About Another World

Another world is a place where I can store ideas online. Perhaps I will get some constructive criticism on my ideas so that I can make them better. What I hope to accomplish here is to get either feedback for ideas or to put my ideas online in the hopes that someone will use them and have fun with something I had a hand in.

I enjoy many different types of games. I love playing video games the most. I tend to favor old school console gaming such as Mega man and super Mario. I also like new school games such as uncharted. My favorite video game genre is the turn based JRPG which is sadly dying.

My second favorite kind of game is role playing. I have always loved bringing your friends together in a story woven by the collective imagination. I personally prefer gm & player approach more than complete collaboration as it is more what I am comfortable with.

I have played D&D since 2nd edition (was still a kid when it was mostly over) but prefer 4.0′s ease of use. My experience is not only with d&d but with various others. I also really enjoyed Guardians of Order’s Big Eyes Small Mouth series. The third edition was cut tragically short and deserves a future, perhaps with a dedicated chapter to making the game more similar to 1st edition as the sidebars it has to strip the crunch are great, but a one stop shop section would be awesome.

I have a lot of fun with board games but when it comes to miniatures games, its 50/50. I tend to like skirmish level miniatures games such as Anima: Tactics. When it comes to comic books, it depends. I like both marvel and DC but do not like the latest trend towards violence that DC is all about these days. Marvel too, but these days I tend to be more a marvel fan (goes back and forth).

It is my hope one day to find a job working for a company that produces games. Just to know that some of my work could potentially provide entertainment for someone is really something. That said I am also working on my own role playing game off and on. Some games such as the excellent Fight: RPG has already utilized some of the concepts that I was going to use in my game by pure chance!

In short, I love to game, and create ideas for role-playing games and sometimes board games.

On this section of the page, I will add a ‘table of contents’ like list for ideas that I think are good enough to keep track of but not huge enough to warrant their own page.


OVA- The Retrievers


Background chapter 1- Our bleak existence

Background chapter 2- As the streets burn

Background chapter 3- Submission to a higher power





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