The Retrievers: As the streets burn

The police do what they can, but unfortunately it is not enough. Gang activity is multiplying, as is the escalating conflict between them. Two large gangs have emerged in the past few years, the sharks and the fangs. And while these two clash, the streets burn.

On the streets, several gangs emerged. It’s said that several of them were created due to a byproduct of Yakuza in-fighting. The fangs as they became known are a gang that specialized in illegal street racing and theft. Their races were not only illegal but often dangerous as they modified their vehicles with gear even illegal to the street racing circuit.

Often, many people would feel the affects of their races as the illegal gear often damaged not only the other racers cars but any vehicle on the road. Insurance companies would find loop holes causing the innocents to have to pay out of pocket, increasing the amount of debt innocent people have more and more. The fangs often warred with other gangs, often taking out their leaders and anyone that did not convert over to the gang. The fangs are known to carry a special blade as their calling card. These are known as the member’s fangs and are made of a type of durable material that is not detectable by a metal detector yet still sharp enough to even leave a mark in titanium spice wear.

In gang lingo, its typically blood in blood out, and to the sharks, this was their creed. For the sharks, the initiation involved the new member being ‘initiated’ by blood. The ritual varies but can include anything from being beaten and left bloody to having shark blood dropped on them from a bucket. Leaving the sharks is not an option and leaving usually means through death.

On the streets, the gang is known for dealing in firearms , as well as the theft of spice wear. Many times the sharks would case a person for weeks, finding the time to strike and often steal the spice wear they have on them. Many times this act would leave a person in critical condition. The sharks have gotten a reputation for being the largest provider of stolen spice wear to the black market. The sharks often will amp themselves up on spice wear and as such are quite dangerous to face in battle.

Not long ago, both of these gangs went to all out war against each other. The initial point of conflict was around a member of the fangs was killed during a race. It is said that the sharks were caught removing the spice wear from the fang member when the other fangs showed up. They killed the sharks that were caught in the act and it snow balled from there. Sometimes the violence between them causes massive destruction of city property and catches many innocents in the crossfire.

The police have been out gunned. And desperate times come to desperate measures. The city is close to being called into a state of emergency and the military police have been dispatched. Yet things haven’t gotten much better. In fact, the only thing that has happened is that happiness of the average person has been trespassed on and more and more, they ask for help yet have nowhere to turn.


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