Inheritance of Mana- History pt. 3

Note: this version is also rough and serves to get my ideas out. It will also be further updated.

The long library of lore. Deepheaven.
The students from before have returned for the next part of their history lesson. There is a slight buzz of interest in the air as they are excited to hear about the forces at work during the age of which they live in. The large set of double doors on the eastern side of the room opens as professor Vodka, head researcher at the Pokus Magic Guild enters the room.
“Hello class! Today, I have another story to tell you about. I want to tell you about the current events.” He waits for a moment, glancing at brown haired student before going on with his lecture. “I wont necessarily be talking about kingdoms and such as that is more professor Gin’s area. I will mainly concentrate on what the forces of light, darkness and madness have been doing in the past few hundred years and anything recently of note.”
“With Govillias, Auraluin and the darkness each suffering from either wounds sustained from battle or an extreme loss of energy, they each disappeared from sight for a time. Their forces each were affected differently by their respective master’s disappearance.”
“After Govillias’s disappearance during the final battles of the last age, we have seen his forces further splinter. Their dark lord missing, they now follow their own whims, either sticking with their kingdoms or breaking into small tribes. Many even converted to either rivals side, depending on which master they seek. If they can get past the corruption they can potentially ally with Auraluin.”
A student seated next to the fireplace raises his hand. “Professor?” “Yes?” The student speaks, ” How can we tell the difference between a friendly or foe from Govillias’s forces?” Vodka says “There are no visible clues that you can use to tell the difference of allegiance in many cases. Some though are so twisted by corruption that their very being is tainted. You can perceive this on a supernatural level and it usually manifests in an extreme fight or flight response. In those cases, you just have to trust your gut instincts.”
“I do have a little more on the forces of madness.” Vodka pauses to think. ” Right, I remember now. If those that wish to break free are particularly unfortunate, they may become thralls of the darkness. Some particularly nasty dark seers have converted willingly. Trading their body mass for raw corrupted elemental energy. These cancer clerics retain their free will but are twisted enough that their ambition is always dark in nature. Caspar Giddeon, once a member of the mystics guild converted to the dark path. Being a particularly round man and having more body mass than the rest of us, his trade gave him more energy to gain. He now wages war with the forces of light with his dark acolytes and clerics under the name of the fallen star guild.”
“I believe I have spent enough time on the forces of madness for now.” Vodka explain. I will now touch on the forces of darkness. “The teeming darkness now hovers above our planet, ever watchful. It appears much like another moon, but of a sinister sort. Its dark tendrils writhing whenever it is seen in the sky.”
One student raises his hand.
“Yes child?”
The student speaks. “Is it true that children and especially those with the gift of the mind are especially affected by the heart of darkness?”
“You are correct.” Vodka answers “There are times in which parents are encouraged to take their children to the underground shelters in order to ensure that the darkness does not cloud their minds. We have seen it possible on occasion that those with the gift of the mind are given scrambled visions and some of those can even be influenced by the darkness.”
“Often, during these nights, a tendril will fly down from the mass and stick into the ground in a location that already has pieces of the darkness on it. It then spawns more creatures that have their own dark agendas. Many times in the past few years, these creatures tend to have greater and greater power than the ones that appeared before. These last 10 years have seen a new form of creature that we called the agent of darkness. It has the ability to convert living beings into lesser forms of the darkness. It is a very horrifically tragic transformation that cuts their soul from the very soul flow itself!”
The dark haired student with piercings known as Seraph raises her hand.
“Hey Professor?” Vodka pauses “Yes ,child?”
” If these things are able to cut souls off from the soul flow, will that have an effect on the city of light?”
Vodka, having not quite heard this question before, pauses then thinks for a moment.
“The city of Light is the greatest spiritual weapon that Auraluin and Govillias built. As you know, it uses condensed spirit energy from the souls of those pulled from the soul flow. In theory, the weapon should have used only Auraluin’s energy but due to the last great conflict, The fey lords needed to aid Auraluin as her energy levels were quite low at the time.”
“So, in a way, we are like reserve ammo for the city of Light?” Asks Seraph.
“Well…” says a brown haired girl in the front row known as Harmona. “I know it can also take your spirit directly from the spirit threads and pull them into the weapon. From the accounts I have read, when the fey lords met with Auraluin, they were able to do this painlessly and those souls did return to the soul flow. The one thing I don’t quite understand is did they other fey give them permission or did they just die suddenly without any warning at all?”
Vodka says: ” To answer your original question, Seraph. If the darkness would consume enough of the peoples of this planet and the Goddess was not restored, the city of light would not be powerful enough to harm the darkness.”
Vodka then looks a bit grave. “To answer your question Harmona, I would wager that none save Auraluin and the fey lords knew and their lives ended suddenly.” On that note, the class appeared quite solemn.
Vodka clears his throat. “Well, where was I?”
“Wait professor!” A male student with dark hair stands up and places his hands on his desk, knocking over his cup of tea. “Professor, does that mean that someday something like that could happen to us? Like, if the darkness came back, could our spirit threads all be used up in an attack and we all…die?”
“Well, Kashi” Vodka answers “I suppose something like that could happen. We would all be sent back to the soul flow to be reborn later as a different person. It may be hard to think about but consider the alternative. If your soul were to be consumed by the darkness, your soul would be forever lost.”
Vodka Stops, ” Oh and Kashi?”
“Yes, professor?”
“Be sure to clean up your mess.” The rest of the class snickers as Vodka continues the rest of his lecture.
“I believe I will finish with the forces of light. Following a period of mourning, those aligned with Auraluin continued to create new wondrous creations with the help of the remaining spirits, elementals and others. For the next few hundred years, the peoples of the world created new towns and, cities and countries. Empires were created, many of which would create new and consumer friendly magic devices. Out of this, a guild was created that made magical devices that kept the streets light up at night, items that keep homes warm in the winter and many other goods. That guild would eventually become the Pokus magic guild. Soon, other guilds formed, ones for knights, ones for trades and ones for adventuring.”
“As far as the great elementals and their whereabouts are concerned. These days, they are out roaming the world. Flareos is out, fighting great beasts and training fighters for the next coming battles. Undine had been in talks with the human empire in the south. She is attempting to persuade them to return to their traditions as their new leadership has shunned the old ways. She was also charged with finding a way to speak with Auraluin, however she has not been successful in awhile. Titan has been seen working with the dwarves and remaining dragons in battling the teeming darkness. Sypha’s goal as far as we know, is to find the answer to the question of whether Govillias is still alive.”
“I believe our time is up for today. I would like to thank you for your patience. We will have you continue to meet up here in this room in the library for the next class. There we will talk about the recent phenomenon known as inheritance.”


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