Ryuutama RPG – Craft project

When looking at the holiday supplement provided by the official English page, I got an idea on how to use the terrain and weather cards in a more easy to view format. There were two ways I had in mind. One of them was cutting out the terrain and weather, laminating them and the terrain and weather board and just having them on the table. The other was having them displayed on a cork board. I decided to go for the cork board route and with the aid of my fiance we got it done.


First we cut out all of the terrain and weather cards provided to us in the guide.


Next, for the weather cards we used a glue-stick to glue them on to note cards.


For a few of the weather cards as well as the terrain cards, we also had scrap booking paper to use. We did this primarily for the terrain cards as they were bigger than any note cards we had on hand.


After that, we placed magnets on the backs of the terrain and weather cards. That way we could pull them off the main terrain and weather board when not in use. I figured it would be much more interchangeable that way and we wouldn’t have the board page riddled with pin holes.


After that, we had some issues as the amount of magnets to hold each card kept becoming problematic.We solved that problem eventually however.


I had some d&d 4.0 dungeon tile boxes unused so I taped the example page on the top. It is now used for the terrain and weather not in use.




Here is a look at the final products!

Straight on




Side again


It was pretty fun putting this together. Maybe we will create something just as fun when the day comes that we finally play Golden Sky Stories!




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