Anima Tactics: 100 point solo game

Here is the battle report of my 100 pt anima tactics solo match. Terrain being ghetto Terrain.

Something to note about the terrain- i couldn’t find anything to represent stairs so each of the corners that are empty are actually supposed to be stair cases. In addition, there are to be stairs from the top horizontal piece leading down onto its sides.

Side 1: Team Samael

Bael with Presence equipped.
Shinigami Ayl with supernatural presence.

Side 2:Team Wissenchaft

Celia – goddess of under-boob. Neokinesis Magnus equipped.
Feng yi with life potion.

Turn 1- had most characters move and walk towards the middle. Celia activated Neokinesis and Got 3 haste counters. Bael ran to get further in the area.

Turn 2.
Celia loses 1 haste token. All characters are up to full action points.
Team Samael wins initiative.
Ayl moves up the bridge and fires an unholy beam at Celia



taking a long range penalty and cover penalty because of the stairs. Celia spends action to dodge but rolls a 1. Ayl actually barely hit for 5 plus margin of success (1) damage. In hindsight I should have used Celia’s mirror stance, however I thought with the two range penalties and her naturally high dodge it was safe to do a normal dodge.
Ayl earns one action point due to supernatural devourer and uses her free movement to get further on the bridge and ends her turn.

Celia’s natural movement is enough to get her up to the bridge using a walk action and free movement closes the gap. Celia only has enough AP to make a standard attack. She does and Ayl uses the AP gained from supernatural Devourer to dodge. Attack rolled hit but only just. No margin of success so Ayl takes 3 points damage.

Bael moves. Then casts the Mark of Erebus on Celia. Celia adds gnosis and rolls a 4 & 5. Not enough. Celia gains level 2 seal.

Feng Yi gives chase. She uses her walk and gets in melee range of Bael. She attempts her attack Xi’an Wu Jian and misses with a low roll. Bael defended with a dodge. Now everyone is up top!

Turn 3.
Team Samael wins initiative.
Ayl attempts to end things quickly. She uses Death Scythe and even Adda gnosis. Celia can’t use mirror stance due to seal! However Ayl misses anyway.

Celia follows up with an attack. Ayl is out of AP and Celia rolls low again for a hit dealing only 2 More points of damage.  Because she has Haste still, I decide to go  full attack to seal the deal. Celia makes another basic attack. She rolls high, dealing 8 points of damage to Ayl, KO’ing her.


Bael, saving up AP will pass. If I did a standard attack, I would have had 1 ap left to dodge with but couldn’t use my uber move.
Feng Yi goes to strike. Same situation. Even with Gnosis, feng Yi couldn’t hit Bael.

Turn 4- things look bad for Bael.
Initiative goes to Wissenchaft.
Celia closes the gap and uses Tear of Illusion! With Gnosis Celia rolls a 9! But Bael rolls a naked 9 meaning Celia only just hits. Celia deals 2 points damage to Bael. With movement plus her attack, Celia is out of action points.


Bael uses a normal attack because she can’t use her ranged  special since she is engaged in melee. Using Gnosis, I get a critical. Causing only 4 points of damage to Celia.
Finally Feng Yi continued to be useless, missing even with me forgoing Bael’s dodge.

Turn 5- Feng Yi strikes back.
Bael wins initiative. She uses Mark of Jedah on Celia and it works. Celia is paralyzed level 2. Feng Yi then uses this chance to strike. With Gnosis she rolls a 1 and a 4. It’s just enough hit with Xi’an Wu Jian and begin her attack chain!

First strike deals 3 more damage. Follows up with San Hua. This almost crits, dealing 10 damage! Which alone would have defeated Bael. For fun, I decided to see if she could keep the combo going.
Using Jing Nao, Feng Yi Crits, dealing 11 more damage!
Finally, Feng Yi ends with Yan Feng dealing 11 more damage!!!

Bael fainted.


(total hp was 10. She ended the game haven taken 36 damage!)

Game ends with Wissenchaft being successful.


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