Rail Raiders Infinite- House rule- remove enemy dice rolls

Rail raiders man.

Rail raiders really let us down the second time we played it. I know my opinion is actually controversial as most people don’t like it beyond the first play. For us though, unfortunately it just didn’t happen. I pulled a lot of speed up cards into our random draw, our first train car was insurmountable with all the enemies that were drawn, plus enemy die rolls were insane. We barely made any money and had been pushed around more than a pinball in a cabinet.

I love the miniatures but the game it needs work. the reality is though, the game is really not meant to be anything more than a simple beer and pretzels type affair where you and your mates get together to roll dice, beat up robots and compete to get the most cash.

I don’t have the answer unfortunately. The only thing I can do is try to brainstorm with our peers to make the best out of a bad situation and continue to make more house rules.

My first attempt at house ruling this game made it out to board game geek listed here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1838500/showdown-my-house-rules-raiders-vs-lawbots

My next attempt is not going to be for everyone but I figure I want to cut out some of the dice rolling in the game by eliminating the need to roll for the law bots. Instead, the number and type of law bots will determine the rank the players will need to beat to defeat them.

The rules are:

Each lawbot counts as a count of 1. in order to determine what rank you need to beat to defeat a lawbot, you count up the number of bots in a car and it will determine what you need to beat. The trick is- each type of lawbot is limited in how far they can enhance the rank. The max rank limit per lawbot type is listed below:

Deputy – 3

Sheriff – 5

Marshall – unlimited

What this means is, no matter how many lawbots are in a car, if all of the lawbots were deputies, the rank you need to beat will never advance beyond 3. The additional types of lawbots will increase the overall rank needed to defeat the group as they add their experience and expertise to the fight. However they still only provide the same counts as normal.

For example, the train car is revealed and two cards are drawn. 2 deputies and 2 sheriffs are added to the car. If you were to perform a showdown with them, you would need to beat a rank of 4 to defeat lawbots on the cars. If one were defeated, the rank needed to further win showdowns goes down by 1 each showdown.

Similar situation, if two cards are drawn and 4 deputies are drawn – then the rank you will need to beat will be 3 because duties have a hard limit of 3.

If cards are drawn and you are to add 2 deputies and 1 marshal, then the rank to beat is 3.


Pyramid game 2- Mars Cars

Mars Cars!

On Mars, it is said that an under ground junk racing circuit had began to get popular for a while. Martians would take junk and build a vehicle and race them, gaining prestige among their peers. Though sometimes it may not be the one that reaches first place that wins the prestige…

Mars Cars is a classic roll and move game designed using the components of the Pyramid Arcade set-  where you pit your tree against your opponent’s trees. Getting to the goal first is important but so is keeping all of your tree. Will you score the most points at the end?

*Special thanks to the Starship Captains facebook group – Lelia for the new name, Jason for additional ideas and bug fixes 🙂


Items needed-

One trio per player. Each trio must be a different color

2 six sided dice

Color Die

Zark City deck

Set up- Pick one of the ace’s to form the goal. Then create the rest board by drawing cards from the Zark city deck. After you draw enough cards (you determine what your track will look like) re-position the cards so that two colors are not next to each other and move some lower numbers near the starting space so it will be easier to get into the game.

Finally place your pieces next to the starting space.

My test board was set up as follows:


With the finish line being:


Each card has a color and a number. Jack, Queen and King cards count as 11, ace as 12.

During your turn, you roll the dice.

You may move to the next space on the board if:

  • one of your dice has a number that is equal to or higher than the next space
  • if two dice added together have a higher number than the next space or
  • if you have the same color as your color die result.

You may use any combination of the dice to move up to 3 spaces on your turn. If you cannot move at all during your turn, you can either pass or take a “Split” action- leaving one of your pieces behind to move one space forward. You have to leave the lowest pip pyramid behind if you choose to move this way. If you only have one pyramid left, you cannot take the split action.

