The Retrievers: Our Bleak Existence

During a major renovation campaign held by the Japanese diet, many new styles of apartments were created to house the booming generation of single men. These joku houses as they were named, were quite popular for their modern design yet inexpensive cost of living. This was made better by their location, which were within walking distance to many firms that hired the fresh out of college young men.

During the last 5 years, major earthquakes have ravaged the metropolitan areas of Tokyo. This has caused destruction on a major scale. Many businesses were utterly destroyed, rendering many people without jobs. Those that were especially affected were those that lived in the Joku. Many of these peoples were rendered homeless and took to the streets with many hoping that the old firms would soon restructure and rehire those that lost their offices. Often, this did not happen and many were forced to look for odd jobs and even crime to sustain their lives. As a result, the crime rate went up as gang memberships increased.

Even with increased gang activity, there appear to be regular quakes that often destroy structures that are in the process of being rebuilt. The police are short staffed and many times ill-equipped to deal with the rise of criminals with special powers. When the police and these criminals fight, its often the normal people that tend to get caught in the crossfire.

People whom are just trying to get along and reclaim their lives in this city are often the ones that suffer the most. Many of these people are just trying to get along and eke out an existence among all the trouble. Many times, these people get robbed, hurt and worse by those that feel they are not entitled happiness because they themselves are not getting it.

If its anything though the true killer of this once beautiful city is apathy. Youth is the shining symbol of Japan. Many youth are seeing how hard it is to do right in this city. They dream of leaving the main city and honestly, many don’t blame them.


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