Battel in progress: Super Dungeon Explore Arcade Mode!

Last night we began our trial of the Arcade mode for Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King.  Post will be edited to add pictures later.

In the game, the ‘dark consul’ has created spawn points that warp in enemies to do his bidding. Your goal is two fold- destroy the spawn points and then destroy the stage boss that appears.

In arcade mode, all of the players control a hero and there is a card deck that determines what the enemies do. Actions you perform and outcomes of actions will earn players wrath. The player with the most wrath is whom the monsters will go after and attack. The arcade mode deck has some interesting features, one of them is detailed below.

I played as Princess Emerald: a riflewoman with a few offensive techniques and an emergency potion that heals and allows you to move through any space.

Sabrena played as the Star Guild Sapper- the Mario Expy- he is a dwarf that fights with a hammer. He has a few powerful techniques as well as the starshine ability which makes you temporally immune to status effects.

We were playing a modified version of Arcade. We still played with the normal amount of minis, but we were sticking to just two heroes. Well…that turned out to be deadly for a the starguild sapper. He pulled in all the aggro because I spent my first turn exploring. YES, this game you can perform the explore action to discover something in the environment. Sometimes it can be quite helpful but other times… like on my first turn it can be deadly. The first turn, I activated a trap that hurt us a bit. Then the sapper took out a few mooks. Enemies turn, they all went after the poor dwarf. The next turn we evened the odds some but then the AI activated an exploit that gave it two attacks per elite unit! The exploit was a double edged sword. The sapper fell but all mook level units were destroyed and then subsequently spawned, leaving the witches open to a direct attack.

With the starguild sapper down, the ember mage made an appearance. I guess we left her asleep back at camp and she showed up to see the sapper get taken out. She blew up a few enemies and together the ladies destroyed the spawnpoint- spawning the miniboss- the herald of Vulcanis!

Will the heroes be able to get the princess coin and resurrect the star guild sapper before they fall to the herald of vulcanis? Stay tuned!


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