Inheritance of Mana- History pt. 2

The long library of lore. Deepheaven.
The students from before have returned for the second part of the history lesson. All adorned with robes, and bags full of books they converse amongst themselves. Suddenly, the door opens and Vodka enters the room.

“Hello class! Today, I have another story to tell you about. I want to tell you about the current events.”

A brown haired girl sitting in the front of the class raises her hand.

“Professor! You almost forgot to tell us about the eclipse age!”

“Oh!” Exclaims Vodka, “Well, I can go ahead and tell you what occurred during the eclipse age instead. The story I am about to tell you details the events after the age of mythologies and covers the Eclipse age.”

“With the teeming darkness defeated, the forces of light routed Govillias’s army. Govillias’s forces also further splintered due to infighting,  forcing him to retreat and come up with a new plan. Though he himself still held wondrous powers, he still did not have the strength to face Auraluin. Instead he figured that he would wait until the opportunity presented itself to either retain a part of the power he gave over to Auraluin or if he could tap further into the darkness’s power. By happenstance, he came into contact with a piece of the darkness that was left after the attack by the city of light. He also found that he could absorb power from it. From here, he hatched a new plan. In centuries past, when he sacrificed himself to save the world, a large chunk of the teeming darkness fell into the ocean. It was so large and of the right mass to actually form a twisted land mass called the blight. He would make his home there and absorb any of the energies the twisted island had left. He would also employ his forces to gather as much of the fragments from the recent battle as possible. ”

Vodka takes a swig of his coffee. Coughs a bit and then continues.

“As a way to throw off his plans, he had each of the groups of creatures that were still allied to him act out in different ways. Orcs would raid villages, along with goblins and ogres. He had mages form dark guilds and imbued them with corruption in order to have them further research new despicable sorcerers. His top warriors and other humans, he twisted their strength and made military ranks, captains and armies. From them, he had them form several small military states. While the military states fought with the other kingdoms of the land, great beasts would also attack as well. With all of this attacks happening constantly, the forces of light had a rough time. The goddess was resting for a few centuries after helping to power the city of light herself and thus was unable to aid the land. The elementals were helping with the wars but there were so many conflicts that not even they would be able to keep up. It took them awhile to discover Govillias’s true plans, but by then it was too late.

Govillias, having attained a massive amount of power from the darkness had a new plan. He was aware that his plans would become known soon and he had somewhat become addicted to the power of the teeming darkness. A new ritual, prepared by his dark court of mages, had the ability to directly summon the Teeming Darkness so that he may attempt to absorb it directly. Meanwhile, unknown to both Auraluin and Govillias, the darkness itself had changed. It happened over the years since it had absorbed Govillias. The Darkness, once nothing but a creature that just eats and eats, now seemed to have its own agenda. The signs were subtle at first, but now it appears to want stake in this world as well. It is possible that by absorbing Govillias, it had gained some sort of sentience, but it is now apparent that it is no longer mindless.

The day finally came when the mages of Govillias summoned the darkness. Govillias led forces to attack the darkness and while they attacked, he flew into the heart of darkness. The forces of light were confused as at this point, many still believed that Govillias was a thrall of the darkness. While in the heart of darkness, he attempted to absorb the energies there and found that it wounded him! It appears that the darkness had learned of Govillias’s desires and found a way to protect itself. The darkness converged around Govillias and severely wounded him. It is reported that his wounds were so severe that many a mortal man would have perished.

On land, Govillias’s army and the darkness itself battled fiercely. The fighting between Govillias’s forces and the darkness spilled into the quiet lands and destroyed many a city. Angered by this, the war was now joined by the forces of light. A three part war between light, darkness and madness began. Beings of shadow descended upon the cities of the world. Great beasts imbued with chaos ravaged the land. Elemental spirits burned away the darkness and monsters. Each battle was a desperate one as when one side became victorious, another side would attack it. After a year, the darkness launched an attack that shattered mountains, boiled rivers and chilled the air. The attack leveled everything in a 100 mile radius! ”

The class gasps!

Vodka continues: “The goddess was horrified at such destructive power! Not only were thousands slain in a single instant, their souls did not return to the soulflow! Instead, they were utterly consumed by the teeming darkness! ”

A hand rises in the back. “Yes?” Vodka says.

A portly kid with short shaggy green hair and a slight overbite stands and asks “Um, teach? What exactly is the soul flow?”
A dark haired kid in the back with a several piercings on her ears, one on her lip and one on the bridge of her nose says “Yeah. You talked about it a lot last time but I still don’t get it…”

The brown haired girl sitting in the front of the class turns to the others “The soul flow as described by the elementals is a metaphysical construct that is responsible for the reincarnation cycle of sentient beings on our planet, right professor?”

Sipping his coffee, Vodka speaks “Absolutely correct as usual, Harmona! Now, where was I?”

“With such a terrible attack, the Goddess set out for the city of light in order to once again utilize the city’s weapon. The goddess herself still had not regained most of the power she had placed into the device in days past. A decision was made by her, the Fey lords and several elemental spirits that would save the world from further attacks but with a terrible cost. The weapon powered up and fired a beam of light into the heart of darkness and caused a continuous explosion that rocked the entire world! Light and dark mixed and formed an eclipse that lasted a fortnight!

The darkness lost most of its mass as pieces rained from the sky. The forces of darkness retreated and soon the forces of light quelled Govillias’s monstrous forces. It seemed like a victory until the forces of light noticed that many of their fey allies began to die one by one. You see, the Fey lords deemed it necessary to sacrifice most of the Fey’s life force in order power the weapon. The goddess herself also disappeared, with many elementals saying they can barely feel her presence. A new age was declared with the ending of the great war with the booming eclipse, which as you know happened just 300 years ago. Now, it is year 300 of the current age. Come again and I will tell you more about the past 300 years and current events.”

With that, the class gets up and leaves. Vodka staying behind to ponder about the past.


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