The Retrievers: Submission to a higher power

As if there were not enough to worry about, something changed at the core of reality. A massive metaphysical event occurred that caused many people to manifest psionic powers. Powers that originate only from the user with no external force other than the very power of the individual’s will. These powers are always manifestations of the person’s personality as the very source of their powers are not driven by instinct, but rather their very ideals and thus are very personal.

This psionic awakening did not occur all at once.  All around the world,  the cases were small at first. Many people tried to deny that these abilities were a real phenomenon, after all ‘Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.’…however when k-pop group Nova Dare appeared, with each member able to manifest a talent, this became something that was hard to ignore as they performed strange miracles during their songs. Nova Dare thought this would be an amazing way for people with gifts to be recognized. They were already a talented bunch of musicians without powers, but they and their managers believed their gifts on display could really make a difference. Thing is, you can never be sure how the public will react to such a thing…

As far as the general public, fear is the first and only response to something different. Many people were deathly afraid of these with gifts. After all, when you consider that the woman down the road may have something like telepathy, the freedom of thinking whatever you want is called into question.* Those that are robbed of what little privacy they feel they have will want to take action. Fortunately false witch hunts dried up relatively quickly when people realized that it is practically impossible to detect this form of power currently and the fact remained that the people without those gifts by far outnumbered those that did. The only tell that exists only manifests when powers are in use. Humans will be humans though and witch hunts did occur, but only briefly.  Even if it was a brief period of time, there were still a time where there were lives lost due to mob mentality.

  •  *telepathy isn’t actually common at all. Because of how this force works in the game you have to have a very specific personality type to be able to read the minds of others. The fear is real, but the odds of running into someone like this isn’t realistic.


As far as individuals that are gifted… The gifted whom live in Japan are typically safe for the most part. However there are a few things to worry about. For example, there are those that would try to hunt down anyone with these gifts to either recruit them into their own organization. They can be rather pushy, even going as far as to attempt to silence those they meet in order to ensure that  if they cant be recruited by them, then they are not recruited by someone else. It is this reason that many who do have gifts keep to themselves. Making those with the gift paranoid of those without the gift and vice versa. Given the fact that the youth already feel as if they are in a losing battle, this leads many whom are gifted down a spiral of depression, which is especially dangerous as the gift is fed by emotion.

It does not help things that these talents were distributed randomly, each person that received them also received power in varying amounts. Some people such as the leader of the Yakuza received omega level powers. Others may have ‘the spark’ or have talent but cannot control their gifts. Regardless of whether you were lucky or luckier, there were many many more that were not lucky at all. Most people are simply unable to manifested any  power at all and thus were left with nothing but the cold truth that they could be forced to submit to a higher power or someone that has more power than themselves.


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