Resident Evil: Deck building game Raid Mode

I have been thinking about creating a new mode for the resident evil  deck building game that is focused on coop. The idea is that your team is the last line of defense between an infected zone and civilization. Your operatives have one task, to kill every monster that fights its way through the bottle neck and into the raid zone. If you cant stop the boss now, he will destroy the immediate area.


Raid mode is a fully co-operative rules mod for resident evil the deck building game. This mode requires some set up before play. First, you will select a mansion. Select the boss of that mansion and set it aside for now. You will then remove 5 cards for each player. This will form the raid mansion. Put the rest of those cards away. Then you will then take a pile of other cards (tokens, traps, events) and shuffle them together. Then you will add 1-2 per player into the raid deck. Finally, shuffle them all together, then place the boss at the bottom of the deck.


You will then have players select characters, each receive items as per the mercenaries game mode. Assemble basic resources and normal resources.



Determine who goes first randomly. Then gameplay begins with the purchase phase, followed by the raid phase. During the purchase phase, each player takes one turn of purchasing resources. Then the first raid occurs. For each player, turn over the top card of the raid deck. This forms the raid zone. Each monster in the raid zone may be targeted individually or as a group per normal monster fighting rules. The game then proceeds as normal. If players fight and defeat monsters, they get to keep the monster and use its decorations. If any monsters  are left by the time the first player’s next turn comes around, each monster that is still alive attacks all players for their cumulative damage values at once!

Once this occurs, the monsters remain in the raid zone. Players then move back to the purchase phase, where they may purchase more resources again. Players can opt as a group to skip the purchase phase.

The game continues alternating between purchase and raid phases until the boss is revealed. The boss’s reveal marks the last turn of the game. If the players defeat the boss during this round, then the players are victorious. If they cannot, then the boss escapes the vicinity and lives to terrorize the countryside (and counting as a loss).

Whatever happens, each player counts their decorations and whomever has the most is the MVP of the game.




Misc notes

This mode is co-op, meaning that players are working together. Each turn, a player can be helped by one other player in the game. They can receive one item or weapon or ammo card from that player. Just remember to give that card back to the player where they will put it into their used pile.


Other cards- other cards like items have been mixed into the raid deck. If its an item or event, the player with the least amount of decorations at the time of the item’s reveal gets the item or is affected by the event. If it’s a trap, it affects all monsters in the zone equally as it was a trap that was set up by the players pre-emptively.


For added difficulty-

The trap affects all players instead of all monsters.

If one player dies, then the mission ends in failure.


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