Quarriors Alquemy set ideas

I have created an overview of the new dice that this imaginary set includes. I am still working with the stats directly, but as you can see the new creatures, magic and potions are very thematic – keeping with the shop keeper theme. I was going to use a new mechanic called buyer beware but I figure instead I will just tye it in theme instead of making a new symbol. You will see buyer beware show up as a double burst version of a die.

Growth tonic-Alquemy die. treats die as level 3 die for effects and gives a stat boost.

Snake oil-Alquemy die. Hood wink other players something for your own gain!

Lucky Rabbit Juice-Alquemy die. Rerolls Yo

Fire belching potion-Alquemy die. Gives weaker monsters an advantage

Ninja Chameleon oil-Alquemy die. replacement technique to help weaker monsters survive.

Magical ducktape-Alquemy die. silence is golden, ducktape is silver. Prevents an opponent from using a spell in their ready area or a potion until your next turn.

Polarity oil- Alquemy die. Switch a monster’s attack and defense.

Traveling Merchant- creature that gets stronger depending on the current player’s basic quid in used pile. Other forms can offer a truce to avoid it getting destroyed.

Spell trader – creature that buys and sells spells. Affects include moving either used or readied spell die around.

Magic store clerk- another creature that manipulates spell and potion die. Uses her store discount in your favor.

Pawn broker- creature that trades anything for glory or other effects.

Sheep- creature. you cannot buy this die. Instead you gain this die by spells or effects caused by things in this set.

Quid sickness – spell die. Player griefing spell.

Polymorph- spell die. cull a creature in your opponents used pile. Replace it with a sheep.


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