Ryuutama – World Notes of the Green Dragon

This is the world we will create for this game. If I ever run another game of Ryuutama I will publish another page on that world. For now,  this page will be the location of the world we are creating together.This page will be updated once more people contribute to this from the group that is playing.


World of: Shiki

In the world of: Shiki

The planet is shaped rather uniquely. It appears as a flat world, with one large continent surrounded by  water. The water stretches out for 1000’s of miles before hitting an edge.  There still exists an atmosphere and a horizon as normal, thus giving viewers from the world similar view to our own. On the edge of this world, water rolls off the back of the edge and lands on the other side of the world due to gravity.  Water flows on the other side of this world the same way and so the edges of the world are wracked by gigantic storms  as well as a perpetual waterfall like effect.  There also exists large channels of water that can sometimes flow through the world itself (I know scientific minds are screaming right now but this is a game based on fantasy). The waters that flow through here  become heavily filtered by the time they reach the other side, often creating small lakes or even small rivers through this process.

As with many things in this world, dragons exist and control phenomenon that we have here on earth. There is one large dragon- the solar dragon that flies over the planet each day, granting sunlight. He is eternal, benevolent and tireless. Many just call him the sun dragon as his name is hard to pronounce even to the greatest scholars. He sired 4 younger dragons, each of them responsible for each season with the winter dragon being the oldest. The winter dragon is also the most powerful of his sons and he is not kind. The fall dragon is next in birth order. She is often kind yet she has a sort of sadness about her despite her beauty. Next is the Summer dragon. He is often very energetic, and proud as he inherited the power of heat energy from his father. Finally, the youngest – the Spring Dragon. She is the youngest of the seasonal dragons and she is the most beautiful of the dragons.  From these dragons come the dragons of weather and dragons of the lands.

Our land has four different countries that each represent the four seasons.

The country of Spring: Rhododen

Capital city: Dron

This country specializes in natural perfumes and botanical oils.

It’s crops reflect the produce that have their harvest during the spring. For example: most head vegetables like lettuce, cabbage Greens such as spinach and kale. Peas and other delicate vegetables like asparagus. Root vegetables like radishes, potatoes and turnips.

When visiting Rhododen you will notice a sweet floral scent coming from most fields and even those that don’t have allergies will experience a reaction to the heavy pollen content in the air. A botanical pollution if you will. Most goods flaunt the bright colors made from the natural dyes crafted from the abundant flowers. Even during the winter this country manages to flaunt the cheery youthfulness that comes with spring.


The country of Summer: Ta-SED

Capital City:


The country of Fall:

Capital City:


The country of Winter:

Capital City:


Recently in our world: Years ago, many ships went out to sea to discover what was out there… They have returned!

In addition: One city state that was traditionally sealed off to visitors has finally opened its doors.

One thing that seems to plague the lands is the constant threat of the evil snow sorceress. Delilah of the winter country resides atop  Ice cap mountain, plotting evil. It is said she wishes to do nothing but plunge the world into eternal winter.

Another very serious threat to the world is the grimoire of winter’s dreams.

In our world exists a culture of journeying. Every woman and man is expected to undergo a journey during their lives.  During your travel, someone is appointed to care for the things you leave behind. For example, if you are a farmer, your relatives will watch after your farm and continue to work it while you are gone.

The reason for this is due to the seasonal dragons themselves. The seasonal dragons do not consume food like normal mortal creatures. They instead consume Travelogues, or tales of journeys from the people of the land. The spring, summer and fall dragons consume the normal travelogues, however the winter dragon is different. He will only consume stories from one special travelogue, tales given to him from a special book created by the fairies- The grimoire of winter’s dreams.

It is a book that is trusted to one group handpicked by the winter fairy Selinene herself. The travelers that hold this book are instructed to visit specific sites along their journey. This book will then be penned by the peoples that hold the book. If the book fails to be penned by the group then the entire land is subject to the wrath of the winter dragon himself for a full year as penance.

One thing that seems to keep the scholars guessing is: What lies beneath. Scholars know the world is flat, but what is it that lies on the other side of this world?




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