Seven Great Spheres of Hope- New Dragon ball RPG in the works

A Big change is coming to this rule set. I got to thinking about ways that the same rules could apply to other manga settings and I had the idea of creating archetypes that allow someone to play a different style hero altogether. As a result, you will be allowed to play as a z-warrior, a death god, a ninja or a inventor. My goal is to have them roughly equal in some aspects. I will detail some of their information below. In addition, I am going to be streamlining a few things- move during flight is one thing. And adding some limits to a few other things such as max number of machs per limit.
This first post is meant to give an idea of where I plan on going with the new archtypes.

Name- archtype name
Combat Skill- the combat skill or skills the archetype uses to attack with
Limit-the level at which the archetype is. Limit determines what can be learned and can be surpassed in game.
Feature-a unique feature the class has that no other archetype has.

A gadgeteer is a genius hero that can create just about anything with the power of science.
A Gadgeteer can create a multitude of items, ranging from weapons, armor, force fields, vehicles etc. Normal people would require a whole team to do what one genius could do. Their biggest limiter is time and money. Many devices take a long time to create and while there are some time saving techniques that a genius can employ, it may still take some time to make devices. Funding is also important depending on your setting as you can dream up the biggest weapon, it does not matter if you cant afford the parts. Your GM can hand wave this to keep in theme of the game- maybe you are the kid of the biggest inventor of the age or perhaps you need to actually seek out funding from governments (which could lead to some interesting roleplaying opportunities).
Note on fire arms- In the dragon ball setting, guns and bullets do not hurt the super powered heroes but gadgeteer guns are made to do so. The bullets would shred cars and punch holes through structures with ease.

New Combat Skill- Replace Power Accuracy with Firearms. The fire arms skill is used to operate your weapons systems.

New Limit- Genius level
Genius level determines how powerful of an item you can create.

New Feature- Over charge
Many devices created by an inventor have the ability to over charge. This allows the device much greater than normal performance at the cost of the device’s stability.
A long time ago, an evil entity caused a break to occur between otherworld and the lower worlds. This caused many dead evil ghosts to escape and wreck havoc along the worlds. In order to combat this, the Shinigami were created to hunt down wayward spirits and seal them back to otherworld. They are born in otherworld and are given a new kind of spiritual body that allows them greater protection and ability. Shinigami have the ability to move between the world of the living and other world freely. They can will themselves to appear invisible to normal mortals (those without spirit power, chakura or mastery levels).

Combat Skill- Power Accuracy, Power Control, Melee

Limit-Spirit power- determines how in sync you are with your spirit edge. Your spirit power also helps with your spells.

Feature- Spirit edge- You have a melee weapon capable of cutting through almost anything. As you grow in strength, it too grows. As your spirit power grows, you can unlock secrets of your weapon and possibly new forms.
A Ninja is a powerful martial artist that typically uses stealth to defeat opponents. Ninja in this world are capable of mastering their own inner strength in order to perform feats of skill, strength and deception. A ninja is skilled in attacking vital points, making it possible to perform severe strikes. This may not be enough so they also learn special techniques such as covering a kunai in fire and throwing it or fooling an opponent into thinking they destroyed them. As an aside, Ninja cannot be detected by anyone else other than another ninja. Because of this, this allows tools such as smoke bombs to be quite effective in hiding. If that isn’t enough, some ninja are born with incredible genetic gifts making them even more deadly.

Combat Skill- Ninja use power control and power accuracy. They can also use melee and thrown weapons.
Feature- Ninjutsu- Ninja receive a suite of abilities that all Ninja learn in addition to their own custom techniques. These include clone, art of substitution and transformation.


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