There was once an rpg on geocities

There was once an RPG from called Animaloid. It is unforunate that since geocities destruction many games like this one were lost… If only someone had a saved a copy of the game…






Welcome to the first draft of ANIMALOID. Now, the
internet is full of play-by-email SPC RPGs and the like,
but I haven’t yet found any kind of traditional pencils-
and-dice RPG … so I figured I’d write one.

First of all: Copyright. Mainly this: I don’t own the
Samurai Pizza Cats. They belong to Saban, Sotsu Agency
and Tatsunoko Production Company. No infringement is
intended, and I’m certainly not making any profit from
their property. So no suing!


INTRODUCTION – The Boring Stuff You Find At The Start Of
Every RPG

Actually I won’t bother with much of that crud. What
you’ll find in this game are the following sections:

1. Character Creation. How to design your own character.
Stats, attributes, etc. The things that allow you to
immerse your character in the environment of the game

2. Game mechanics. The rules. How to do things and
resolve conflicts.

3. Combat. The fighting system, and weapon stats.

4. The World of SAMURAI PIZZA CATS. A few notes on
significant places in Little Tokyo. Followed by
statistics for some important characters from the show.

Sections 1-3 are contained in the document spcrpg1.txt,
and section 4 is in spcrpg2.txt.

I won’t go into detail with regards to things like how to
run a game – this project is really aimed at experienced
role-players. I’m just trying to devise a system of
mechanics (so as to avoid just shoving the Pizza Cats in
to a pre-existing system, as that would double the
likelihood of someone taking legal offence … !). The
referee/game master/story-teller/whatever you want to
call it in ANIMALOID will be referred to as the

The rules will be *extremely* simple – probably
ludicrously so. The emphasis here is on … well, on just
quickly hammering out some kind of Pizza Cats RPG in a
hurry, actually. So don’t expect AD&D. Hopefully a few
people might have some fun, or it might bug people so
much that someone else writes a *better* game – *that’s*
what I’d *really* like!



First of all you need things like a name for your
character, and an idea of their skills, background and
personality. These are up to you. One of these important
aspects is your Animaloid’s SPECIES. Cat, Rabbit, Panda,
Crow, Fox – whatever.
Next you can assign the character’s attributes. These


MIND represents your mental faculties – intelligence,
resistance to psychic attack, etc. If you need to use
your head to solve a problem, this is the attribute you

BODY is about how well you’re built and how much of a
beating your body can take. This is used for things like
holding your breath for a long time, trying not to sneeze
when you’re locked in the Pepper And Feather Emporium,
resisting the debilitating effects of the Big Cheese’s
Nefarious Poison Sushimi,
and determining the character’s Hit Points.

STRENGTH indicates a character’s physical prowess and
fighting skills. It’s used for feats of strength (duh)
and hence has a significant role in combat.

AGILITY relates to how fast one’s reflexes, etc., are,
and how flexible or agile a character is. It’s used for
dodging attacks, trying to out-run someone, and so on.


Each player receives Twenty-Six Attribute Points to
between these four attributes. Each attribute must be
given at least two points, but beginning players’
attributes cannot exceed nine. The scale of points-to-
ability is this:

1 POINT = Pathetic

5 POINTS = Average

10 POINTS = Superb

10+ POINTS = Alarmingly spectacular.


Next the player selects the character’s skills. Each
player has 10 Skill Points to spend. The available
skills, and their Skill Point costs, are listed below:

[WEAPON] – 2 points. The ability to expertly wield the
chosen weapon. This can be taken more than once if a
player wishes to specialise in more than one weapon.

HAND-TO-HAND – 2 points. This combat skill adds 4 to any
damage inflicted while fighting hand-to-hand.

SUPER ATTACK – 4 points. This skill gives the character a
devastating combat ability like Speedy’s Ginzu Catslash
(the player can choose the appearance, method, etc. of
attack). “Super Attack” must be paired with a “[Weapon]”
skill or with “Hand-to-Hand”, as the Super Attack is
focused through the weapon (or summoning of Chi or
something similar, if paired with “Hand-to-Hand”). The
Super-Attack cannot be parried or dodged by anyone except
someone with the skill WITHSTAND SUPER ATTACK. The Super
Attack instantly defeats any opponent who does not have
the WITHSTAND SUPER ATTACK skill. Using the Super Attack
skill requires expenditure of 8 Ninpo Points (which will
be explained later). The Super Attack should not be
abused – it should only be used when absolutely

WITHSTAND SUPER-ATTACK – 7 points. Allows a character to
emerge completely unscathed from another character’s
Super Attack. However, this skill will not work against
two or more simultaneous Super Attacks from different

PSYCHO – 3 points. This skill enables the character to
fly into frightening fits of rage. Anyone who doesn’t let
a character with “Psycho” get their own way is asking for
trouble! Only another character with “Psycho” can refuse
to obey a character in a Psycho rage.

