OVA Setting: The Retrievers

*I originally posted this data on the wise turtle publishing forums. I am reposting here so that 1, I do not forget and 2 that perhaps someday I will be able to run this setting as a mini campaign.


I have always wanted to do an rpg similar to the manga series- “Get Backers”. If you aren’t aware, it stars heroes that go on missions in order to get back precious items for their clients. I had a dream the other day that was very much in line with this and I really wanted to expand on it. My game will have some cyber punk elements to it- cybernetics and chrome. Players do not have to have cybernetics as there will still be mysticism in the game as well. While the setting material I post below sounds semi-serious,  the actual gameplay wont be as bad. The dream in which this setting is based on had player characters fighting cyborg dinosaurs and robot ninja.

My inspirations for this game: The Get Backers, Those who hunt Elves, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Ghost in the Shell

The setting: It’s the year 20xx. A powerful company named the Siren group rose from a small pharmaceutical company to the global leader of medicine, robotics and consumer goods through a series of acquisitions and mergers. In this world, many people have almost become dependent on this company for everything. It is in this world where despite the innovations of science and medicine, that the criminal element is still allowed to take root in the hearts of men. Our heroes have created an organization called the retrievers that; while not providing a free civil service such as the police; can still help provide comfort in their client’s lives by retrieving things that they hold dear.

The City: Tokyo Japan

Idols- In this world, Idols have gotten quite popular. Several Idols for each genre of music have appeared and each of them compete in various reality shows for the public’s amusement. Behind the scenes, many of these people are owned by the Siren group or one of their competitors and may be forced to live however the companies say they will live until they fall from status. The fall from grace has an idol attempt to move back to their normal lives, however this can often be very difficult as former friends may have turned their backs on them, family tries to exploit money and so on.

Cybernetics are nicknamed spiceware in this world. Spiceware comes in many different forms, from cybernetic arms to artificially created eyes. Though cybernetics are very common, one thing to note is that the field is still relatively new. The term comes from a K-pop band known as the Spice kids, whom became famous for being the first people to receive the augmentations 10 years ago.


Supernatural powers in this world all stem from psychokinetic energy. Those whom awaken with the gift of psionic are nicknamed psychos. Psycho abilities work because their will is powerful enough to bend reality around themselves enough to produce the effects. A psycho sword for example is a mental blade that is created by sheer force of will and can takes an appearance unconsciously determined by its user.


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