Ryuutama Character Profile 1 – Beatrice Vert

Beatrice Vert is an 18 year old female from the town of Flourton.

Class: Healer

Party Role: Journal keeper

Type: Technical

Image color:When one thinks of Beatrice, they see the color of fresh mossy spring green.

Appearance: She has black hair and yellow eyes. Age 18

Personal Item:

Favored Weapon: Hand Scythe (gathering tool turned weapon. treated as light blade)

Hometown: ?

Reason for travel: Beatrice wants to learn about all of the healing herbs in the world. Such knowledge will grant her the ability to become one of the greatest healers.


Moved to Flourton.
Family elsewhere
Works with Master alchemist Watanabe Tofu- a stern master. Kind of hard on Beatrice.

Beatrice uses a hand scythe to gather healing herbs. If in a pinch, she can use this to defend herself from those that would do her harm.


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