BESM Campaign: Inheritance of mana- playable race: Lamina

New Race: Lamina- total point cost 47

Laminas were created by the dragons during the age of mythology. Laminas are a race of female serpent people. The upper body of a Lamina is that of a human woman. Their lower half is similar to that of a snake. Their skin tones range from brown to a pale skin. Their eye color can be any color as with their hair. Some Laminas may have snake like iris and may have further enhanced sense of sight. Some Lamina have scales on parts of their skin and a Lamina will shed her skin every once and awhile. They have an enhanced sense of smell and taste. Their tongues are strange in that they can stretch out to over half a meter in length. Laminas posses extraordinarily large amounts of physical strength, and their tails have large crushing power as well. Laminas tend to be susceptible to cold environments and weather and tend to avoid areas that have colder climates.
As far as personality goes, Laminas tend to be very passionate. They tend to fall in love quickly and when they fall in love, they fall hard. As such, Lamina are fiercely loyal and will go through great lengths to protect their loved ones. Lamina are physically compatible with humans despite their lower halves. If such a union were to occur, males are born humans while females are born Lamina.
Game stats
Size: Medium
Stats -20 pts total
+ 2 Body. 20 pts
Attributes -45 pts total
+1 features- long tounge. (Appearance features of 0 cost include: scales on body and appearance. Lamina’s tend to quite pretty.) 1pt
+2 heightened senses- smell, taste. 4pts
+3 Special Defense- poison (2), disease. 6pts
+5 Speial movement-Slithering, wallcrawling, balance. 10pts
+3 Super strength. 24 pts
Defects -18 pts total
-3 Bane- Cold. Lamina’s are very susceptible to cold. Attacks that are ice in nature deal extra damage to Lamina characters.
-6 Physical impairment- Laminas have the lower body of a snake. This can cause some problems with transportation.
-3 Unappealing- Laminas are very pretty, however many find the lower body of a snake very unappealing. Laminas snake half also will shed periodically.
-6 Vulnerability- Laminia- Their bodies tend to shut down if they experience cold for too long.



  1. I am very intrigued by the Lamina species. Are their young born live or do they hatch from eggs? I assume they live in warmer climates, since they’re affected negatively by cold, but do they live near cities or in the wilderness? Do Lamina stay in family groups or cities of their own?

    • Hey, thanks for the read!

      To answer your questions…
      Young are born live, which may be seen as a contrast to their normally more reptilian features.

      As far as life style, Lamina tend to prefer warmer climates as they don’t appreciate the cold very much. There are rumors of a small sect of Lamina that have trained themselves to live in colder climates.

      As far as family groups, they tend to try to assimilate with other communities of mixed species but not always. There are some cities of Lamina women that form a matriarchal society that permits human mates to live inside. These tend to be more hidden deep within forests or caves.

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