D&D character showcase 1

I haven’t posted in here for awhile, but I think it would be fun to revisit some of my old characters from one of my favorite roleplaying games. My first character showcase is the Cursed Sorceress Aghanai Tahngarth. She was one of the last characters I played on this system.

Aghanai – the Cursed


Aghanai is an young adult human female with burning red hair. Her right eye is a deep brown, while her other eye is concealed beneath a bandanna. As a person, she is cool and calm. She strives to represent the controlled flame outside of battle and has a tendency to carefully consider her options before acting. In battle, her calm cool demeanor instead is more ruthless and calculating, immolating her foes with precision.


Aghanai was born and raised to the Bennalish traders that roamed the wastes. They eventually settled down to an area close to the city of Tyr. Aghanai herself had a normal childhood but she began manifesting cursed arcane powers. Her family kept it quiet as best as they could but her neighbors eventually ran her out of the group. She learned enough to barely survive on her own, but she was found soon by a cult of magi. They gave her shelter and taught her how to utilize her talents. She was in training to become a master of elements, but her master Skileous betrayed the cult and sacrificed most of them to fuel his own powers. Aghanai was among the few that survived, however her survival did not mean her safety. She was experimented upon, causing her to be given the eye of a demon. Incidentally, this operation and the surrounding trauma caused her to develop a mental block of sorts, making her only able to channel fire magic.

Before too long, their dark experiments caused Aghanai to lash out in anger and she found a way through her captors to the big desert city. After a few years, she eventually met a woman named Glass and formed a friendship. Together with Glass, they would join a group of rebels that saught to do good within the large city called the Veiled alliance.

Aghanai is very hardy in addition to being very beautiful.
She is talented in talking her way out of trouble and can tell a convincing lie if pressed. She is also good at finding her way around the city.
In battle, she is quite skilled in channeling fire magic as it is the only form of magic she has left. She battles with a form of knife that explodes into flames upon embedding into her target. Her baleful gift however is that of the eye of a demon. Her left eye constantly bleeds when exposed to open air. It also shows her dangerous and dark visions during times of rest. It does however want its host to live as long as possible so it has granted Aghanai a small gift of harming attackers.



Unfortunately this game has been put on indefinite hiatus. I had some plans for Aghanai- including her learning that she was a distant relative to another party member named Ambrose. She would through play perhaps find a way to cope with her past, eventually unlocking her potential. In addition, her demon’s eye would allow her to gain gaze attacks. An angle i also wanted to explore was that the eye and her magic would allow her to delve into cursed magics the setting!

I have posted the dice I bought specifically for her below:

In addition, this is the top of her character sheet as well as an image of the demon’s eye.





I hope anyone that read this enjoyed it. I am going to post another character at another time.


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