The Fairies of Shiki


There are three types of Fairy in the world of Shiki.

Pixie- the smallest type of Fairy and the most plentiful.

Sprite- The second largest type of fairy. They are far less numerous than the pixie  but tend to live much longer lives.

Great fairy-  The largest and most magical of the fairies. They are as eternal as the seasonal dragons themselves.

Pixies are the smallest fairy. They are about an inch high in size and can fly about in high speeds. Pixies fly by generating a large amount of magical energy that makes them appear as small balls of light. As they wiz about, they leave trails of magical dust aka pixie dust which can have minor healing properties for about a few hours. Most of them are female however there are a few male pixies. Their hair and eye colors run the gamut of the rainbow. Because of their height, they can fall prey to animals and insects but are usually strong enough to fend for themselves.

Sprites are much larger than pixies. They are about the size of human children (age 7-8ish)  in height. They are very magical beings as well, however they are not able to fly at all. They are almost always magic type with alignment to spring, however there are some exceptions. They live extremely long lives and are very few in number, perhaps around 100 throughout the land. Most of them are female however there are a few male sprites.  Sprites generally care for their own and will drop what they are doing to aid any other sprite. Sprites also do much to care for pixies and revere their great fairy mothers.  As with the pixies, their hair and eye colors run the range of the rainbow and their skin tones can be any human color.

Great fairies are human sized fairy. There are only four great fairies in the world and each are as timeless as the seasonal dragons themselves. They are all female and each fairy was created from them.

The great fairies often interfere in human affairs in that they try to prevent great scale conflicts. They themselves are not violent in nature but will aid those who seek peace. The great fairies can take human mates so it is in their best interest to keep them alive.  A great fairy will take one mate from human kind every 1000 years to ensure that future generations of fairies will be born.

Each of the great fairies are considered magic type. They each have mastered all spells of the season in which they represent. In addition they can perform miracles that tie to their season.

The four great fairies detailed


Flournara- (pronounced floor nara) Spring

She is 5’11 with short pink hair. Her eyes shine a bright spring green. She has wings that are much like that of a butter fly, that change colors between greens, blues and yellows. She appears inhumanly graceful in all her movements. Her face is child like yet her voice betrays this as she speaks with regal regard. She has a habit of referring to males as darling.


Aquaria is 6’2. She has deep brown hair that is normally worn in many braids.  Her skin is a deep brown.  She has striking yellow eyes that glow mysteriously. She has large bird like wings that sprout from her back. Their silvery feathers shimmer in the sun light. Her words resound with a timeless wisdom.


Fall fairy


Is the name of the fall fairy.  She is 5’8 in height. She has shoulder length red hair. Her eyes shine a deep purple in color. Her wings are the shape and color of fall leaves and as such change color with the season.

Winter –

Selinene (pronounced sellen, nay)- winter fairy.

She is the tallest of the great fairies at 6’5. She has long flowing black hair. Her eyes shine a cool blue. Her features are perfect in their symmetry.  Her skin tone is almost a porcelain white.  She has four wings that sprout from her back. Each wing appears formed of jagged ice, yet all four, when held together form the shape of the perfect snow flake.  She is stern in her demeanor, yet kind reflecting the hardness of ice and the softness of snow itself. It was her idea to create the grimoire of winter’s dreams in order to help the winter dragon in ancient times.


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