sinclaire is a young writer from the beautiful city of Gabriel.  Physically, she is rather short, with long black hair. She has cool blue eyes that are framed with squared glasses. She dresses in a rather conservative style especially compared to her peers.

As a writer, she specializes in writing dark fiction novels and but has just began her career. She is a well learned scholar and has a talent in the arcane arts of magic (something she keeps well hidden to herself). In fact, using both her literary and arcane talents, she has begun developing magic that utilizes the very words she writes.


Character notes-

As I mentioned before, when I create characters I like to look over the books and then find an option I would like to see in play. Then make my character concept around that. This time, the sub paths of magic sounded interesting and I found writing magic to be compelling.



I used point buy for stats.

I gave her average strength, constitution. A little above average Dex, perception and agility. Her Power I made quite high at 8. I gave her maximum intelligence and near max willpower.


Creation points

The Gift- she is a wizard so this is a must.

Aptitude in a subject- art – she is a gifted, up and coming writer.

Natural knowledge of a path- Darkness- magic is a reflection of the self and the soul. Garnet is an introvert and a pessimistic person by nature and her gift reflects this.

Magical Diction- she is a …wizard when it comes to spell books.

Elemental compatibility- darkness. She is a natural at darkness spells as and this reinforces it.


Severe pollen allergy- she just cannot do well at all around wild flowers and pollen.

Near sighted- she doesn’t have the best eye sight so has prescription glasses.

Slow reflexes- As a bookish sort, she tends to analyze a situation. Sometimes she thinks a bit too long before acting.


Secondary abilities-these are the abilities she is trained in

Art Literature- this is her primary skill as it is what she does by trade.

Occult -another big one for her since she writes about it a lot.




M. Appraisal








I didn’t spend much here but I thought she should be able to fight with a knife so I chose that as her free weapon.



Magic projection – of course.

Zeon – I made sure to give her a decent amount but I didn’t go crazy.

MA – I gave her some good regeneration. Combined with her compatibility with darkness, she should be able to gather and regain pretty well.


Notes- originally I wanted to focus on water magic but I noticed a lot of overlap between water and literature as far as defensive options are concerned.  I liked what was reading about the darkness sphere and it was one of the few left that I could take after taking literature so I went with it.  I like the way she turned out as she is probably more the type to run from a conflict rather than fight, however I think she could hold her own if the need arised.


Anima beyond fantasy character: Graham of the black eyes

I had challenged the reddit group forAnima beyond fantasy to create characters. I created one as well and will be posting that character as well as any new ideas I get in both places.

Here is my first character ( as seen here)

I decided to try my hand at someone with good visual skills. Normally when I make characters, I save the most important part of creation for last- fleshing out the actual person. For me, I like to look at the various options a setting provides then build my story around them. Because of this, I don’t have all of my details yet… but I did complete the character creation part of this.

For this process, I looked at Dominous and found the bloodline rules interesting. I decided to select the Eyes of Death Bloodline. So I have a character that was ‘Blessed’ with the ability to perceive the very mortal coil and can see how his actions affect it. I see Graham to be the sort of person that is struggling with the decision to fight because he knows far more than most just how precious the gift of life can be, yet he cant be a pacifist because many others could suffer if here were not to take action.

For stats I used the point buy method. I ended up with average Con, Wil and Power. His strength is a little above average at a 6. His intellect is at 7, so he is quite bright. He is quite gifted at both dex and Agi and his perception is almost unmatched at a 10.

For the Class I chose Ranger.

Now for creation points/advantages-

Eyes of death bloodline as mentioned before.

To keep with the theme of being a very observant person, I also took acute senses for my last free creation point.

Quick reflexes 1- Graham is actually quite swift.

Martial mastery 2- Graham’s is a natural at manipulating his KI in order to extend his abilities.


Bad luck. In general, Graham is just unlucky. One could say this steamed from his birth since he was born with the sight of death.

