Inheritance of Mana – History pt 1

The long library of lore. Deephaven.

The room in which you are seated with a few others is large. It has many books on book shelves and plenty of areas to study. The room is lavish, with beautifully crafted wooden statues adorning the shelving units. Several students are also along for the history lesson and they take seats around the center fireplace.  Just then, an older man with stark white hair and a bushy beard enters the room. The other kids get quite as he takes the head chair.

“Good morning students. As you know, my name is Vodka and I am head researcher at the Pokus Magic Guild in Deephaven. I am here to tell the story of the world. You see, Millennia ago, the great deity awoke, finding itself in space. It also found that it was not alone.  It was alarmed to find another being. The other being did nothing but eat. Worlds and stars were eaten and left void of all magical energy. The great one, whose domain was creation would become exasperated as the creature, now named the teeming darkness, would consume anything he created. The great one decided to create lesser beings that could protect the world he wished to create. It would require a vast amount of his enormous power to do this. It is risky because if the lesser beings failed, they would be devoured and so would the world. Depending on how long this would take, even he could be devoured as the amount of energy creation on such a scale would take would leave him in a defenseless sleep. He created two lesser deities, giving them a third of his power. He then spent another third of his energy, creating a world and filling it with magical energy. He then went into the center of the world to sleep, leaving Auraluin the godess as the shield and Govillias the lord of might as his sword. The great one then would bury himself into the ground and sleep for Eons. He hopes that his children can create a way to stop the teeming darkness in his absence.”

A Girl with blue hair raises her hand. “Vodka, sir?”

“Yes, child?” Vodka answers.

“Why didn’t the great one just kill the teeming darkness?”

“Yes, well…” Vodka thinks for a moment. “Well, take a carpenter for instance. Arm him with a sword and he can deal some damage. He may be strong but he may not fair well against a fully trained Avekin warrior. The great one has unbelievably powerful magic but he still mainly focuses on creation. He created the other deities in order to make up for his unwillingness to battle the creature, however… There is a legend among the fey lords that said, if Govillias and Auraluin cannot stop the darkness, he may need to turn to more drastic measures.”

“Now, where were we? Ah ,yes…” Vodka continues: “Govillias and Auraluin set to work, creating various creatures of magic. The four elementals (Undine, Titan, Flareos and Sypha) were created during these times as well as the dragons. Auraluin, Govillias, the elementals and the Dragons then sat together and formulated a complex strategy to combat the teeming darkness.  This was called the bleed, and it would form the basic defense against the darkness. Before the bleed was finished however, the darkness came, and it was hungry. Govillias gave almost all of his power to Auraluin and sacrificed himself to the darkness. He launched himself at it with such force that a mighty chunk of the darkness was blown away. This chunk landed into the sea where it lies this day. The darkness shrieked and retreated for centuries. The elementals and the dragons experimented with the piece and found that it, while immune to the effects of time, was a creature composed of pure chaos. Its body lacks a healing element and thus it recovers any lost strength at an exponentially slow rate.

Armed with this knowledge, Auraluin decided it was time to populate the earth. She created several species, their purpose being unknown to any save Auraluin.


She then created the Fey, with their purpose to help build the weapon that could help destroy the teeming darkness. This weapon is large, so large that an etire city was created around it called the City of Light. With a long era of relative peace, this would become known as the golden age. Many races worked alongside each other in peace and built what is known as magica technology.

A few thousand years later, the dragons were meeting, trying to determine what to do next.  It was there, that Govillias had made his reappearance. Govillias had returned, but he was twisted by spending these many years fighting to stay alive within the darkness. He slew many of the dragons, and using a new magic unknown to this world before, corrupted many more. He then corrupted many of the races that been since been borne. Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, and many other creatures had their numbers decimated and converted to the new dark lord. He knew he would lose a straight fight with Auraluin; however he would try to destroy the work of the Fey so that when the darkness returns, it would have nothing to fear.

Govillias then performed a two pronged attack. He had his forces attack while he himself went to the City of Light to destroy the fey weapon. Though thoroughly corrupted even Govillias himself did not expect that the teeming darkness would attack again during this point.  He had only just begun his assault when it appeared in the sky. The fey weapon launched, destroying most of the teeming darkness. Shreds of it escaped and Govillias lost a great deal of his power.

With the single greatest threat defeated, and Govillias’s forces retreating from the land, the forces of light rejoiced. Though perhaps the victory was short lived, as Govillias hid in the shadows, awaiting the perfect moment to strike.

This marks the end of the era that us researchers call the Mythologies Era. Next time, I will let you know more about the current era and the powers at play.”

The class gets up and heads out as Vodka sits, pondering for a moment:  “I hope I did not lead them to believe the darkness is gone. It is alive and still a very large threat…”


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