DD – Side story 1

*I created this story a few months back. I have no idea why it took me so long to post it here.

It was a cold rain that poured over the dark port city. The evening air, filled with smog reduced the visibility of the area greatly while adding a bad sent to the air. A somewhat tall figure, fully armored in full plate armor walked a steady pace through the city. The figure moved slowly, with full purpose through densely crowded and smoggy  city. The locals gave way, allowing this figure to pass on through to the muddy tavern.

The lanterns in front of the tavern were covered well enough to keep them from going out from the rain, yet the smog in the area kept the light muted. Inside, there were lots of ruffians, pirates, and thugs. Many of the tavern’s patrons, kept the place loud and boisterous with drink and gambling games. The relatively muted light kept many of the games of chance being ones of opportunity. The smell of the smog could only complement the smell of the bar as it seemed the natural scent of sweat and old alcohol made the room rather pungent. It did not seem to affect the patrons and bottle fairies however. In fact, many of them carried on until the door opened and the armored figure opened the door. For a brief moment, the place was dead silent. The figure reasoned they were suspicious of her person, perhaps they considered her a threat?  Or maybe a town guard? Regardless, her hand placed on her short blade kept the closest people from advancing and after that brief moment, the ruckus began again. The female knight made her way to the bar.

The bartender was a brutish man. Very tall, barrel chested with several tattoos along his arm and chest. He sucked air through the gap in his teeth and spoke: “Tower knights? I don’t server your kind here!”

The knight then removed her helmet.

“Its you!” The bartender said.

“Yes, its me Bertrand. This place and by extension you, look worse and worse each time I come here.”

“Bah!” Bertrand huffs.

“What are you doing here anyway, Amandra? ”

Amandra smiles, and retrieves a rolled up piece of parchment from her pouch.

“I’m here to ask you a favor. I am working for a Mr. Calloway and we are looking for a particular person…have you heard of him?”

She unrolls the parchment, revealing the face of a man with devilish horns. The man looks rather solemn in this portrait. The parchment rather reveals the person in question is a wanted man, listing a rather good sum.

Bertrand grunts.

“Now you know my terms Amandra. If you get any sort of money for bounty I get -”

Amandra cuts in- “Yes, yes, you get a 20%

“No, No, 30%” Bertrand says.

“Ok, ok.” Amandra says. “well, can you help me out or not?”

“Aye I can lass.” Bertrand says.  He starts scratching his scraggly hair for a moment, passes a few more drinks for some of the others, then says” “I’ll meet you out back.”

Amandra places her helm back on and heads back outside.

The side alley has some cover of the elements, making this a popular spot for the destitute to go to avoid the rain. The knight walks through the alley, walking past several of the downtrodden while moving to the spot of the meeting. The smog seems to have gathered in these places a bit more densely, making the scent almost unbearable. Behind the tavern, Bertrand arrives looking rather nervously. He seemed a bit startled when Amandra happened upon him.

“Well, what do you know about this man?” Amandra asked.

“Word is, your man is working for the enemy team. Some say they saw him traveling with a sickly looking fellow a few moons ago. I think they said they were headed towards the badlands.”

Amandra sighs. The badlands have seen much better days. Especially after calamity.

“Here. I’ll give you some of the reward now for your help.”

Amandra stuffs a small satchel of coins in his hands.

“Thank you for your patronage.” Bertrand says as he stuffs the satchel down his trousers.

“A word of advice lass. You ain’t the only person searching for that bugger.”

The two then part ways. The knight disappearing into the smog.


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