Ryuutama Character Profile 2 – Yamato Aoi

Aoi is a young farmer from from Flourton with dreams of the sea.

Class: Farmer

Party Role: Mapper

Type: Magic- aligned with the season of summer.

Image color:

Appearance: Age 17

Favored Weapon: Light blade

Personal Item: Prized Teddy bear. Its cute quality. His sister Ussuri has provided him with her prized teddy bear. It is the teddy’s destiny to view the lands with her brother.

Reason for Travel: Aoi dreams of fishing in all of the bodies of waters in the land in order to become a true master fisherman.



Father Mr. Yamato

Mother Mrs. Yamato

Ussuri- little sis. Has a brother complex.
Kaori- Ussuri’s best friend
Parents met on their journey around x years ago.
Older brother

Yamato ranch – Chickens primarily as they provide the many bakeries with the eggs nessary.


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