CROSS-DRESS – 1 point. A character with this skill
perpetuates some variety of gender confusion (which may
or may not extend to the cross-dressing character

INVENTION – 3 points. The character is a brilliant (or
not-so-brilliant) scientist or inventor. They can create
any device they can imagine. After the invention is
built, the Narrator makes a secret Mind roll (using the
Mind score of the inventor). If the roll fails, the
machine is a dud, but if the roll succeeds the machine
works perfectly (well, maybe not *perfectly* …). This
skill also covers various other Scientist-type things.

ARMY – 4 points. The character has a small army of
helpers, whose stats are half of the character’s (rounded
up), (ie. A
character whose Strength score is 8 will have helpers
with a Strength of 4). Generally one successful hit will
defeat a helper, but they still have their uses (spying,
running errands, etc).

RANK – 3-6 points. The character has some amount of
power, such as a place on the city council or as an
adviser to someone in the Palace. The higher the number
of points spent, the higher the rank.

SPECIAL ABILITY – 3 points. This is some skill such as
Flight, Tunnelling, transforming Ninja Crows into slices
of peperoni, etc. Any unusual ability that is not
covered by another skill.

BATTLE MODE – 3 points. This skill allows a character to
(under the proper circumstances) “power up”, generally by
donning a suit of power armour. This armour, with the
“Battle Mode” skill, adds 10 to the character’s Hit

BATTLE MODE TWO – 4 points. This allows the character to
utilise a *second* suit of superior power armour which
can only be used when the character is already in Battle
Mode 1. “Battle Mode Two” grants the character one
chosen “Special Ability” skill, such as Flight.

PSYCHIC ATTACK – 4 points. This skill allows the
character to protect deadly psi-blasts (damage of
Attacker’s Mind score + 3). If the player decides to
spend 5 points on the skill, they also gain the ability
to communicate telepathically. Each psi-blast costs 4
Ninpo points. Telepathic communication costs no Ninpo

INCOMPREHENSIBLE LOONEY – 2 points. The character is
stark raving mad.



Players can also opt to choose up to 5 Mini-Skills –
things like Cooking, Book-keeping, Piano-Playing, Brick-
laying, Ballroom Dancing – anything a little more mundane
than the kinds of skills listed above.


To determine the character’s Hit Points (which measure
their health – when they run out of Hit Points, they
pretty much fall over) you take the Body score and
multiply it
by 5. Hence, a character with a Body score of 6 will have
30 Hit Points.


Write down a description of the character’s appearance
and personality. This is very important to a successful
role-playing session.


Weapons and Equipment:

The player can choose up to four weapons for their
character to
possess (eg Sword, Throwing Knives, Cannon, and Glue
Bombs) and can choose five items of equipment or other
possessions (eg grappling hook, portable gas oven, one-
man tent, bottlecap collection, and widescreen TV).

A Giant Robot (similar to the Supreme Catatonic) can be
purchased at a cost of FIVE SKILL POINTS *and* FIVE
POINTS for a robot that transforms from one form to
another). The robot will have the following stats:
Strength: Owner’s Strength multiplied by 3
Agility: Owner’s Agility multiplied by 2
Hit Points: Owner’s Hit Point’s multiplied by 5.
It will also have two weapons and the skills to
wield them.


Now select your character’s POLITICAL LEANING – decide
whether your character is a Good Guy, a Bad Guy, or a
Mysterious Guy (allegiance unknown). This indicates the
character’s moral standing and probably relates to their
career choice too…



The game is played with ten-sided dice. One per player is
the maximum needed.

When a character is attempting an action at which the
Narrator believes he/she will not automatically succeed,
the character rolls one ten-sided die and checks with
their relevant attribute – Mind for mental tasks,
Strength for physical feats, etc. The aim is to roll
lower than their attribute score. This is a success. If
they roll higher than their score, they fail. If they
roll their exact score, the Narrator rolls one die – what
we’ll call a “Luck Die” – and if it comes up 1-4, the
character fails. If it’s 5-10, they succeed.

