Seven great spheres of hope-Blended mythology

The new verison of the game I am making has the option to play a Ninja style hero like Naruto or a Shinigami like Rukia in Bleach. I think it would be extra fun to blend the mythologies of Bleach, Naruto and Dragon Ball as well. Here is an example of how I intend on blending these rich stories together to create a new take on a classic concept. In general, since the game is still mainly based on Dragon Ball, Dragon ball is the primary mythology associated with the world. The other two will lend a twist here and there.

Beans the magical fruit
In antiquity, a magical plant that was born of the blood of the gods called the Shinju took root in the planet of the Kai’s, Kaiōshinkai. The tree once per millinea would bear fruit of intense magical energies. It is thought that through circumstance, a piece of this fruit landed on Earth long ago and was consumed by young woman. This would eventually lead to the creation of focus in humans according to some. What is known however is that the seeds of the plant were cross bred by the guardian of the Earth. This would lead to the creation of the plant called the Senzu plant. The senzu plant creates a bean that has the capabilities of restoring a person to full vitality, healing their health and focus to maximum. Senzu beans can keep a person full for 10 days, filling their diatary needs. It is said that consuming multiple beans at once is dangerous to your health. The senzu plant, located on Kami’s look out is tended to by a special person. The plant takes a very long time to produce one bean. It will generally produce 1d6+3 beans per year. You cannot use these beans to grow a new crop. The Senzu plant will continue to produce senzu beans for another few thousand years presuming the plant isnt destroyed.


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