Moving examples

Example one:

In the beginning of the game, Red goes first. Red’s player has rolled a green, a two and a one. Red can only move one space this turn, as the two and one cannot combine to make a equal to or higher number than a 4. Green is used to move the player one space.


Example two:

If red had rolled a two, a six and a purple, Red would be able to utilize each of the dice in order to move three spaces.


Split examples

Lets say the game has gone on some, and you have the following situation.


As Red, you have rolled a six and a one and a blue however your next space is a green nine. Unfortunately you will be unable to continue in the normal fashion. You will have to either take a split action or pass this turn.

You decide to take a split action, moving your pieces forward and leaving behind your small piece.



*replacement image coming soon.


Goal: Your goal is to score the highest at the finish line. Although arriving at the finish line first gets you some prestige, it is not the only way to win…

First place nets 2 points, second place nets 1 point, third and beyond get no additional points. For each pip your racer has at the end of the game, you also score an additional point. Ties go to the player that takes first place if a tie were to occur..

End game example

Lets say at the end of the game, Red has made it to the goal with only their large. Green has arrived with a large and a mid.


*replacement image coming soon.


Red would score a total of 5 points. (large is worth 3 points with two additional points for first place).

Green would score a total of 6 points.  (large is worth 3 points, medium is two points and second place is 1 point).


Green wins.

Optional rules

Advanced scoring- the player that arrives first scores one point for every turn it takes your opponent to finish.

Mars car customization- These rules allow you to gain a benefit depending on how your mars car is constructed.  Either way, if you chose this rule, you will only be able to play using pyramids that match colors represented by the color die. (red, blue, green, yellow, purple)

You can do this one of two ways:

  • Basic-If you chose this rule, you are allowed to skip one space per turn that matches your mars car.
  • Advanced-Your group can take this one step further by allowing complete customization. This will allow you to use multi colored mars cars. Each player must use a different colored small piece to keep track of themselves.  If you chose this rule, you are allowed to skip one space per turn that matches one of the colors of your Mars Car. This rule makes the split action a tough choice. Sometimes it may be better to lose a piece if you are stuck on a tough space but you also lose the benefit of one of your colors each turn.


Advanced rules- coming soon.

















Looney Pyramids- custom game- Battle of the Elementals

With my copy of pyramid arcade coming in the near future, I thought it would be fun trying my hand at designing my own game using the awesome pyramids.  My biggest hope is that it is something that isn’t a copy of something else and that it is fun enough to play often. My main inspirations for this game are games like final fantasy tactics and especially dungeon dice monsters. I also referenced some of my RPG lore in regards to the ‘brilliant world’.



Battle of the Elementals

Requirements- 2 trios of one color per player.  One different color small per player that is a different color than the other colors chosen- representing their master. The zark city deck. (so you will have two colors each- one for our pyramids, one for your master)

The goal of the game is to cap the other player’s master. Masters cannot cap other masters. Only the other pieces may do so. Masters are also immune from attacks.

This is a battle game where the other pieces do battle with each other using the very elements they draw from the brilliant world – a separate plane of elemental energy. The elementals draw this power from the very land they stand on gaining sometimes great sometimes lesser powers from the land.  Cards from the zark city deck will form battle ground in which the players will do battle. Each card is referred to as a space. Each card’s numbers, and color matter in reference to battle.


At the beginning of the game, you draw 5 cards from the Zark city deck. This will be your hand. You then place 4 cards in a square formation between you and your opponent to form the center of the board. Last, take turns drawing a card for each piece you own. Place one piece atop each card drawn. You should be ready to now begin.


Set up example:



Game play

Each player takes turns activating one piece, performing each action that the piece can take one time in any order before passing to the next player. You may not be able to perform some actions with some pieces. In addition, you may not be able to perform an action sometimes. That’s ok.

During your turn, you perform many of the actions as described. At the end of your turn, you draw your hand back to 5 cards.

Actions-Cast, Move, Attack (battle), Cap, Rejuvenate, Expunge.