The Luck Die is also used by the Narrator whenever any
situation seems a bit ambiguous, or a roll is required
that doesn’t seem to fit into any of the other rules
presented in this game.

When the character is attempting to perform an action
which is opposed by another character, they each roll
until one fails. This is used for things such as arm-
wrestling, running a race, playing “Snap”, etc.

The rules for fighting mechanics will be explained in the
combat section.



Ninpo is similar to a character’s Chi; it represents a
kind of spiritual energy. It’s needed to use magic,
psychic powers, or Super Attacks. Each character starts
with a Ninpo rating equal to their Mind + Strength
scores. Different actions/attacks using magical or
psychic powers require expenditure of a certain number of
Ninpo points. Used Ninpo can be regained by a character
spending time in meditation or prayer, studying under
some kind of guru or mentor, or sometimes by the use of
certain mystical items which restore Ninpo. Ninpo is also
recovered during sleep, and Ninpo Batteries can sometimes
be purchased which refill a character’s Ninpo. Legend has
it that some ancient warriors can refuel their Ninpo
reserves by draining it from their enemies …


Gaining Experience:

Characters accumulate Experience Points throughout play
which can be used to further the character’s abilities
and skills. Here’s the table for point allocation:

Defeat Standard Opponent: 1 Experience Point
Destroy Giant Robot: 2 Experience Points
Defeat Arch-Enemy/Villain Leader (eg Bad Bird or the Big
Cheese): 3 Experience Points
Survive Adventure: 1 Experience Point
Succeed in an action for which a Luck Die was rolled: 1
Experience Point


Experience Points can be spent as follows:

Raise Attribute (Mind, Body, Strength, Agility) by one
point: 3 Experience Points
Raise Ninpo by one point: 5 Experience Points
Raise Hit Points by one point: 3 Experience Points
Add New Mini-Skill: 1 Experience Point
Add New Skill: [(Skill cost) multiplied by 3] Experience
New Weapon/Equipment item: 3 Experience Points



Here is a brief outline of the steps involved in
resolving combat:

1. All involved players make Agility rolls to determine
initiative. Of those who succeed, the highest roller acts
first, followed by the second highest roller, and so on.
If anyone fails the roll, they have to wait until
everyone else has acted before they can do anything.

2. The highest roller decides what to do (eg. Attack,
dodge, set up the Anti-Riceball machine, etc.).
If the player attacks, the target then has a chance to
try dodging or counter-attacking.

3. Play continues until the end of the round – that is
until everyone has acted. Then the next round begins with
another initiative roll (as in step 1). Any character who
has been hit calculates damage and detracts the damage
from their Hit Points.



A character can attack using their bare hands (or feet
… or shoulders … or tails … etc.) or using a weapon
(if they have the skill to use that weapon). If they
don’t have the skill to use the weapon, then their fight
rolls suffer a penalty of -2 to their roll (making it
harder for them to succeed in their attack).

To attack, the player simply makes a Strength roll,
declaring the method of their attack (“I swing my sword
at him”, “I pull out my Little Moldavian Super-Gun and
try to
blow her head off” etc.). If the Strength roll is
successful, the target of the attack has a chance to
Dodge (by making an Agility roll). If the target’s dodge
fails, or the target chooses not to dodge, then the
attacker has hit the target, who must then take the
appropriate amount of damage (see below).

Some attacks may rely more on reflexes than sheer brute
strength; sometimes an attack will be made using an
Agility roll instead of a Strength roll.


Damage Calculation:

The following table shows the levels of damage assigned
to various weapons. With most weapons damage usually
relates to the attacker’s Strength score.

Punch/Kick: Strength – 2
Knife: Strength – 2
Small Sword (eg Polly’s): Strength
Sword (eg Guido’s): Strength + 1
Spesh Sword (eg Binky): Strength + 3
Magic Weapon (eg Ginzu, Sunspot): Strength + 4
Shuriken (throwing stars): Strength -2
Throwing Knives: Strength – 2
Small Gun: 5
Medium Gun: 6
Big Gun: 7
Super-Big Gun (eg Freda’s bazooka): 9
Staff: Strength + 1
Small Axe: Strength + 1
Bigger Axe: Strength + 2
Scythe: Strength + 2
Small Ninja Bomb: 5
Medium Ninja Bomb: 7
Whip: Strength – 1
Yari (Japanese Spear): Strength + 2
Yumi (Japanese Bamboo Bow and Arrows): Strength + 2
Kusari-Gama (small sickle on a long chain): Strength + 1
Kongo-Zue (staff with metal rings on the end; used by
warrior monks, and seen in many anime series): Strength +
Tesson (metal fan): Strength
Naginata (bladed pole-arm): Strength + 2
Giant Hammer: Strength + 1
Missile Barrage (such as Lucille’s): 8

