Battle Century G- Mecha RPG first look

mecha rpg

Good morning, I was looking through drivethrurpg and happened upon a mecha rpg that I have never heard of. As you know, anime style rpgs are my favorite style of game so I was very intrigued. I ended up purchasing it with the option to send a physical soft cover version. It arrived, just in time for some weekend reading…

So far, I have just been reading through the book. Its only around 200 pages, setting information included. The basic rules are quite easy. Roll 1d10 plus attribute vs a target number. What I find most interesting is how modifiers are handled. If you have the applicable skill or circumstance, you receive an advantage. An advantage is an additional d10 that you roll for each advantage that applies to the roll. With advantage, you keep the roll that is better for the situation, which in many cases will be the higher die. Disadvantages work the opposite way, adding a d10 to the roll in which you take the lower. If you have multiple advantages and disadvantages, you cancel them out until whatever remains. Players also have the option to take a net +2 for advantage, where the GM can apply a +2 to the difficulty of the check for disadvantages. There are rules for extended tests, and other kinds of tests which I will cover later.

I hope to continue this preview as I get more into this book. So far, I have read through character and mech creation but I want to give them a reread before I go further. My overall impression is that this may be one of the better rules lite mecha role playing games I have read and I cannot wait to find a way to try it out.

Contine to part 2


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