Inheritance of Mana: Of Great Beasts

Of great beasts- an except from Jun Tabak, X-kai guild member and great beast enthusiast

What are great beasts and where did they come from? I have thought about this at great lengths. It is part of the reason I joined the guild as their primary purpose is to defend others from them. During my tenure with X-kai, I have had the opportunity to share my notes with other guilds. The information below is a result of my findings.

Some areas of the world are overly saturated with mana and creatures that lived in that area for many centuries became affected. Great beasts are the resulting mutations to the fauna of such regions. The scholarly community have deemed them a naturally occurring phenomenon. Because of these creatures manavolving, they often can become a problem for other beings that share the same space as them.

Giga fauna

Most of the creatures fall into a category called giga fauna and in general, a great beast refers to creatures of this type. The creatures in this category can grow up to 20 feet tall depending on the species. Generally they are one with the type of mana they manavolved from and exhibit traits from the element of their habitat. Many times they are quite smart, learning from past mistakes and often finding new ways to be pesky. It is up to guilds such as x-kai to hunt these beasts if they become too much of a problem. A beast hunted this way is respected by the laws set in place by the oracle guild and each part of the beast is used for something, never wasted.

Omega fauna- aka Omega beasts

During the age of mythologies, a fey lord called Arloneon had decided to experiment with many of the great beasts. He infused mana into them using a very complex ritual, causing already powerful great beasts to become a force of nature onto themselves. Arloneon had meant to raise an army of these beasts to face the forces of Govillias, however our he underestimated the cunning of our enemy. Govillias easily scrambled the minds of these beasts and they all ran amuck, destroying the great Elvan city of Rubymoon. Arloneon himself, shamed by this event went into exile never to return. As for these beasts, they spread to the far corners of Beryl, causing problems for the peoples of the world.

We define omega fauna as beasts that are greater than 20 feet tall. Omega fauna often have human level intellect and due to the events of the past have been corrupted. They have since broken free of corruption however they hold a deep seated hatred for humanoid creatures due to their creation and often strike large areas without warning. Often times, even my guild is not enough and must partner with other guilds such as the knight guild in order to put one down. Unfortunately because they are tied intrinsically to mana, they can open rifts to the brilliant world in order to feed their powers, making them quite frankly insanely difficult to face. If you ever need help fighting one, it helps to get it away from any elements that share an affinity with it. Good luck.


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