Insufferable- Graham can be a bit of a pessimist since he is constantly able to see the forces that connect life to the mortal coil. Many find his observations to be extremely uncomfortable and due to this I granted this advantage.

Phobia Undead- What makes the undead more of an abomination to someone like Graham is its blatant affront to the natural order and its manipulation of life’s precious forces.

Secondary abilities- As you can see, many of these focus on himself or the natural world. He is not the best people person and the disadvantage reinforces this. Graham is skilled in the following:






Herbal Lore


Trap lore.

Ki- I plan on extending this to Presence and Aura extension later. For now, Graham has learned the following abilities:

Use of Ki

Ki control

Ki Detection


Modules- I don’t recall if these come from the primary or secondary development points. These three end up costing a fortune however I think a good archer should have them. I may drop Hunt and take different class in order to take Bow plus short sword as that’s what I am really most interested in the Hunt module for a good point savings. He has the following Modules:

Hunt Module

Multi target

Additional attack

Thoughts on the past- Of course this revelation – to fight for others didn’t come over night. As a boy, Graham found himself orphaned at an early age. It was a place where the staff did as much as they possibly could with what little funding they had. Graham was one of three children there that were born with special gifts. Over time, the other two children vanished. One ran away and another was picked up by a member of the Church. Graham feared what would happen if they came from him and so he also ran away. He ran as far and as fast as he could into the night. He travelled this way, day and night until he eventually collapsed in a forest. It was here that he met Bannon, an old hunter whom took him in and taught him his ways. Bannon never judged him and took good care of Graham. Graham lived there for about 10 years, and would have stayed longer, however Graham’s talents once again started causing him problems. Bannon was already an older man when he took him in and each day, Graham began seeing the one man in his life’s life force drain bit by bit. Its one thing when you visit your parents after a long time and notice them aging. Its another when you can actually see their link to the mortal coil weaken daily. So Graham left, not wanting to see the day in which his cared one’s life link dissipate entirely. He also decided that he would find a way to use his talents to help those in need and if there are anyone else that were born with such a curse.

Resident Evil: Deck building game Raid Mode

I have been thinking about creating a new mode for the resident evil  deck building game that is focused on coop. The idea is that your team is the last line of defense between an infected zone and civilization. Your operatives have one task, to kill every monster that fights its way through the bottle neck and into the raid zone. If you cant stop the boss now, he will destroy the immediate area.


Raid mode is a fully co-operative rules mod for resident evil the deck building game. This mode requires some set up before play. First, you will select a mansion. Select the boss of that mansion and set it aside for now. You will then remove 5 cards for each player. This will form the raid mansion. Put the rest of those cards away. Then you will then take a pile of other cards (tokens, traps, events) and shuffle them together. Then you will add 1-2 per player into the raid deck. Finally, shuffle them all together, then place the boss at the bottom of the deck.


You will then have players select characters, each receive items as per the mercenaries game mode. Assemble basic resources and normal resources.



Determine who goes first randomly. Then gameplay begins with the purchase phase, followed by the raid phase. During the purchase phase, each player takes one turn of purchasing resources. Then the first raid occurs. For each player, turn over the top card of the raid deck. This forms the raid zone. Each monster in the raid zone may be targeted individually or as a group per normal monster fighting rules. The game then proceeds as normal. If players fight and defeat monsters, they get to keep the monster and use its decorations. If any monsters  are left by the time the first player’s next turn comes around, each monster that is still alive attacks all players for their cumulative damage values at once!

Once this occurs, the monsters remain in the raid zone. Players then move back to the purchase phase, where they may purchase more resources again. Players can opt as a group to skip the purchase phase.

The game continues alternating between purchase and raid phases until the boss is revealed. The boss’s reveal marks the last turn of the game. If the players defeat the boss during this round, then the players are victorious. If they cannot, then the boss escapes the vicinity and lives to terrorize the countryside (and counting as a loss).

