Seven great spheres of hope – shinigami

These are the beginnings of my rules for those that wish to play shinigami. Much more detail is needed, but i figured i would post my first draft.

A long time ago, an evil entity caused a break to occur between otherworld and the lower worlds. This caused many dead evil ghosts to escape and wreck havoc along the worlds. In order to combat this, the Shinigami were created to hunt down wayward spirits and seal them back to otherworld. They are born in otherworld and are given a new kind of spiritual body that allows them greater protection and ability. Shinigami have the ability to move between the world of the living and other world freely. They can will themselves to appear invisible to normal mortals (those without spirit power, chakura or mastery levels).

Combat Skill- Power Accuracy, Power Control, Melee

Limit-Spirit power- determines how in sync you are with your spirit edge. Your spirit power also helps with your spells.

Feature- Spirit edge- You have a melee weapon capable of cutting through almost anything. As you grow in strength, it too grows. As your spirit power grows, you can unlock secrets of your weapon and possibly new forms.

Shinigami heroes are created with a spirit power of 1. This means that they are strong enough to create their own spirit blade out of their soul. They also may begin play with Kido or spells. Finally there are a few innate abilities they begin play with.

The Spirit Edge
The spirit edge is a special weapon that is summoned by the user. It is a unique weapon spirit that is bound by the soul of the user. Once the Shinigami learns the name of the weapon spirit, they will grow in strength together. A spirit edge has multiple forms as the user masters its power.
This weapon appears as a normal katana (or other weapon like a cane) but adds 10 dice damage to the melee damage value. This blade is made of spirit energy and can cut through defenses easily. Attacks made with this sword ignore defense if hitting a non powered fighter.

Mental training-during down time, a Shinigami uses mental training in order to further bond with the sword spirit. After your base focus has reached 1000, you have a chance of learning the name of your sword during down time. During downtime, once per session, roll 2d6. On a result of 3 or less you have grown strong enough to learn the name of the sword. If you fail, each consecutive failure, subtract 1 from the result of your die roll.

Initial release- When a Shinigami learns the name of their weapon, they have learned the initial release technique. A Shinigami must first recite the same short poem called the release call in order to activate the initial release of the weapon. The release call often will hint at the final form of the spirit edge.

The initial release will grant your spirit edge a bonus to damage, bring its total damage to 25 dice. In addition, you are able to create a spirit edge level 1 form. The form’s rules are as follows: blah blah blah.

Final release- The final release is the ultimate expression of the weapon spirit. It is usually mastered after hundred of years of training. It is such a rarity that those that are able to attain this ability are often given a promotion in other world. The final release is a very showy experience. The power of the Shinigami is felt from everyone in the immediate area. Large amounts of spirit energy is released into the air where the sword spirit takes form. As with the previous level, it is an expression unique to the spirit edge and can take various forms from a large ice dragon to a large entity with its own weapons.

Broken edge
If your spirit edge is broken, its user and only them can reform it but it takes time and spirit energy to do.

Shinigami spells are called Kido. Starting characters may start out with one or two. Kido work like energy attacks in the combat section. Shinigami practice specific Kido and thus Shinigami cannot use focus to shoot beams like a z warrior can unless that is a feature of their sword.

Incantation- Each time a Kido spell is used, the incantation piece must be said. Kido incantations can be forgone, but the effect of the specific Kido spell will be reduced. There are powerful enough Shinigami that can cast some Kido without the incantation.

Shinigami get the following abilities for free

Other Shinigami techniques
Shinigami garb- this outfit is created by the spirit of the Shinigami. It adds x points to your defense.
Flash Step


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