My first true childhood characters.

Hyper Triangle Force! or Legend of the hyper forge

When I was a kid, I created a few characters that I would continue to draw and keep going. Maybe one day they will appear in an rpg maker game or something. I scanned this page of them I made back in like 2005. I wanted to immortalize them forever so I place them on the internet.

Page 1
What the pages say
I essentially posted what my chicken scratch says but made small updates to them.
Top: My first real character I designed was in third grade. I’ve kept drawing him more and more over the years. He is Razor Rabbit of the hyper triangle force. I also created this whole fantasy world. He is always with his younger brother Lazer. Little did anyone know that he is designed after me and Lazer was designed after my best friend and nephew Brandon. Razor and Lazer are code names and their actual names are Justin and Brandon Valiant respectively. They have acommon enemy named Volcanic, a mole like beast whose villinary is only matched by Razor’s heroics. Oh yeah, Razor and Lazor have weird fur colors. Razor is light blue [but as his design changed, his fur color changed deep blue] and Lazer is orange (light).

Razor. His ears have been up, down and all around. At one point, he even had googles. I like him with his ears down more though and like the spiked design. *new Razor always battled with a sword, hence the name. He had the ability to turn it into a lazor sword using his special powers. This would often cause the weapon to break after a time so he had to be careful.

Lazer has always had hair, although I cannot recall all the styles I tried with him. I like the first one once again because he kind of looks like Gohan. Lazer also had shorter ears than most rabbits. *Lazer fought with guns and laser pistols. He was super accurate and could use his special gifts to amplify the type of gun he was using.

I have no real design for Volcanic yet. I am not good enough yet to put it down on paper but surely I will. I first had them (razor and Lazer) with a Sonic the hedgehog kind of feel but as I aged so did the circumstances of the characters. Eventually it evolved into a final fantasy-esc adventure with high risks. It started out as the triple triangle force with three members. It evolved into the hyper tringle force and finally the Legend of the Hyper Forge, complete with a base and Leaders
Triple triangle force was hard to come up with a logo since three triangles in the same loge could be seen as a copy of the Legend of Zelda.

Strange but the HTF symbol is here!


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