The village of Flourton

Town name: Flourton is a small village located in the south western part of the country of Rhododen.

Population: 500 people

Ruler or representative: Mayor Robert Phillips the third.

Environment: A hilly plain in a wind swept valley.

Representative buildings: Large Windmills

Specialty goods: Breads are the specialty of those that reside in Flourton.

Sights sounds and scents: People are often seen wearing aprons or smocks. The air in the town smells delicious as somewhere, someone is baking during the day.

Town’s Threats: Unfortunately, so much bread has called the attention of hungry rodents and raccoons, as well as pigeons and heaven forbid, the dreaded mill worms.

Other notes- this town is home to our heroes. It is this town that has been blessed with something particularly interesting.


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