Cast- you may play a card from your hand. You must play the card next to any of your pieces currently in play. You may only play a card one time during your turn.

Moving- each piece may move a number of spaces (cards) depending on its size.

Smalls- 3

Mids – 2

Large 1

Attacking- Pieces attack by targeting enemy pieces however each piece is limited in range depending on its size. You may target an enemy piece a number of spaces away equal to its pips. If a piece is within range, battle begins. See battle below for more rules on battle. Note that you cannot target a piece if there is an empty space on the board..

Smalls- 1

Mids- 2

Large – 3

Capping-Any piece may perform this action when adjacent to another piece. Your piece captures the piece it is next to. The piece that captures the other piece becomes the size of the piece that it has captured. The advantage of doing this is- if you attack an enemy piece it is returned to the other player’s play area off play and it may be returned by rejuvenation action. If you cap a piece, they are still technically on the board so they cannot be selected by the rejuvenation action.  The only draw back is that a piece can only cap one other piece.

Rejuvenate- You may find that you are running low on pieces. If you are, you may turn your master so it is on its side. If you do this, you may bring back a piece that belongs to you to the starting side of the board.

Expunge- Masters may ‘expunge’ or clear evil spirits possessing one of your pieces. You can do this action if you are two spaces or less away from the captured piece. The capturing piece is removed from the board.


Cards have number and suits. Jack is worth 10, queen is 11, king is 12, ace is 13. If a card is on its back, it counts as 1 for the purposes of battle and has no color. The numbers are used to determine the outcome of a battle.

When you do battle, you compare the number of the card your piece is currently on vs the number your opponent’s card is on. If your number is higher, you defeat the enemy piece, removing it from the board. If your number is lower, you are defeated instead. If you have the same value, both pieces are removed.  But the numbers can change depending on what color you and your opponent are currently standing on.

Each card has one of the following colors. Below, each color will show what element it belongs too.

Yellow- lightning

Dark Blue- water

Green- earth

Light blue- air

Red- fire

Lightning is good against earth

Earth is good against water

Water is good against fire

Fire is good against wind

Wind is good against lightning

Clear is not good against any element therefore all are good against it.

If your card is good against your enemy’s card, you double the value your card is on when calculating battle.

If you have a card that is weaker than your opponents and you are still able to defeat them even with their advantage against you, you earn a boon. You may flip one card back to its original orientation as well as flip your master so that it is facing face up.

Misc notes

Pieces may not occupy the same space as another piece unless they have performed the cap action.

As an advanced rule, you can only cap a piece you have an elemental advantage over. Try the game without this rule first.

Using these instructions, you should be able to eventually capture your opponent’s master or your opponent will capture your master.. I will be expanding on these rules eventually but for now, I hope you have a good time.

Resident Evil: Deck building game Raid Mode

I have been thinking about creating a new mode for the resident evil  deck building game that is focused on coop. The idea is that your team is the last line of defense between an infected zone and civilization. Your operatives have one task, to kill every monster that fights its way through the bottle neck and into the raid zone. If you cant stop the boss now, he will destroy the immediate area.


Raid mode is a fully co-operative rules mod for resident evil the deck building game. This mode requires some set up before play. First, you will select a mansion. Select the boss of that mansion and set it aside for now. You will then remove 5 cards for each player. This will form the raid mansion. Put the rest of those cards away. Then you will then take a pile of other cards (tokens, traps, events) and shuffle them together. Then you will add 1-2 per player into the raid deck. Finally, shuffle them all together, then place the boss at the bottom of the deck.


You will then have players select characters, each receive items as per the mercenaries game mode. Assemble basic resources and normal resources.



Determine who goes first randomly. Then gameplay begins with the purchase phase, followed by the raid phase. During the purchase phase, each player takes one turn of purchasing resources. Then the first raid occurs. For each player, turn over the top card of the raid deck. This forms the raid zone. Each monster in the raid zone may be targeted individually or as a group per normal monster fighting rules. The game then proceeds as normal. If players fight and defeat monsters, they get to keep the monster and use its decorations. If any monsters  are left by the time the first player’s next turn comes around, each monster that is still alive attacks all players for their cumulative damage values at once!