Whatever happens, each player counts their decorations and whomever has the most is the MVP of the game.




Misc notes

This mode is co-op, meaning that players are working together. Each turn, a player can be helped by one other player in the game. They can receive one item or weapon or ammo card from that player. Just remember to give that card back to the player where they will put it into their used pile.


Other cards- other cards like items have been mixed into the raid deck. If its an item or event, the player with the least amount of decorations at the time of the item’s reveal gets the item or is affected by the event. If it’s a trap, it affects all monsters in the zone equally as it was a trap that was set up by the players pre-emptively.


For added difficulty-

The trap affects all players instead of all monsters.

If one player dies, then the mission ends in failure.

Grimore of winter’s dreams: Entry 3 + 4

Apr 3rd

Dear Ryuujin,

This morning, Leland, Aoi and Ume’s dog were all sick. I gave them all some first aid. Fujiwara graciously allowed us to refill our water barrels.

Although the weather had been nice, it started to downpour again as we were preparing to leave. Ume and I, feeling the fittest, decided to seek out a cloud ryuujin shrine a short fifteen minutes walk away. We found it, without its head. Ume was able to fix it, with a little assistance. We prayed to the statue. – And I quote: “I’m very sorry for the jerks that broke your statue, but it’s fixed now, so please make the rain stop! Love Ume!”

Meanwhile, Aoi and Leland entertained Fujiwara with ghost stories while he made them soup.

The rain stopped by the time we returned.

Back on the road, Aoi passed out and fell on Ume’s dog. (on a personal note, I am being severely tested in my healing abilities. I really hope I can keep everyone alive.)

Because the ground was soggy, making camp was a little difficult but the day ended without further incident.


Day 4

Dear Ryuujin,

We began the day still in the plains. The weather was clear skys. Although we had the option to try to push ourselves harder, Ume  as the leader declared we would chose safety and go at a normal pace. Nothing crazy happened.

Anima Tactics: 100 point solo game

Here is the battle report of my 100 pt anima tactics solo match. Terrain being ghetto Terrain.

Something to note about the terrain- i couldn’t find anything to represent stairs so each of the corners that are empty are actually supposed to be stair cases. In addition, there are to be stairs from the top horizontal piece leading down onto its sides.

Side 1: Team Samael

Bael with Presence equipped.
Shinigami Ayl with supernatural presence.

Side 2:Team Wissenchaft

Celia – goddess of under-boob. Neokinesis Magnus equipped.
Feng yi with life potion.

Turn 1- had most characters move and walk towards the middle. Celia activated Neokinesis and Got 3 haste counters. Bael ran to get further in the area.

Turn 2.
Celia loses 1 haste token. All characters are up to full action points.
Team Samael wins initiative.
Ayl moves up the bridge and fires an unholy beam at Celia



taking a long range penalty and cover penalty because of the stairs. Celia spends action to dodge but rolls a 1. Ayl actually barely hit for 5 plus margin of success (1) damage. In hindsight I should have used Celia’s mirror stance, however I thought with the two range penalties and her naturally high dodge it was safe to do a normal dodge.
Ayl earns one action point due to supernatural devourer and uses her free movement to get further on the bridge and ends her turn.

Celia’s natural movement is enough to get her up to the bridge using a walk action and free movement closes the gap. Celia only has enough AP to make a standard attack. She does and Ayl uses the AP gained from supernatural Devourer to dodge. Attack rolled hit but only just. No margin of success so Ayl takes 3 points damage.

Bael moves. Then casts the Mark of Erebus on Celia. Celia adds gnosis and rolls a 4 & 5. Not enough. Celia gains level 2 seal.

Feng Yi gives chase. She uses her walk and gets in melee range of Bael. She attempts her attack Xi’an Wu Jian and misses with a low roll. Bael defended with a dodge. Now everyone is up top!

