Inheritance of Mana

Three powerful forces once battled to determine the fate of the world and even existence. The teeming darkness aka the dark blot commands the forces of chaos, whose goal is to consume reality. Auraluin the shield goddess commands the forces of light, her goal is to save reality from the darkness. Finally, Govillias the sword god whom once was the counterpart of Auraluin; now corrupted forms the forces of madness. These three forces and their allies fought terrible battles that shook our small world. In fact, the climax of this epic battle happened just 300 years ago! The leaders of each force have disappeared, ending the age and giving birth to the modern era. But things are not all peaceful in this world today, as each side still remains and continues fighting on their leader’s behalf.

In this world, elements are central to one’s way of life. Mana imbues this world and its people have varying levels of competency in its use. People that are just slightly gifted are forced into mana labor in order to provide goods and services to those whom have a greater connection to mana. Those with a greater gift are expected to help by joining guilds in order to protect the weak.

In this world, you are a member of an adventurers guild. The guilds of the world work together as a whole to help society, while gaining fame for their guild and perhaps building a name for one’s self. Perhaps your goals are more Nobel, and you wish to seek change for those of lower station. Perhaps your goals are more personal and you wish to become the best swordsman of the age. Whatever your goals may be, there is something that makes you stand out from the rest. Player characters can; through play; unlock a special gift, known as inheritance that bonds to their very soul and grants them the power they need to achieve their goals or they can squander it all through bad choices. How will you use your inheritance?

This page will collect all posts of this setting in an easier to follow place. What follows is an anime rpg setting I have been designing over the years. It moved from BESM to OVA anime role playing systems. Much of what I have written has to do with how the world came to be, how magic is treated and other things dealing with the campaign world.

World data
Campaign World History

Life in the world

Current Era Life Part 1
Current Era Life Part 2

Character Creation
Character generation guidelines * in progress/under review

Misc notes
The nature of Mana
Excerpts on the metaphysical world
Great Beasts
Nature of the soul

Terms – People, Guilds, Terms at a glance

Narrative – History of the world part 1
Narrative – History of the world part 2
Narrative – History of the world part 3




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