Ryuutama Character Profile 3 –Ume Tetsu

A young smith that resides in Flourton.  Her journey begins soon.

Class: Artisan – Weaponsmith

Party Role: Leader

Type: Attack

Image color: Her favorite color is plum/purple

Appearance: 5’9″ , full figured with muscular upper body, auburn hair blue eyes. Age 18

Personal Item: Mother’s hair clip

Favored Weapon: Axe/Hammer

Reason for travel: Ume dreams of finding rare metals and minerals with the goal of creating some of the most unique weapons the world has ever known.


Apprentice blacksmith to her father

Father- Mr. Tatsu

Mother passed

Brothers- Ringo, Suika and Ichigo. Brothers are competitive with Ume.

Ringo youngest brother older than Ume

Suika 2nd oldest

Ichigo the oldest.

Ume is the youngest.

Kiku – pet dog. Female bulldog


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