While far from being an exhaustive list, it should at
least give you a good idea of what different weapons can


When a character is down to 6 Hit Points, they incur a -2
penalty to every roll.
Upon losing all of their Hit Points, a character is
virtually on the verge of … something very nasty. They
are basically unable to perform any kind of action, and
will probably have trouble just staying awake. Hit Points
can be recovered through visiting a doctor or a hospital,
through lots and lots of bedrest, or by drinking a
*particularly* good strawberry and kiwi thickshake. Et

Characters are in very little danger of actually *dying*,
though – death should only occur if the player and the
Narrator agree and decide that it would serve to nicely
further the storyline.


Presented here are some brief character stats as a guide
players. Not *all* the significant characters from the
are listed, and they’re not particularly comprehensive –
characters here will certainly have skills that I’ve
forgotten to include. This is just to give you an idea of
how it all works out.
Species: Cat
Attributes: Mind 6, Body 7, Strength 8, Agility 7
Hit Points: 35
Ninpo: 13
Skills: Sword, Shuriken, Super Attack (Ginzu Catslash),
to-Hand, Battle Mode, Battle Mode Two (Special Ability:
Mini-Skills: Waiting tables, making pizza.
Political Leaning: Good Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Spesh Sword (Binky), Magical Sword
(Ginzu), throwing stars.

Species: Cat
Attributes: Mind 7, Body 6, Strength 6, Agility 8
Hit Points: 30
Ninpo: 13
Skills: Sword, Heart Darts, Super Attack (that heart
Hand-to-Hand, Battle Mode, Battle Mode Two (Special
Mini-Skills: Waiting tables, making pizza, playing flute.
Political Leaning: Good Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Small Sword, Heart Darts (Strength +

Species: Cat
Attributes: Mind 6, Body 7, Strength 7, Agility 7
Hit Points: 35
Ninpo: 13
Skills: Sword, Umbrella, Super Attack (that thing where
stands on his umbrella and his sword starts glowing),
to-Hand, Battle Mode, Battle Mode Two (Special Ability:
Mini-Skills: Waiting tables, making pizza.
Political Leaning: Good Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Sword, throwing knives, Magical Weapon

Species: Cat
Attributes: Mind 6, Body 6, Strength 6, Agility 6
Hit Points: 30
Ninpo: 13
Skills: Rank (3 points – Pizza Cat Co-ordinator, works
directly under Big Al), Hand-to-Hand, Sword. Mini-Skills:
Taking orders, answering phones, launching Pizza Cats
Political Leaning: Good Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Cellular Bell, Pizza

Species: Dog
Attributes: Mind 7, Body 8, Strength 7, Agility
Hit Points: 40
Ninpo: 14
Skills: Sword, Hand-to-Hand, Rank (5 points – Royal
Council, works directly under Emperor Fred and
Princess Vi)
Mini-Skills: Giving orders, being loyal to the Royal
Political Leaning: Good Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Sword.

Species: Cat
Attributes: Mind 7, Body 6, Strength 7, Agility 7
Hit Points: 30
Ninpo: 13
Skills: Water Cannons, Hand-to-Hand, Battle Mode,
Special Ability (Water).
Mini-Skills: Waiting tables, making pizza.
Political Leaning: Good Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Water blasters (Strength + 1).

Species: Cat
Attributes: Mind 6, Body 8, Strength 8, Agility 6
Hit Points: 40
Ninpo: 4
Skills: Big Cannons, Hand-to-Hand, Battle Mode. Mini-
Skills: Waiting tables, making pizza.
Political Leaning: Good Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Big Cannons (9)

Species: Cat
Attributes: Mind 7, Body 6, Strength 7, Agility 7
Hit Points: 30
Ninpo: 13
Skills: Drills/Saws, Hand-to-Hand, Battle Mode,
Special Ability (Tunnelling)
Mini-Skills: Waiting tables, making pizza.
Political Leaning: Good Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Lots of saws, drills, and
tunnelling equipment (damage from Strength -2 up to
Strength +2, depending on the severity of his intent)

Species: Cat
Attributes: Mind 7, Body 6, Strength 7, Agility 8
Hit Points: 30
Ninpo: 13
Skills: Propeller/Wings, Hand-to-Hand, Battle Mode,
Special Ability (Flight)
Mini-Skills: Waiting tables, making pizza, tongue
Political Leaning: Good Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Propeller and Wings.