Turn 3.
Team Samael wins initiative.
Ayl attempts to end things quickly. She uses Death Scythe and even Adda gnosis. Celia can’t use mirror stance due to seal! However Ayl misses anyway.

Celia follows up with an attack. Ayl is out of AP and Celia rolls low again for a hit dealing only 2 More points of damage.  Because she has Haste still, I decide to go  full attack to seal the deal. Celia makes another basic attack. She rolls high, dealing 8 points of damage to Ayl, KO’ing her.


Bael, saving up AP will pass. If I did a standard attack, I would have had 1 ap left to dodge with but couldn’t use my uber move.
Feng Yi goes to strike. Same situation. Even with Gnosis, feng Yi couldn’t hit Bael.

Turn 4- things look bad for Bael.
Initiative goes to Wissenchaft.
Celia closes the gap and uses Tear of Illusion! With Gnosis Celia rolls a 9! But Bael rolls a naked 9 meaning Celia only just hits. Celia deals 2 points damage to Bael. With movement plus her attack, Celia is out of action points.


Bael uses a normal attack because she can’t use her ranged  special since she is engaged in melee. Using Gnosis, I get a critical. Causing only 4 points of damage to Celia.
Finally Feng Yi continued to be useless, missing even with me forgoing Bael’s dodge.

Turn 5- Feng Yi strikes back.
Bael wins initiative. She uses Mark of Jedah on Celia and it works. Celia is paralyzed level 2. Feng Yi then uses this chance to strike. With Gnosis she rolls a 1 and a 4. It’s just enough hit with Xi’an Wu Jian and begin her attack chain!

First strike deals 3 more damage. Follows up with San Hua. This almost crits, dealing 10 damage! Which alone would have defeated Bael. For fun, I decided to see if she could keep the combo going.
Using Jing Nao, Feng Yi Crits, dealing 11 more damage!
Finally, Feng Yi ends with Yan Feng dealing 11 more damage!!!

Bael fainted.


(total hp was 10. She ended the game haven taken 36 damage!)

Game ends with Wissenchaft being successful.

Grimore of winter’s dreams: Entry 2

Date: April 2nd

Good morning Ryujin!

We all woke up very refreshed this morning. As we were breaking down camp, Aoi saw some cloud dragons gathering. However, we made it past the last hill and into the flat plains before the rain let loose. Luckily, I brought my raincoat! Ume decided to press on in the rain. The cloud dragons were very mischievous though and both Leland and Aoi were not doing well. Ume spotted a farm though. Thankfully the owner Fujiwara was friendly and let us in without question. We sat dripping around the fire as he kindly made us all porridge. He allowed us to stay the night.

Grimore of winter’s dreams: Entry 1

Date: April 1st

Dear winter Ryuujin

Today the four of us adventurers set forth from Flourton, in an effort to accomplish what generations before us have failed to do: to visit all twelve of the wondrous sites to nourish yourself forever. The first location is relatively close to our hometown, the fairy circles of Lilac town.

I, Beatrice Vert have been appointed as journal keeper. In addition to this, i am a healer. Ume, a blacksmith by trade, is our leader. Aoi, a farmer and fisherman, is our map keeper. Leland’s family runs a shop and he is our quartermaster.

Despite living in the same town, none of us are very good friends. It took us some time to figure out our situation, in terms of what to pack and how to pack it, so as to be the most efficient. However, as it’s the first day, our spirits are high.

But, accidents can and will happen. Leland tripped and fell down a hill and needed healing only ten minutes into the trip. We encountered a Ryuuzo along the path that held a walking stick, but none of us decided to take it. Best of luck to the next group to pass by! After that, we traveled for several uneventful hours before we made came for the night. Ume and Leland set up an extremely well made camp, while Aoi fished and caught a decent sized smelt. He and Ume cooked it and shared with everyone. It was not a gourmet meal, but it was nice to sit by the fire and enjoy a warm meal with good companions.