Grimore of winter’s dreams: Entry 1

Date: April 1st

Dear winter Ryuujin

Today the four of us adventurers set forth from Flourton, in an effort to accomplish what generations before us have failed to do: to visit all twelve of the wondrous sites to nourish yourself forever. The first location is relatively close to our hometown, the fairy circles of Lilac town.

I, Beatrice Vert have been appointed as journal keeper. In addition to this, i am a healer. Ume, a blacksmith by trade, is our leader. Aoi, a farmer and fisherman, is our map keeper. Leland’s family runs a shop and he is our quartermaster.

Despite living in the same town, none of us are very good friends. It took us some time to figure out our situation, in terms of what to pack and how to pack it, so as to be the most efficient. However, as it’s the first day, our spirits are high.

But, accidents can and will happen. Leland tripped and fell down a hill and needed healing only ten minutes into the trip. We encountered a Ryuuzo along the path that held a walking stick, but none of us decided to take it. Best of luck to the next group to pass by! After that, we traveled for several uneventful hours before we made came for the night. Ume and Leland set up an extremely well made camp, while Aoi fished and caught a decent sized smelt. He and Ume cooked it and shared with everyone. It was not a gourmet meal, but it was nice to sit by the fire and enjoy a warm meal with good companions.


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