Once this occurs, the monsters remain in the raid zone. Players then move back to the purchase phase, where they may purchase more resources again. Players can opt as a group to skip the purchase phase.

The game continues alternating between purchase and raid phases until the boss is revealed. The boss’s reveal marks the last turn of the game. If the players defeat the boss during this round, then the players are victorious. If they cannot, then the boss escapes the vicinity and lives to terrorize the countryside (and counting as a loss).

Whatever happens, each player counts their decorations and whomever has the most is the MVP of the game.




Misc notes

This mode is co-op, meaning that players are working together. Each turn, a player can be helped by one other player in the game. They can receive one item or weapon or ammo card from that player. Just remember to give that card back to the player where they will put it into their used pile.


Other cards- other cards like items have been mixed into the raid deck. If its an item or event, the player with the least amount of decorations at the time of the item’s reveal gets the item or is affected by the event. If it’s a trap, it affects all monsters in the zone equally as it was a trap that was set up by the players pre-emptively.


For added difficulty-

The trap affects all players instead of all monsters.

If one player dies, then the mission ends in failure.

Anima Tactics: 100 point solo game

Here is the battle report of my 100 pt anima tactics solo match. Terrain being ghetto Terrain.

Something to note about the terrain- i couldn’t find anything to represent stairs so each of the corners that are empty are actually supposed to be stair cases. In addition, there are to be stairs from the top horizontal piece leading down onto its sides.

Side 1: Team Samael

Bael with Presence equipped.
Shinigami Ayl with supernatural presence.

Side 2:Team Wissenchaft

Celia – goddess of under-boob. Neokinesis Magnus equipped.
Feng yi with life potion.

Turn 1- had most characters move and walk towards the middle. Celia activated Neokinesis and Got 3 haste counters. Bael ran to get further in the area.

Turn 2.
Celia loses 1 haste token. All characters are up to full action points.
Team Samael wins initiative.
Ayl moves up the bridge and fires an unholy beam at Celia



taking a long range penalty and cover penalty because of the stairs. Celia spends action to dodge but rolls a 1. Ayl actually barely hit for 5 plus margin of success (1) damage. In hindsight I should have used Celia’s mirror stance, however I thought with the two range penalties and her naturally high dodge it was safe to do a normal dodge.
Ayl earns one action point due to supernatural devourer and uses her free movement to get further on the bridge and ends her turn.

Celia’s natural movement is enough to get her up to the bridge using a walk action and free movement closes the gap. Celia only has enough AP to make a standard attack. She does and Ayl uses the AP gained from supernatural Devourer to dodge. Attack rolled hit but only just. No margin of success so Ayl takes 3 points damage.

Bael moves. Then casts the Mark of Erebus on Celia. Celia adds gnosis and rolls a 4 & 5. Not enough. Celia gains level 2 seal.

Feng Yi gives chase. She uses her walk and gets in melee range of Bael. She attempts her attack Xi’an Wu Jian and misses with a low roll. Bael defended with a dodge. Now everyone is up top!

Turn 3.
Team Samael wins initiative.
Ayl attempts to end things quickly. She uses Death Scythe and even Adda gnosis. Celia can’t use mirror stance due to seal! However Ayl misses anyway.

Celia follows up with an attack. Ayl is out of AP and Celia rolls low again for a hit dealing only 2 More points of damage.  Because she has Haste still, I decide to go  full attack to seal the deal. Celia makes another basic attack. She rolls high, dealing 8 points of damage to Ayl, KO’ing her.


Bael, saving up AP will pass. If I did a standard attack, I would have had 1 ap left to dodge with but couldn’t use my uber move.
Feng Yi goes to strike. Same situation. Even with Gnosis, feng Yi couldn’t hit Bael.

