Lillac Town- the City of Flowers

Town name: Lillac Town

Population: 800 people

Ruler or representative: Fairy Princess Koko

Environment: A city in the middle of a large meadow.

Representative buildings: Ranch style homes: open, villa like public buildings and markes

Specialty goods: Perfumes, scented oils, soaps, dyes

Sights sounds and scents:Town smells of fresh flowers. Lilacs in particular. The large flower fields carry the scents of flowers throughout Rhododen.

Town’s Threats: and because of this, pollen is also spread all around, making those with allergies resent the town. In addition, pest beetles (Japanese beetles) are killing off the local lady bug population. Larger beetles have also been around, making a mess of things. Soon, an all out war between the fairies and beetles may result.

Other: One of the world’s seasonal spots resides right near the town. The fairy circles are said to be… *to be updated.


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