D&D character showcase 2

This is the first actual character I made for the brief dark sun campaign. I was thinking about a lot of different concepts and I kept thinking of the wastes, sand and deserts. After a bit, i came upon the idea of what if you could play a cow boy in D&D? I figured it would be fun to try the idea out. I didnt want to be in charge of a lot of animals so instead of a rancher, i decided what about a gun slinger? From there, I had an idea. D&D may not have guns, but they do have slings! So I made a cowboy inspired ‘slinger named Leon.

Leon – the mist
Appearance/Personality- Leon is a man of above average height. He is relatively thin for his height. He has sun tanned skin, deep black hair and eyes. He has a 5 o’clock shadow and wears sandy colored robe. Leon speaks with kind of a southern draal. As a person, Leon is more likely to greet you and be nice up front. He does have a side to him that he reveals only to his enemies. Leon does not take prisoners so anyone that threatens himself, or anything he cares about will typically meet their fate.Leon also has sticky fingers, and enjoys testing his ability to nic something without notice.



Leon was born and raised in the streets of the city of Tyr. During sandstorms he would often go out as long as he could so he could try to locate anyone’s goods to take for himself. He was in and out of trouble often until one day he was caught and one of his friends took his place in being captured. The friend lost a finger for this, which was considered lucky by the city’s standards. Even so, that made Leon train harder so that next time, he would never be caught. As he began training, his aim also improved and he chose to practice with a sing as he could easily disguise it as an armband. He also focused on discovering ways to stay hidden from people that are actively chasing him. He became very good at hiding and staying quiet and became the best out of his group at it.
Eventually, his band of friends shrank one by one as they either were lost to famine (such as silt-cough), taken out by rival thieves or other ways. In order to stay occupied between jobs, he turned his attention to the ladies. Leon was once quite the ladies man, however recently he began dating the Juggler Jossi, who seemed to be the one he was looking for all along. His time with Jossi softened his heart and he began stealing less and less and began wondering if he could better use his talents for something positive. He was then introduced to the veiled alliance where he met new friends, such as the enigmatic Sheeraak, Sammel as well as Tia-ra and Ambrose.


Leon is lean and swift. He is also extremely agile and soft of foot. Leon is very nimble, acrobatic, making jumps and tumbles with ease. He is decent at finding his way around a new place, but he really excels at staying quiet and taking things without people noticing. In order to do well at that he is decent at keeping situational awareness so he does not pop up unless necessary. His time as a youth in enduring sandstorms helped him learn how to better survive in harsh conditions.
In battle, he often fights at a distance. His main way of fighting foes, is to hit them with sling bullets from afar and vanish before his opponents reach his hiding place, only to hit them from a different place. He is not a slouch close up either, as he can fight with a short sword but he prefers to fight at range.


Unfortunately this game has been put on indefinite hiatus. I had some plans for Leon that include- finding out where his remaining friends have gone to. Completing the journey of self discovery softening his heart enough to care more about the world around him (fully transitioning to a good alignment from his more selfish one that he is in currently). Someday, he wanted to be in charge of a new group of thieves in the city that are more Robin-hood like.


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