Turn 4- things look bad for Bael.
Initiative goes to Wissenchaft.
Celia closes the gap and uses Tear of Illusion! With Gnosis Celia rolls a 9! But Bael rolls a naked 9 meaning Celia only just hits. Celia deals 2 points damage to Bael. With movement plus her attack, Celia is out of action points.


Bael uses a normal attack because she can’t use her ranged  special since she is engaged in melee. Using Gnosis, I get a critical. Causing only 4 points of damage to Celia.
Finally Feng Yi continued to be useless, missing even with me forgoing Bael’s dodge.

Turn 5- Feng Yi strikes back.
Bael wins initiative. She uses Mark of Jedah on Celia and it works. Celia is paralyzed level 2. Feng Yi then uses this chance to strike. With Gnosis she rolls a 1 and a 4. It’s just enough hit with Xi’an Wu Jian and begin her attack chain!

First strike deals 3 more damage. Follows up with San Hua. This almost crits, dealing 10 damage! Which alone would have defeated Bael. For fun, I decided to see if she could keep the combo going.
Using Jing Nao, Feng Yi Crits, dealing 11 more damage!
Finally, Feng Yi ends with Yan Feng dealing 11 more damage!!!

Bael fainted.


(total hp was 10. She ended the game haven taken 36 damage!)

Game ends with Wissenchaft being successful.

Battel in progress: Super Dungeon Explore Arcade Mode!

Last night we began our trial of the Arcade mode for Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King.  Post will be edited to add pictures later.

In the game, the ‘dark consul’ has created spawn points that warp in enemies to do his bidding. Your goal is two fold- destroy the spawn points and then destroy the stage boss that appears.

In arcade mode, all of the players control a hero and there is a card deck that determines what the enemies do. Actions you perform and outcomes of actions will earn players wrath. The player with the most wrath is whom the monsters will go after and attack. The arcade mode deck has some interesting features, one of them is detailed below.

I played as Princess Emerald: a riflewoman with a few offensive techniques and an emergency potion that heals and allows you to move through any space.

Sabrena played as the Star Guild Sapper- the Mario Expy- he is a dwarf that fights with a hammer. He has a few powerful techniques as well as the starshine ability which makes you temporally immune to status effects.

We were playing a modified version of Arcade. We still played with the normal amount of minis, but we were sticking to just two heroes. Well…that turned out to be deadly for a the starguild sapper. He pulled in all the aggro because I spent my first turn exploring. YES, this game you can perform the explore action to discover something in the environment. Sometimes it can be quite helpful but other times… like on my first turn it can be deadly. The first turn, I activated a trap that hurt us a bit. Then the sapper took out a few mooks. Enemies turn, they all went after the poor dwarf. The next turn we evened the odds some but then the AI activated an exploit that gave it two attacks per elite unit! The exploit was a double edged sword. The sapper fell but all mook level units were destroyed and then subsequently spawned, leaving the witches open to a direct attack.

With the starguild sapper down, the ember mage made an appearance. I guess we left her asleep back at camp and she showed up to see the sapper get taken out. She blew up a few enemies and together the ladies destroyed the spawnpoint- spawning the miniboss- the herald of Vulcanis!

Will the heroes be able to get the princess coin and resurrect the star guild sapper before they fall to the herald of vulcanis? Stay tuned!


It was a long time coming, but something arrived at my home today. A rather large box.


Inside this box, pure happiness awaits!


I am so stoked that this finally arrived. Kickstarters are so hard to wait for, but sometimes its worth it.


Here is a look at each of the books that come with it.

You have, the quick start rules, the classic mode (with updated rules), the arcade mode rules (new mode!), the explorer’s handbook (fluff for the campaign coming in the future!), A backer only coloring book ^_^ as well as a small advertisement.

I didnt take any pictures of the insides, but inside the box had a ton of new monsters and some new heroes to fight. Old heroes received erratta and we even received cards for heroes we do not even own yet!