Quarriors fan expansion: Alquemy

Alchemy set Alquemy!

I am working on my own fan expansion to Quarriors. The set fluff is below with Mechanics to follow sometime.

Deep in the largest city in the land, a living legend was born. Quiggley, the greatest salesman in the land. He could sell light quid to the dark, meat to vegetarians and ice tea to frost howlers. . He started a giant empire of traders and merchants, mass producing alquemical potions-magic in a bottle that almost anyone could use. Buyer beware, some potions are strong and all potions are non-refundable. Welcome to the shop!

Alchemy dice are dice that work a lot like spells. They get one use and then are automatically culled after use. Because of their one time use nature, their effects tend to be strong or versatile but most of the die faces are symbols. The alchemy shop is a new play area that is added to this set. There are three alchemy cards to buy in the shop. Each alchemy potion may only be bought once. Once it is bought it is out of stock until the person who bought it uses the effect. The die is then returned to the shop to be resold. A player can drink only one potion per turn and only once per turn.

Buyer beware symbol-If this is rolled, then the potion has no effect. You also return the potion to the shop. We will leave it to your imagination as to how the potion backfired.


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