Mythic Bloodline: Gaze of the Infinite Eye

Its always tricky creating content for an rpg you never really finished in the first place…but as I was driving home I thought about a certain technique from a show that I felt should be emulated in this game. Here is my initial draft of one of the eye techniques possible in the setting.


Gaze of the infinite eye is a Mythic bloodline that passes down a few very special abilities to those that inherit it. Those with this trait are said to be able to see the very energy of a person, what affinities they belong to as well as if they are suffering from mystical sicknesses. They are capable of great feats as well, such as being able to extend their range of sight out to several hundred yards. If that is not enough, they also gain the ability to master a special kind of martial art that allows them to attack an opponent’s very source of energy, called the fist of light and shadow.

In game terms the specific benefits are:

At growth rank 1 (which would be starting characters)

A character with this technique cannot score less than a 20 in an awareness check.

They are able to much more easily distinguish between a clone or a transformation technique, gaining a +5 bonus to their awareness rolls involving these techniques.

In addition, as you gain in mastery of the mystic arts, you gain additional talents.

At growth rank 2

You gain the ability to shift your eyesight into the infinite. By doing this, you may see in 360 degree radius around you as far out as 80 feet. While you are using this technique, you gain a state called ‘shifted’. Unlike many other states, this state is not subjected to state loss unless you are no longer able to pay the focus necessary to keep the power active. If you cannot, your eyes return to their normal color. Shifting into the infinite costs you 5 focus per combat round. While shifted, your eye color glows a color that reflects your inner self (affinity) as seen below:

Fire: Deep red

Water: Glowing blue

Earth: a bright tiger’s eye color

Wind:a shimmering green

Lightning:an electric yellow

Dark Light: your eyes fade from shimmering white to a void like black.


If you have dark light affinity, you may seek out a master and learn the fist of light and shadow. A martial art that only exists to those with this bloodline.

If you choose to master the fist of light and shadow, you may also perform ki focused attacks. These allow you to change your hand to hand damage rolls from doing health point damage to focus damage. you must have your eyes shifted in order to perform these attacks. In addition, striking an opponent successfully costs you 5 focus as your ki is causing their ki to become disrupted.


If you do not have dark light affinity, your mastery over your elemental affinity has strengthened. When performing a technique that is the same affinity as your character’s natural affinity, you may perform the technique for 1/2 cost once during a battle.


At growth rank 3,

Shifting to the infinite costs you 5 focus every other combat round. In addition, you may see further out to 100 feet in a 360 degree radius.

At growth rank 4,

Shifting the infinite is able to dispel illusions. You may roll an awareness check with a difficulty equal to the power control result of the illusionist. If you succeed, the illusion is dispelled.

At growth rank 5

Light and shadow fist practitioners may extend their focus to allow their hand to hand weapons to destroy focus.

For those that do not have dark light affinity, you gain the infinite gate technique.
While shifted, you cause a gout of elemental force to appear anywhere you can see. This elemental energy cannot cause damage but CAN be used to intercept an attack. This costs 15 focus and counts toward element cancelling.


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