More notes on the nature of the soul – Inheritance of Mana

More notes on the nature of the soul

Research notes from Jonathan Mead

If you have heard tales about witches and demons, chances are that you hear of their ability to control man by gaining a contract over them. Unfortunately I am here to tell you that this is a real phenomena. It is my hope that by following along, you will know at a high level, how this works.

When a soul is borne, a special metaphysical name is also attached to the soul known as the spirit sign. The spirit sign is a special mark that allows the soul to be bound to the spirit threads. The spirit sign also a frequency using the divine note – a wavelength that is said to be the origin of all particles.

Naturally, when a soul is attached to the soul thread network, the person can be born into the world. Usually, when a parent names their child (or the first name that is assigned to the new being), an unofficial magical contract is signed upon the soul, branding this soul’s spirit sign. This is done as a way to help the adjudicators properly identify a soul upon its connection being severed.

It is this contract that those in the soul arts are able to affect. The being will utilize a sophisticated spell that uses divine notes to sift through the world and the bleed itself, tracing the person’s soul thread, allowing them to manipulate the person’s very soul. Those affected by this spell are said to be in full view of all events their bodies are subject to, however all they can do is watch as passenger to their bodies doing things without their command.

I will note that it is not easy to do this sort of magic. It is not as simple as someone gaining access to your name. If it were that easy, life would be utter chaos! In order for one to gain access to you in this fashion, a being must have a special kind of harmonic magical key. This key is gained when a person willingly acknowledges a verbal ‘hence magical’ contract. The person’s aura must be at a calm state before the key is released. It is said that in antiquity, Auraluin herself put this safeguard in place to ensure that both parties agree to whatever contract is created. The goddess however did not foresee that those evil enough would be able to make people agree to terms against their will via ransom.

I will end here for now by stating that one must always be careful. Cruel things have been documented by people that enter contracts with such people. It is not recommended that anyone enters a contract without fully knowing what the full notes of said contract are. Its is not impossible for a person’s spirit sign to be restored after being used by another entity. One must not give up hope if something like this happens to someone. Contacting an Adjudicator is not impossible but very difficult.


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