D&D 5th edition- house rules and races.

Sadly it appears my group has decided to walk away from 4th edition. I am going to be moving away too but will be posting my house rules in one spot. I intend to update this page as changes are made. For now, I am going to place my first draft of many races and feats.

Races- changes from 5th edition.
DND 5th edition uses Forgotten realms as its baseline. Because of this, the races are flavored towards forgotten realms more than a general story. I am going to address my campaigns specifics below.

Deva- These house rules are used to represent Deva until official rules are available. Race qualities and description are in phb2 of d&d 4.0. Racial bonuses- +1 wisdom +2 intelligence. Astral Origin- Deva count as astral beings. They begin with Celestial language in addition to common.Memory of a thousand lifetimes racial ability- previous lives insight provide you with the ability to gain advantage on any attack roll, skill check, saving throw or ability check. You can only use this ability one time per long rest.

Dragon born- 4th edition back story.

Drow- Drow in my game are not the same Drow as in the realms. There are a large fraction however that seem quite different and do have a reputation of warring with others such as the Gold Shield Dwarves.
In general, Drow are subterrain still and have cruel combat styles but tend to keep to themselves leaving the world above to the others.

Dwarves- follow 4.0 guidelines. Green Hill dwarves do not have the stereotypical accent associated with dwarves however the gold shield dwarves do. Still follow square shaped architecture.

Human- no real changes except cultural name changes. One thing to note is humans are directly
responsible for every large scale confrontations for the last 1000 years.

Genasi- As described in forgotten realms players guide dnd 4.0. Racial ability score bonuses- +1 str +1 intelligence. Racial bonuses depend on the subrace of Genasi chosen. Elemental origin- primordial as language in addition to common. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for spells gained.
Earthsoul-resist acid. begins with resistance cantrip. Can cast stoneskin once per long rest at 5th level.
Firesoul-Resist fire. begin with produce flame cantrip. Can cast fireball once per long rest at 5th level.
Stormsoul- resist lightning. begin with light cantrip. Can cast lightning bolt once per long rest at 5th level.
Watersoul-resist frost. Can cast create/destory water one time per short rest/long rest. At 5th level can cast misty step once per long rest.
Windsoul-resist thunder. begin with mage hand cantrip. at 5th level get gust of wind once per long rest.

Halflings- race shrunk in 5th ed. They did not shrink in my campaign.

Shardmind- follows physical qualities from phb3 dnd 4.0. Racial stats- +2 Int +1 wis. Languages- speaks telepathically but knows common and deep speech. Living construct- you do not need to eat sleep drink or breathe. Crystialline mind- Resist psychic and advantage on saves against charm effects. Shard swarm- can cast magic missile once per long rest. When cast this way, the shardmind teleports 15 feet away after casting. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for magic missile.

Wilden- follows physical qualities from phb3 dnd 4.0. Racial stats- +2 wis +1 con +1 dex. languages common and elvan. Darkvision up to 60 ft. Hardy form- can cast resistance cantrip without material components. Aspects- chose one aspect per long rest.
Aspect of the ancients-you can cast expeditious retreat once per short rest.
Aspect of the destroyer- You gain the thorn whip cantrip during the time you are in this aspect.
Aspect of the hunter- you can cast huters mark once per short rest.


Racial Feats- Feats reserved for specific species only.
Extra Manifestation- WIP Genasi racial feat- can manifest an additional elemental soul.

Storyline feats – these feats cannot be selected and are gained in game for specific characters.
Chronomagery-Those affected by specific stimulai may manifest the ability to tap into time magic itself.
Lesser Arcanis Chronomagery- in combat, once per 8 hour day, you may tap into chronomagery to gain an additional move action per turn. Out of combat, if used tasks you are performing alone can be done faster than normal.

Greater Arcanis Chronomagery- in combat, once per 8 hour day, you may tap into chronomagery to perform an additional action. Out of combat, if used tasks you are performing alone can be done faster than normal.

Chrono Majesty- ?

Chosen of Moradin- Boon for helping to save Greenhill and stop an interdeminsional anomoly from destroying the plane. You gain the tough feat for free. You also get advantage with social interactions with Dwarves.


If you receive a magic item that upgrades an ability score and use it for awhile, you will find yourself psychologically addicted to the new ability score. If you lose the item after having it equipped for a time, you may suffer depression and withdrawal from perceived performance loss.

Gauntlets- All heavy armor come with them for free. You have to state if your gauntlet is open or closed.
If the gauntlet is closed around the weapon, all attempts to disarm you are at disadvantage. As a draw back, you cannot throw the weapon you have locked and if you wish to switch to a different weapon, you must use an action to do so. If your gauntlet is open, you can be disarmed as normal but you may also draw and stow as normal.

Each sphere of magic now has an upper eschalon of magical talent. The final top tier of each magic school manifests only in a special select few known as Majesty. Look forward to new Majesty feats for rules on how this affects the world.

**thoughts on low level play. Hypothetical situations.

I am doing some thinking about changing the cardboard hero aspect of D&D 5.0 and one thing that came to me this morning is just increasing the HP of the characters for ONLY levels 1-3 and leaving things as normal afterward. I think it would make it so I wouldn’t have to keep track of a subsystem, it would make combat still somewhat dangerous yet not have to run away from a dungeon every encounter.

Consider the following hypothetical situation. Three plausible level 2 character stats are shown below using what we have been doing currently. (these are not actual stats, rather test figures.)

Cleric has Con of 14 (+2)

Cleric HP 15

Cleric has d8 hit dice

Rouge has

Con of 8 (-1)

HP of 11

Rouge has d8 hit dice

Fighter has

Con of 14

HP of 20

Fighter has d10 hit dice

I have considered 3 ways, each similar to one another but changing a variable or two.

Fix 1- Add Con score to HP instead of rolling for 3rd level HP.

Fix 2- Max all HP rolls, adding constitution modifier for first 3 levels. Recalculate HP as if player rolled natural max on each of the 3 levels.

Fix 3- con mod for level 1. add max die roll plus con mod for levels 2 and 3.

Under fix 1

Cleric would have 29 HP at level 3.

Rouge would have 19 HP

Fighter would have 34 HP

Under fix 2

Cleric would have- (8+2)*3=30 HP

Rouge would have – (8-1)*3=-21 HP

Fighter would have (10+2)*3=36 HP

Under fix 3

Cleric would have (14+10+10)=34 HP

Rouge would have (8+7+7)=22 HP

Fighter would have (14+12+12)=38 HP

I am leaning towards option 2. The reason why is that it is actually within possibility, though rare, someone could actually roll their max for both levels 2 and 3 and the numbers are not much bigger than option 1. Option 3 is also attractive as there is that much more safety net to encourage more adventuring however if there was a barbarian…

Barbarian at 2 using current method

Con 16 (+3)

HP 21

Hit dice 12

Barbarian would have (16+15+15)=46 hit points.

Which is INSANE! But actually pretty cool in its own rights. Of course, we don’t have a barbarian so its not like something we have to worry about…but I figured it would be fun to use the edge case.

On the smaller scale of things…

Wizard at 2

Con 10

HP 9

Hit dice d6

Fix1- wizard would have 19 hp

Fix 2- wizard would have (6)*3=18

Fix 3- wizard would have (10+6+6)=22


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