DND Deja vu V Deja vu

Gwendolen Morris was walking down the trail near her home town on a cold, winter morning. She took her time to admire the sights and sounds of her cherished place. Large snowflakes fell silently in the cold air, seemingly in slow motion. A snowflake landed softly on her long blonde hair, only to disappear just as quickly as it arrived, leaving a tiny wet spot on the red ribbon she wove in through her hair. Off in the distance, she could hear some birds that fear not the cold weather chatter away.

She often walked this trail to clear her mind of her troubles. This trail also has a hidden path that not many know about. It is a path that has lead her to many game. Today, she would be visiting this secret path in search of larger game. As she reached the familiar markings, she slowed her pace. She would take the secret path south instead of following the route back to the village. It is about 45 minutes walk to get there, but the more time out in the forest, the better. Utilizing the techniques she learned as a hunter, she was moved though the trees unnoticed by many of the wildlife. Impressive, considering the ammunition of her weapon of choice tends to make notice.

Soon she appeared several yards away from a potential target. A large form, standing on its four legs stood near several trees. It’s large head rose from the snow as it lifted up and sniffed the air. Gwendolen crouched and reached behind her. She retrieved Moonsing from its back holster slowly as she watched the beast carefully. Slower still, she loaded a single bolt into its chamber…

It was at that moment, a small bubble appeared about 7 feet above the snow. The large beast looked up sharply, sniffed loudly and sprinted away as a faint blue line pulled down below the bubble. The line, now creating a static like sound, reached the ground. Gwendolen stood in awe, not sure what to next. The line began to pull apart, revealing what appeared to be some sort of rift. A few objects fell out of the rift, covered in some sort of dark soot. The line then traced itself back up to the bubble and disappeared without a trace.

The smaller form stood up first. Shaking the dust from his hair, he appeared to be a halfling. He was dressed in a winter weather outfit, yet had no proper footwear on his rather large hairy feet not like the Halflings from her hometown. Then the other form stood up. This figure appeared to be a blonde woman wearing a very similar uniform that Gwendolen was wearing. Odder still, she wore her hair in a very similar style to Gwendolen’s, even with ribbon woven through her hair, though this would be a green ribbon. The similarities were starting to become quite startling. However it was not until the little one spoke that Gwendolen became quite confused.

The smaller figure stretched then loudly said to the other form -“Say Gwen, this looks just like your home away from home eh?”.

‘Gwen’ then said- “Yeah, this appears to be my little hunting path. However we should get moving. Your little stunt could cause the wildlife here to forsake this place. Then where would I go?'”

Gwendolen couldn’t believe it. The one called ‘Gwen’ is just like her! Down to every detail! Gwendolen also noticed that she even had the same verbal inflection that only the women of this area have! But she couldn’t be from this village. Gwendolen knew about every hunter in this area. She softly placed the bolt back in her bag and attempted to sneak away. It was at that moment where the other woman noticed her.

They both stared at each other in disbelief. The wind itself picked up somewhat, blowing drifting snow here or there but their gaze was unbroken. The little halfling, wanting to break the awkward silence spoke: “Hey now, Gwen. I didn’t know you had a sister…A twin sister at that!”

Gwen then said slowly “I don’t… in fact, the only other thing that this could be…”

Gwendolen spoke – “I don’t know what manner of sorcery this could be but I wish you no harm.”

The halfling, gazing about then grabbed Gwen by the shirt sleeve : “Gwen! What is that above you!”

Both Gwendolen and Gwen looked above their heads and noticed that there were arcane bubbles both now above them. Slowly, they formed two sigils one that formed a 4 and the other a 5, the 5 above Gwen’s head with the prior above Gwendolen’s. Gwen then reached out quickly and grabbed a crossbow from behind her. Suddenly Gwendolen noticed that even ‘Gwen’s Crossbow looked just like Moonsing which is impossible! Moonsing is a one of a kind crossbow crafted by Spruce the famous elvan craftsman as prize for winning the harvest festival. Gwendolen’s jaw dropped at the sight.

Gwen then said “I don’t know what game you’re playing at, but I reason you are a doppleganger. I will give you one more chance. Leave now!”


**the remaining and ensuing battle was not well received by others so I chose to remove it.