Ryuutama Guest PC – Leland Darby

Leland- family motto – to get the best prices

Class: Merchant
Party Role:
Type: Technical
Image color: Blue

Appearance: Close cropped blonde hair, brown eyes. Age 16

Favored Weapon: Bow

Personal Item: My first incorrectly done ledger book.

Hometown: Flourton

Reason for Travel: I enjoy cider and good tavern talk, so why not see the world’s cider and conversations.

Misc Notes

Pro Flourton- lends money to others and sponsors many families in the area.

“Community is LIFE.”

Life is precious.

Father – pitchman

Mother – businesswoman extraordinaire. Perhaps they retired to Flourton?

Family rivals- the Garnet family- shrewd family and tends to undercut Leland’s family.


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