Species: Crow
Attributes: Mind 7, Body 7, Strength 8, Agility 8
Hit Points: 35
Ninpo: 14
Skills: Sword, Shuriken, Special Ability (Flight), Rank
(4 points – Ninja Crow commander), Army (Ninja Crows).
Mini-Skills: Giving orders, Waiting tables, making
pizza. Political Leaning: Bad Guy (until the end of the
series, anyway!)
Weapons/Equipment: Sword, throwing stars, smoke

Species: Crow
Attributes: Mind 4, Body 4, Strength 4, Agility 4
Hit Points: 20
Ninpo: 8
Skills: Sword, Special Ability (Flight). Mini-
Skills: Taking orders, being incompetent. Political
Leaning: Bad Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Sword

Species: Rat/Fox
Attributes: Mind 5, Body 5, Strength 5, Agility 6
Hit Points: 25
Ninpo: 10
Skills: Rank (5 points – Prime Minister), Super
Attack (Blowing Up), Cross-Dress
Mini-Skills: Being bossy, being weird, hatching evil
Political Leaning: Bad Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Fans, Ninja mask, women’s clothing

Species: Very Bald Crow
Attributes: Mind 7, Body 5, Strength 5, Agility 7
Hit Points: 25
Ninpo: 12
Skills: Rank (5 points – Big Cheese’s right-hand-
crow), Army (Ninja Crows), Hand-to-Hand, Sword,
Shuriken. Mini-Skills: Putting up with Big Cheese,
Leadership, Hatching evil plots.
Political Leaning: Bad Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Smoke Bombs, shuriken, small sword.

Species: Goat
Attributes: Mind 7, Body 6, Strength 6, Agility 7
Hit Points: 30
Ninpo: 13
Skills: Super Attack (missiles).
Mini-Skills: Making tea, being overly emotional.
Political Leaning: Good Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Missile Barrage, Tea House.

Species: Bunny
Attributes: Mind 6, Body 6, Strength 7, Agility 7
Hit Points: 30
Ninpo: 12
Skills: Psycho, Naginata, Hand-to-Hand, Rank (6 points
Mini-Skills: Sulk, yell, send people to Prisoner
Island, harass Bad Bird.
Political Leaning: Egocentric Good Guy
Weapons/Equipment: Naginata (Strength + 2)

Species: Panda
Attributes: Mind 2, Body 5, Strength 5, Agility 4
Hit Points: 25
Ninpo: 7
Skills: Rank (6 points – Emperor)
Mini-Skills: Incomprehensible Looney
Political Leaning: For all intents and purposes, a
Weapons/Equipment: Little Tokyo!



Some of the more important locations in Little Tokyo,
should you find yourself in the vicinity while on
vacation and unable to locate a street directory:

This is where Little Tokyo’s first line of defence
against the forces of evil is housed. A nice
restaurant, a drive-thru window, and a giant cat-firing
gun on the roof – what more do you want?
There are also four more Pizza Cat branches on the
outskirts of Little Tokyo – the restaurants belonging
to Spritz, Catton, Bat Cat, and Meowsma.

Base of operations for Emperor Fred, Princess Vi
and the Royal Council; Prime Minister Big Cheese and
his army of evil; and Big Al Dentei, primary patron of
the Samurai Pizza Cats.

Want a nice cuppa, maybe a snack, and a hostess
who explodes? Make your way here.

Like a bit of night-life? A rockin’ good time?
Live bands every night. Keep an eye out for Pointless
Sisters reunion specials …

(Does anyone know the “official” spelling for
that? I’m using “Kuji” because – however it’s meant to
be spelled – it’s obviously based on Mt *F*uji.) Also
known as Kuji-san if you’re feeling particularly
Japanese. A big ol’ mountain … rumour has it that
atop its mighty peak rests some lingering evidence of a
great and ancient civilisation …

Be careful – it tends to get wrecked a lot.

There’s a scenic little village here … watch out
for monsters, though.

Okay, okay – so it’s not in Little Tokyo. It’s
nowhere *near* Little Tokyo. But it’s the home of the
New York Pizza Cats, so it’s important.

Somewhere out to sea … a hideous, barren place
inhabited by the ragged, starving exiles of Little
Tokyo – criminals, vagabonds, lots and lots of people
who really never did anything wrong … Actually, it’s
quite a nice place for a holiday.


Of course there are probably *lots* of places I haven’t
listed …




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